Thursday, July 2, 2009

My son the midwife

My son Kevin went up to visit the farm that he used to work at while we were in Dayton visiting my Mother.
I think he missed all the animals to tell the truth and below are some of the pictures he took.
The cows in the pictures are ones that Kevin delivered himself.

The sweet faced calf below is about 6 months old and weighs about 300 lbs.

These two lying together are twins, but obviously not identical. Each weighed about 50-75 lbs at birth. They are now 2 months old and weight about 150lb.

Here are some of the mama's cows that Kevin helped bring into the world. They weigh about 1500 lbs now and are ready to have babies of their own.

After the babies are born, they only nurse with their Mama for a day or so, then Kevin would bottle feed them for another 3 months. He grew quite attached to his baby cows.


  1. Isn't Kevin the nicest son around? I'll bet he took these photos for you so that you could share them with everybody, too. He's always been just the sweetest kid. Tif was just complaining that there are only boys around and no girls for KC to play with. I reminded her that Kevin was her playmate for a good many of her young years before you took him away to California. She said, "Oh yes... that's true." They were such good friends.

  2. Aawww. A man who takes care of ANY babies is wonderfully sweet--I loved this post.

    Our neighbour just lost a cow a few days after she'd had a calf, and he has to bottle-feed it every two hours. He's always late, the cowshed is nearer to our house than his (no comment) and when he's late the baby calls very loudly: Muh! Muh! Muh! Muh! until I've nearly lost my mind... it sounds almost as if he's calling Ma! Ma! and I'm sure he's lonely for her.

    I LOVE the photo of the twins! It seems he'd just interrupted a very important chat going on. LOL

  3. Look at those adorable cow babies awe I want one :-)

  4. Peggy I am back to post a comment for Braja,(lost and found in India) her comment thingy isn't working. so this is from Braja :-)

    Comment:COW BABIES!!! They are so sweet MM....I love this post; and of course if yougo to my blog you'll see why....what a day for the cow babies :))

    here is her blogspot peggy...

  5. OMgosh!!! Darsden is posting comments for others!!! I am so going to her blog to post comments for poor Michel who is missing in action.

  6. sweet are these photos..Kevin is a very sweet young man to take such great care of the babies, that speaks volumes! I grew up around my grandparents farm and loved seeing the new babies. These photos bring a smile to my face today in all the rainy weather (three weeks worth!)

  7. Laoch;

    Hope you made it out of the restaurant last night unhurt. Thanks for stopping by my blog afterwards and leaving a comment!

  8. Kay;

    I think you're right Kevin took those pictures for me...he wanted to show me this kitty that's at the farm...I wanted to adopt her! cat is enough!
    Tif and Kev did play well together. I don't remember much fighting between them! Kevin always like the ladies.
    Happy 4th of July Kay and Art!

  9. Susan;
    Oh that's so sad to hear about the little calf. Aawee!
    You gotta love a man that's sweet with children....good marriage material.
    Thanks for your wonderful comment as usual!

    Hit 40;

    Yep nice to hear from darsden twice in one post! maybe she can comement for me too! Always nice to hear from you too, thanks for commenting!

  10. how fun a son who is a midwive and mothering...he certainly has a love of animals...

  11. Thanks Lin;
    he really has a way with the animals!
    Thank you for your comment!

  12. What a great post, your son sounds wonderful. Some of your cows remind me of the BlueBell Ice Cream cow.

    Stopping in to check on you and to let you know I was here.

    I hope you have a great 4th of July weekend.

  13. You too deligirl and thank you for you kind comments!


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