Thursday, February 12, 2009

what I did for love

Being that it's almost Valentines Day, I was looking for a good book about LOVE in the book review section of the USA Today this morning and came accross a new book titled "What Was I Thinking 58 Bad BoyFriend Stories" by Liz Dubelman.

As I read the review further I decided that the two examples of bad dates that were given in the book were kind of silly! Anyway... I wanted to share the two examples of bad dates with all of you and let ou be the judge...maybe I was hoping for a horror stories Here goes # 1 Bad date ...a guy on a date that pronounced "carafe" as "creche" and insisted he was right.....oh horror...really!

Ok maybe you'll think that # 2 should really have made my head spin in disbelief.

......a wife looks at her husband after 14 years of marriage and decides that he will never decouple himself away from the TV! That's the one...that's the most terrible husband in the world..... Come on people...we can do better then that.

Me first I guess, I dated a guy in college that said that he couldn't date me anymore because I was too pretty...what..yes you heard me right..he was afraid that if we got serious that I would not be a good wife because other guys would want to take me away from him...and that would always be in the back of his mind. Now why didn't he just say something like "I'm just not into you"I would have understood that...cause I wasn't that into him either...oh and how bout the guy that I dated in high school that took me to the movies and asked me if I wanted any thing to eat or drink...I said no..I wasn't that hungry at first..but while the previews were playing I started to smell the popcorn and changed my mind. Now I didn't want to ask the guy to get up and get me some popcorn after I declined his first I asked him if he minded if I had a little of his gigantic tub. He said no, so I reached over to get some and he said.."I said no, One thiing that I really hate is sharing my food...I asked you if you wanted something to eat and you said i shunk back in my chair and was a bit imbarrassed by the whole thing...didn't date him again!

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  1. I agree that the so-called horror stories from the book were pretty dang dumb.

    Yours, however, were truly awful.

    I have some dreadful dates in my history, too, but I'd rather not think about them. Suffice it to say they are a large part of why I'm going to stay single.


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