Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More News You Can't Use.

I can't believe this story but then again it doesn't surprise me either.

A man was charged Tuesday with smuggling songbirds into the United States by hiding more than a dozen of them in his pants. This man was stopped after an inspector spotted bird feathers and droppings on his socks. YUCK!

Authorities linked this scheme to another man who was arrested after investigators searched his Orange County home and found 51 songbirds in an outdoor cage. Both men are charged with conspiracy in an eight-count indictment.

I guess these songbirds are in demand over here in the United States, a breeder can sell these songbirds for $400 when they usually sell for anywhere from $10 to $30 in Vietnam.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife inspectors were watching these men after one of the men abandoned a suitcase containing 18 birds at the Los Angeles airport in December. Five of those poor little songbirds unfortunately died !

Thank goodness these men were caught... because all we would need now is another pandemic (remember avian flu?) These birds are now in quarantine and could be donated to a zoo if they are healthy.

You have to wonder how many other beautiful songbirds have already found homes in some private aviary here and elsewhere in the world.

I am so angry about this obvious animal abuse, I can't even express it here. Hope these songbirds will sing again,and not fall victim to man's greed!


  1. It's very sad. I love that he was "sniffed out" due to the poo on his shoe.... hahaha - serves him right!

  2. Ok, I'm just going to ask... HOW did he keep them from singing?

    The next time I'm on a long-haul flight and feeling miserable, I'll just tell myself, "Yeah, but at least I don't have birds in my pants."

    We've had trouble in Ireland with people smuggling in illegal pets--mink for instance, that some brainiac wanted to raise for fur, then found out they're mean and stinky so he LET THEM GO oh thank you, now none of us can keep poultry without a major headache. And the grey squirrel, which has left our native red squirrel nearly extinct.

    I hope the songbirds end up somewhere happy (not in pants) and the smugglers end up where they deserve.

  3. Rachel;

    That was funny...was trying to find something funny about this story. I LOL...thanks!


    Good point about illegal pets being introduced and causing a major problems!
    Not sure why the songbirds didn't sing. Maybe they can't sing when their stressed. I know I can't( joking? ).

  4. I can't help asking, what are people going to dream up next??? Poor birds, I'm glad they pooped on that guys shoes. What are people thinking? Or is that the problem -- they aren't! Great post, Peggy!

  5. I'm curious too, how did he keep the birds silent?

  6. Lin, Susan and Sylvia

    I can''t find anything on why these songbirds didn't sing. They were wrapped in cloth and tied to the mans legs. Maybe they had little bird hoodies on or maybe they were just to upset to sing. Or maybe little earplugs!
    I did read that, not all songbirds sing and that it's only the males that sing to the females. So maybe they booked the males and females on different flights. Ha Ha!

    Also the male birds learn how to sing from their fathers , so it's a learned trait!

  7. That is terrible. I can't believe the greed and the ignorance of some people.

  8. Julie;

    It is terrible...I think so too!

  9. Sigh. Why do people keep messing with the ecology of the planet?

  10. Linda R.


    Kay D.

    I know how you feel!

  11. What the heck?? What kind of an idiot would try something so ridiculous. They're song birds... they sing. That makes noise. Did he think custom inspectors would think he was wearing magic whistling pants?

    I didn't realize that it was difficult to get a songbird or that you shouldnt have them. My mother always had a canary on the enclosed patio. I don't see the point of "owning" a songbird. I have zillions of them in my yard and they're as much fun to watch as they are to hear. I wouldn't want one in a cage.

  12. That is too ridiculous and cruel. I'm mad at the people who do it and the people who buy the birds, too. Sheesh!

  13. Hilarious!!! hope no one bought the birdies.

    Ah!!! ppl are just insane someways...

    Have a nice day!

  14. I remember reading somewhere that they give the birds alcohol to make them sleep...and not sing. I don't know if it is the case fore sure, but I hope that it doesn't happen any more.

  15. I wonder do they drug the birds before illegally transporting them? We have this problem here where people try and steal our wildlife. The steps that people will go to is incredible. Poor birds. I hope he gots locked up but I am sure it will be like drug runners, there will be someone behind th ewhole operation making lots of money out of this.


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