Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Look what I got!

My husband Jim is a wonderful man...let me say that upfront.
Yesterday he stopped by Walgreen's and bought me a gift.... he called it "the just in case you need it" gift.
He must have been reading the headlines yesterday on his computer and saw all these people wearing masks in Mexico and thought maybe he should buy a box for his wife before they're all gone!
When I opened the bag and pulled out the box of masks I just smiled, made me laugh a little, but I could see the serious look on Jim's face and I knew that he was concerned about my white count
So after I assured him that by not flying, (particularly to Mexico) and washing my hands frequently, I should be fine!
I think I forget sometimes how my chronic condition affects him, how he worries too.
After I opened the box and tried one on, we both burst out laughing!

So what do you think...is it me?
Sure cuts down on the need for makeup!


  1. He's so SWEET! All those little ways of saying 'I love you' mean a lot, I think. (If I had one of those I think I couldn't help drawing something on it, like a big smile at least or dracula fangs or a smoking pipe or... ? LOL)

    I hope you stay well and flu-free, for both your sakes!

  2. Oh, I agee with Susan! Love those little ways of say "I Love You"! and I love her idea about drawing something on it! We can always find ways to be silly that lighten up the difficult times. Take care -- enjoy your mask ;)!

  3. well your blue eyes match your blue mask...scarey times to contemplate. I watch cnn online daily for further news and am starting to stockpile a little extra food just in case.

  4. That is lovely of him, so sweet in fact. And you have amazing blue eyes! I think you should keep him.

  5. That is very, very nice. I have contemplating getting them too with my "issues".

  6. Nice to meet you Peggy...thank you for your wise words on my comments :)...and stay away from swines!!

  7. Very sweet of your husband! My mom and sister were supposed to go on a cruise from New Orleans to Cozumel next week. They were offered a refund or reschedule by Carnival, and they are taking the refund.
    By the way, your eyes are the most amazing blue color. I love them!

  8. Susan;

    My thoughts exactly...I have already put red lips on the mask.. Jim was being so sweet and ernest about his purchase!


    Decorating the mask made Jim laugh when he came home from work. I told him that I would decorate one for him but the masks make him closterphobic.

  9. Lilly;

    I think i will keep him.
    Thanks for the eye comment...no makeup and a camera that's way too close...scary stuff!


    My friend has a week planned in Mexico starting this Friday...and she's going.
    I was kind os shocked but she will probably be fine!
    Thanks for the nice comment Julie, you are so sweet!

  10. Braja;
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today.
    I really enjpyed your post today!

  11. Jill of all Trades;

    I got plenty and I share!
    My Dr say's the number one thing is washing your hands...I think not riding on a jet plane is #2
    Thanks for your comment!

  12. LOL oh yes this could seriously cut down on the time needed to leave the house. How sweet is your hubby though, I have to admit we were also thinking of getting some, just in case! Scary times indeed, we are even wondering whether our Chicago vacation will now happen, it's a case of wait and see for now.

  13. Thank you for the chuckle I got as I arrowed down to see you with that mask on!!
    On a serious note, I think about my compromised immune system and hope that it's still working!!

  14. I really hope this doesn't get so bad that we need things like this. But it is best to be prepared.

  15. See, people just don't get that romantic moments can be made up of such purchases. :)

    Hmmm, maybe if I drew a Happy Face on that blood pressure cuff hubby got me after the asthma attack....

  16. Tell Jimmy I love him. He's really a treasure, Peg. This might not be the perfect look for you but you look good no matter what you wear. :-)


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