Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gracie is rained out too!

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Gracie was going nuts last night with all the firecrackers going off next door. The people that Gracie shares her space with didn't get a lot of sleep either.
But as you can see, today she is sleeping soundly.
Maybe the constant rain that we had all day long, scared even the most ardent lighter of firecrackers!
I will miss the fireworks display that the city set off though, but I'll get over it!
Guess I'll end up going to bed early.
Ahhhh...... bliss, no smell of sulfur penetrating the air.
Move over Gracie, I could use a little nap too!


  1. The raindrop in the first photo looks like a heart!!

  2. I missed the fireworks too!!!! My kids didn't want to go. I was so bummed!! I'll catch them next year.

  3. we have rain so rarely here, that's it's a cause for celebration if we get a drop or two....but will have fireworks.

  4. My cats really hate the fireworks!

  5. I'm hearing the fireworks starting outside right now. I wish we'd gone somewhere to see them. Oh well, we'll watch from our second floor from a distance.

  6. We didn't have fireworks because we haven't HAD any rain lately and it's too dangerous...all the world here seems like a tinder box.

    But we had a good time with family...minus those kind of fireworks. :)

    Looks like Gracie has the right idea.

  7. What a photo of Gracie; she's adorable! I hope you both get a good nap and have a wonderful weekend (what's left of it!)

  8. Love the photo of Gracie! Sorry about your fireworks, we had plenty here and the dogs were nervous wrecks, but it was fun! Have a great week!

  9. One of our cats flipped out too at the sound of the firecrackers. I did go to bed early.

  10. We are in a drought here in the Seattle area, so while we had fireworks, we also had fires. Some folks lost their homes. We watched fireworks shot off from a barge over water. It was a beautiful warm evening. But now we need some of that rain!

  11. Cheryl;

    I love rain...warm soft rain ! I think I'm not of the majority!
    We did have fireworks the next night!

  12. Hit 40;

    I was bummed to, we had fireworks the next day but I didn't go . Went outside and caught a few in the skies. There is always next year God willing!

  13. Lin;

    Glad you gota little rain...I would love to share some of our rain!

  14. Kay;

    I wish I had year!


    A good time had by all minus fireworks is what a call a winner of a day!

  15. Laoch;

    I have had cats along with dogs all my married life...never realized that cat's were afraid of fireworks.
    I'm learning a lot about my four footed housemate

  16. Susan;

    I hope your trip was uneventful in the best of way!
    Is it sunny and warm where you are in SC?

  17. Linda R;

    Seems like there are always stories of fires and injuries on the 4TH of July.
    We have had a lot of rain this summer, good thing that I'm a fan of rain! I'll see if I can send some your way.


    I'm learning alot about cats these days....they are so cute most of the time!

    Sylvia K;

    You live in such a beautiful area, I bet your fireworks were just lovely!

  18. The fireworks never bothered Bacchus but a thunderstorm later drove him nuts!

  19. awee...gracie doesn't like those either. Thanks for your comment, nice to know that gracie isn't the only one!

  20. Neither my cat nor my dog like the loud noises from the fireworks. Come to think of it, neither do I !

  21. Mare;

    I'm with you, sometimes I feel like wrapping myself around the toilet too!


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