Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hit Home....

Up until today, our family has been able to maneuver through these economic hard times pretty much unscathed.
So when blessings are counted we consider ourselves very lucky and feel nothing but empathy for those that are not so fortunate.
That said, today our son Kevin, whom I just wrote about having a car accident, was laid off from his job at a local farm.

Milk prices are down for the farmers and the co-ops, and the owners of the farm are selling all their cows just to be able to keep their family farm from going into foreclosure.
This co-op that the farmers belong to and that buys and distributes their milk, are trying to buy up milk cows as fast as they can. They then sell them to a slaughter house.
So less milk cows, means less milk, means supply will be lower, demand will stay the same and prices will rise.
Hmmmmmmmmmmm..sounds all to familiar and not a new tale by any means.

Unfortunately the cows and Kevin's job, along with at least five other jobs on this particular farm, are just collateral damage.

A trickle down affect from the ailing economy or just business as usual?
A little of both I tend to believe.

Like most of you, I wake up every morning to news reports of plant closings, homes in foreclosure, tax increases, tent cities, 401Ks wiped out, huge government deficits...unsustainable spending and the list keeps on growing by the day. Kevin's job loss is just a tiny part of this over all down turn that's affecting so many Americans.

On the brighter side and there always is one...Kevin has wanted to work for The National Park Service for some time now, and has had his application in for a job for quite a while. He hasn't pursued it as diligently as he probably should have and has been holding off lately because of the economy, and the fear of not having a
Now with a new car loan to pay, he is a bit uneasy, but upbeat at the same time.

Sometimes life doesn't wait for you to be ready, sometimes life throws curve balls and your job is to catch the balls and run with them.
So some things happen for a reason and Kevin is looking forward to the future.
In true Kevin lingo, "I'll only really miss the cows and the kitties."
So when a door closes, a window opens...and Kevin will be ready to go through this time.

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every situation: an optimist see the opportunity in every difficulty"

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)


  1. good attitude. I've been amazed too by the low milk prices...when everything else is going up. too bad we can't fuel our cars with milk. wonder if anyone has thought of that?

  2. It's tough times economically for many people and sorry to hear he got hit by it. Hopefully the other job will materialize and lead to what he truly wanted to be doing.

  3. You're so lucky he's taking it well. He's so lucky YOU're taking it well! LOL

    My husband's laid off too, and it's a blow, but we're focusing on enjoying the time he has off with the kids and to fix up the house a bit. Who knows when this chance will come again? You just have to find the good in everything life hands you, I guess.

    Good luck to Kevin! I hope something wonderful is on its way for him.

  4. I love the Churchill quote...This time in America is not the greatest, but it will get better. I hope Kevin finds a good job with the Park Service

  5. I know you proud of his attitude! I would be, I know. Sorry this had to happen, but perhaps it will lead to another door and one that will lead to a better place! I'll hold good thoughts for you all.

    I love the Churchill quote, too, so very true.

    It's always hard to see our kids get hit by what is happening in this country. We've been very fortunate -- so far!

    You have a handsome young son and I know you are proud of him!

  6. Lin;

    Great idea, maybe milk would work!
    You never know....I'm pretty much ready to find something else to fuel my car!


    Thank you for your kind comment. I also think that it's time for Kevin to go for what he wants and now he has the opportunity! Great thing is that he feels it's time too...yahoodle!

  7. Susan;

    We think a like...are you sure that we aren't sisters....except you are ar more talented and funnier for sure!
    Sorry about your husband being laid off...enjoy your time together. It is precious and not a lot of it! Hope he get's back to work soon.
    Hey maybe I can get Kevin to wash my tile floors and clean my ceiling fans...not going to happen!
    Have a good weekend!

  8. Lisa;

    It will get better, and thank you good wishes for kevin.

  9. Good wishes to him. The Park service sounds like a great place to work. Hopefully he will end up there.

    ps - one likes his cubs hat!

  10. Loach;

    I'll let you know...I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  11. Best wishes to your son and as you said, when a door closes, a window opens and hopefully Kevin will land his dream job. I know it doesn't always seem like it but I have heard that there is always some good in everything. Good luck Kevin! P.S. The Sir Winston Churchill quote is great.

  12. I do love that photo! Kevin is such a sweetheart. He's a real chip off his parents. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the Forestry job comes through.

  13. I know how a mother worries about her kids welfare and happiness. My son was laid off in January and has picked up only occasional part time work since then. He's managing so far.
    Good luck to Kevin.

  14. Hi Peggy
    Churchill makes me mad a lot of the time but he certainly nailed it with that one.

    If we don't see the door of opportunity, we certainly won't pass through it.

    June in Oz

  15. Thanks Cheryl;

    The goodness of people that you meet in blogville is amazing to me....thank you so much for all your good wishes for my son!
    I like Winnie too....thanks for commenting!


    I love that photo too...wonder who took it?
    As only you know, Kevin has come along way and I am so proud! We are hearing some rumblings from his application so fingers crossed!

    Linda R.

    I'm sorry that your son also lost his thinks they are in good company.
    Goodness knows parents always seem to worry about their kids...
    Good luck also to your son !

  16. June;

    My husband is very fond of Winston Churchell and I told him about your comment about Winnie making you mad sometimes...he shook his head and said that he could easily understand that reaction!
    Have a great weekend and thanks for your good luck .

  17. I tried to comment yesterday and an angry storm rose out of no where and knocked the power out for a moment. {Gee, I was only going to say I feel for Kevin and wish him well!}

    Okay, I was gonna add I could see how he'd miss the cows. They always seem serene and never rushed. :)

    Here's wishing him the best...when his Mom isn't telling him he can be anything he wants to be. ;)

  18. Hope;

    Gosh thank you for coming back after the storm.

    I like cows too...but I never realized how huge they are...very tall, very!
    Kevin says that when a cow steps on your know it!
    Have a great weekend Hope!

  19. You sound like such a great supportive mom! Good luck to Kevin!

  20. Good on you both and beautiful inspiring words Peggy. Many people could do with them. Kevin looks a lovely handsome guy and well his Mom is very, very pretty with great hair!!

  21. Lilly;

    You should see me tonight>..thanks Lilly!

  22. I wish your son every success in getting his job with The National Park Service. That is such a wonderful photo of you two and your positive attitudes are inspirational.

  23. p.s. hope that toe feels much better. When I read how you did it I automatically winced at the memory of doing something very similar a while back.

  24. Thank God for family. These are very scary times! It makes me think of, "Hang's going to be a bumpy ride!"

  25. Way to look on the bright side. Things have slowed down for us too. Everyone is cutting back. Best of luck to your son. Things are going to get worse for us all.


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