Thursday, April 2, 2009

I just received a gift in the mail form Isabella @ She sent me the nicest gift bag with a Koala bear, a Tasmanian Devil key chain and a post card with a picture of the devil on the front!

Thank you so much Isabella, I was thrilled when I got the mail and found your package all the way from Tasmania, Australia.

I have never received anything from so far away. I loved the different stamps that she used to send the package too... so different from ours!

I first met Isabella when she commented on my post about my Meme Bag. I had listed the contents of my purse that I was carrying that day and one of the items that I listed was a glass(crystal) nail file. She asked me if it really was glass and why would I want that. I wrote her back and explained why I liked the glass nail file and I said that I would send her one, since she had never seen one . We have been writing back and forth ever since and I have enjoyed getting to know more about her life. She always ends her e-mails with "hugs" so sweet!

Isabella insisted on sending me something too, and in fact I received her gift before she received mine. (Tisk....that wasn't supposed to happen!)

Thank you so much Isabella, hope your file arrives soon and still in one piece.
Blogging brings people together and we share our lives as much or as little as we want. I have met so many wonderful caring people here and I am continually amazed at how much love I feel from each one of you.

Thank you all for sticking with me and for leaving your warm and caring comments on my blog!
You really do add so much good to my life!


  1. Oh I love getting presents in the mail, and that's SO cute! I like the keychain of the 'real' devil and not the Bugs Bunny one; I've never been to Tasmania but it seems fascinating. Lucky you! (what does Gracie think of the Koala?)

  2. That is so lovely! Isn't it beautiful and amazing how close, supportive, loving this blog world is? Who could have imagined this happening even twenty years ago. I feel as though I have this huge family that I share laughter, tears, love, pain and joy with. I never feel alone, because all of you are there for me as I am for you.

  3. Kay;

    It was so sweet, you meet the nicest people here in blogland!


    It's funny you should ask about gracie and Izzy the Koala, seems like somebody put Izzy in gracie's bed,,,hmmm wonder?
    I also have never been to Tasmania either, but it does sound so exotic!


    You ans I have similar feeling about our blogging experience. We started about the same time here and we both have found many friends and we feel so lucky to have this gift!

  4. Hi again Peggy
    Loved the story of your letter writing and gift swapping with a blogger from Oz.
    I'm thinking about the nail file - if the post is anything like the airports here there may be a delay in her receiving the parcel. I lost a nail file when getting on the plane not long ago. They thought I'd use it in a terrorist attack!
    June in Oz

  5. Isabella is a sweetie, isn't she? I sent a package to Australia with a pair of scissors in it and they took it apart and re packed it before sending it on to the recipient! That truly may be the delay.

  6. June;

    I never thought that the nail file would be a problem. I guess I never thought. I'm hoping that my package get's there ....So Isabella is from OZ...I didn't know that's what you call Tasmania.
    Thanks for stopping by, I enjpy your post very much.

  7. Julie;

    Your post makes me feel better about my package actually getting to Tasmania. Nice to know that they do repack and send it on it's way!
    Fingers crossed.

  8. That's very sweet and you're right we do meet great friends through blogging.

  9. We do meet great people from all over this planet. I'm amazed!
    Thanks for your comment,you are one of those people.

  10. Peggy, i love what you say about the r/ships between people online...we are new to each other but i'm touched by your love and concern and your caring comments to my husband and i ... thank you,
    with love

  11. Peggy, woo hoo, I thought I recognised a koala bear. Tasmania is a beautiful state in Australia, just beautiful It's like having pen friends really isnt it? I remember my grandmother had a penfriend in the US and they wrote to each other for 40 years and never met. Can you imagine? The great thing is we realise through blogging that we are all so much more alike then we are different. Really enjoyed reading this post Peggy. Take Care and hope that weather is getting sunnier!!

  12. Hi Peggy,
    How absolutely wonderful! That looks like so much fun! We didn't get to Tasmania when we were in Australia. Looks like very nice people live there.

  13. Lilly;

    I so agree with you, blogging is like having pen pals from all over the world. I really feel like I have made friendships that will endure.
    Funny, my grandmaother wrote beautiful letters to her friends and former college friends. Back in her day, travel was not as easy as it is today(did I say easy todday?) She kept her relationships through letters. That's kind of what I feel here with all of you!!!
    Hope you're enjoying your visit with your daughter and loving your cooking lessons too.
    Thanks for your wonderful comment!

  14. Kay;

    I always thought that Tasmania was an Island full of the "devils"
    I watched the Croc Hunter with my kids and he visited Tasmania nd I never saw any cities or people! DUH!
    Pictures that I have seen on other bloggers sites paints a beautiful picture with sandy beaches and sunny skies.


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