Sunday, September 11, 2011

Will Never Forget!

It's me again from beneath the covers. I'm starting to feel like myself again,and with only one more to treatment to go at the end of September, I'm starting to believe that these wonderful feelings will only get stronger and stronger.

Like many people, I have been listening to the 911 coverage this morning and remembering that beautiful September day.  Not a cloud in the sky as I remember, a promise of a beautiful day.

My husband was working from home that morning and my son Kevin was there too.    I turned the news on and saw the first plane hit the tower.  Nobody knew at that time what was happening.  I had muted the sound, and I couldn't get my eyes off the screen!

My family and I watched in complete disbelief as a second plane hit the tower straight on, no doubt, no accident!   Well you all know the rest, and like when Kennedy was assassinated,
we will never forget where we were and what we were doing on Sept 11.2001.

A friend from high school sent me this video yesterday and I wanted to share with,... who else,... YOU! OK , I cried,... but such a beautiful tribute!

Another beautiful fall morning awaits me and I can't wait to enjoy every breath of it.

Bye for now.  Have a great week ahead.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I just wanted to stop in and visit with all my friends.
I have been gone for quite sometime and I apologise for not keeping in touch more.

I can report though that I'm about to go through my 5th treatment next week.
My husband and I travel up to Chicago for these chemo treatments every month
and stay overnight at a wonderful hotel.

The treatment are not terrible by any means but they do wipe me out and make me nauseous!
 A little chemo brain sets in too, and my head gets a little cloudy.

I have a sixth treatment at the end of September and then(fingers crossed)that's it for a while
My  scans look clear too, so the insides are looking as good as the outside.
I always liked to match!

My thyroid has been acting up too, making things just a little bit more difficult.
All in all, I'm doing well,.. my Dr even has a smile on her face these days.

So please forgive me for ignoring you for so long and thank you for sticking with me.
I still have a little ways to the finish line, but I will try and stop in more often..

I have to go and have my blood drawn in a bit
 so I'll close now I think.

Keep smiling everybody and thank you all for your kind notes and sincere good wishes!
They seem to be working!!!

Til next time my friends!

Awards, Meme's and Hugs