Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's on my shelf ?

Hope over at tagged me for a meme yesterday. Thank you Hope!

I love books and am always looking for the next best one. This meme seems easy enough for even me to tackle and I thought it would be interesting to find out what others were reading too. Or what others have read,...or like me,... had every intention of reading this summer, but haven't finished them all yet.
I have about four books that fall into that category.

This meme is a simple one. Collect the book that you have most handy, turn to page 161, find the 5Th complete sentence, and cite the sentence on your blog. Next (of course) is to pass it on to 5 others.

I literally turned to my right where I keep my books for reading before I turn out the lights. Stuck my hand in my book bag and pulled out The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Fooett.

This book takes place is Merry ole England, way before King Henry the eighth started hacking off his wives's heads. (Interesting way of getting rid of the old wife in order to usher in the new!)

Let me set this scene .

After approaching Aliena (his future bride), William found her reading a book. In order to keep his mind off the way her breasts moved under her blue silk gown, he asked her what she was reading.

"It's the story of a king called Alexander the Great, and how he conquered wonderful lands in the east where precious stones grow on grapevines and plants can talk"

Now comes the part where I'm supposed to pick five other bloggers. Don't hate me and throw daggers, this really was fun for me.

If you don't want to participate, no problem, it's just fun stuff.

Let me start with Kay of, who has passed on so many great book recommendations to me over the years.
What keeps you up late at night besides your old/new mattress?

Next Raine of who writes some of the most thought provoking posts.
What books might be inspiring her?

Sarah of , most of you know is an expat. Brit, living in tornado alley.
What might she prefer to read, an American novel or an English masterpiece.?

Now I come to Joyce of who was one of my first blogs that I added to my faves list when I first started blogging. She has just returned from a great beach vacation on the west side of Florida.
I wonder what was in her beach bag as she sat quietly on the sand this past summer?

Finally Fiona of Maybe she'll respond with a video like she does so often on her blog. She is great with her camera and I can't wait to hear what's she might pick up to read.

Thank you again Hope for picking me for this meme. I am always drawn to your blog, maybe because I find myself in so many of your posts.
Written much better by you my friend.


  1. I love that line you ended up with. What a great story prompt it would make!

  2. This is fun and YES i'll vlog it .. keep an eye out for it tomorrow!

  3. I just knew you'd enjoy it and not hate me. :) (Just like I appreciated Susan and felt no ire at her.) ;)

    Although someone recently said that bloggers are only drawn to those just like them, I'm finding the fun is seeing something a little familiar...then discovering something new!

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Oh Peggy - you bet I did read while sitting on that beautiful beach!! I love this meme and can't wait to participate! I finished such a good book and am now on to my next. I believe I shall post about it tomorrow. Can't wait to see what was on page 161!! Thanks for including me!!

  5. Laoch;

    I really liked it a lot. I found that I could put it down, and pick it right back up again!
    Did you read it and if so, did you like?

  6. Joyce;
    I'm glad you're going to try the meme. I thought that it was fun and pretty easy. Thank for not making me hide under the bed!

  7. Fiona;

    Thank you for accepting..I can't wait to see what book you choose.
    I will check you out everyday!

  8. Me again .. lol, do you have a store on line? If NOT why not could put a link on your blog for the toys :-))

  9. Have you seen that I've already posted your meme on my site? :-)
    You're reading a much juicier book than I am. I haven't read a book in ages just because I'm doing the blogging and photo stuff, etc.

  10. Kay;

    Thank you for posting the meme, and I didn't even have to hide under the bed on this one.

    My book is very meaty...but I like it!

    You're he best!

  11. darsden,

    No store yet, am revamping our blanket.. but having trouble getting a good poduct from our contract sewers!
    I better get looking on line for little shops that carry hand made items.
    Loved your photos yesterday!

  12. Susan;

    You are such a writer, always seeing the next story! Your soul is one of a storyteller!
    ...and we didn't even have to hide under the bed on this one!


    I like the way that you put that.
    I do look for blogs that I can connect with but I also look for ones that are the opposite of the way that I think.
    I'm always guessing that I'm wrong in some way, with my ideas. So I listen very carefully when I hear a new idea or way of thinking. Slowly but surely I form my idea of what's right for me....takes a while for sure.
    This was a fun meme for sure. No hiding under he sheets after!!!

  13. The book that was closest is not the last one I have been reading which is in by my bed but it is a favorite. Brida by Paulo Coelho. The sentence is "She was sure she'd make very bad company." I will try to work this into the blog next week. I tend to have them written several days ahead. I had seen one like it but different page and sentence to choose and can't remember which book I was reading then. Oh and thanks for the nice words about my blog :)


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