Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blood work results

Got my results back on my blood work.

Took a while this time to get the results.

The lab sent it out for further testing and smears.

Just enough extra time to make my nerves a little frayed!

...long story... sorry.

I'm still stable.

Pure music to my ears!

One day at a time, right?


  1. You go girl! :)

    Happy people deserve happy news...glad for you.

  2. And beautiful music to all our ears! And, yes, as with everything, one day at a time!

    Much love to you, Peggy!


  3. been there, done that everytime I have a mammogram. it maybe preventive but can shorten your life with all the stress it brings as you await the results...good for you-now relax and breath...

  4. Jeeez, Peggy, I couldn't breathe until I got to the results there!

    The wait is often worse than the result, isn't it? What a pain--but good news is worth it I guess. Stay well!

  5. Yippee!! Stable is a good place to be!! Glad to hear that! Waiting really hard!!

  6. Thank goodness! I was holding my breath until I read your post. Sheesh!

  7. Hope;

    Gosh thank you, I was near tears when I saw your reply. How lucky am I! Such support I could never have expected but so need!

  8. Sylvia;

    You were with me from the first word that i blogged. Thank you for continuing to light my days!
    One day at a time, for sure!

  9. Kay;

    I have not been feeling well. Run down and no energy. So of course I was expecting not so great news.
    But maybe just a virus is all!
    Thank you for holding your breath along with me!
    I had a anniversary and a Julie visit and so much more but the words wouldn't come. Maybe now!
    Thank you for continuing to be in my heart. There I can always have you close!
    I know to sentimental ...but I'm allowed, right?

  10. I know Lin what you say..
    next I go to the gyno then the dreaded mamogram.
    Last year after I had my mamo,I told the tech's that I had Leukemia and they almost fell over...then I had to cheer them up.
    They wished me luck and hoped to be able to see me next year...oh golly, I thought, me too!
    Guess I will, maybe I should hold clasees on what not to say toa cancer patient!

  11. Susan;

    Good news is worth the wait...but how bout next time it be good news without the wait! The again what would life be like without the drama?
    I'm willing to give up some of the drama....really I am! Thanks Susan for always giving me a positive spin! OH and a laugh to boot! Gotta have that!

  12. Hoeprising;

    We know how hard the wait is. But hope springs eternal right. (love that title) Hope is everything!
    Thanks so much for your conforting comments...it means slot to me!

  13. Julie;

    Thank you so much, you've been with me from the start!
    I was like a deer in headlights back then..guess I still am . Life is hard but the alternative is not an options!
    Hope school is going well for you!

  14. Very pleasing. Hopefully this will be a good year for you.

    You should post some information about your pet toys!

  15. Laoch;

    Thank you. As my brother-in-law always says. "from your lips to gods ears"

  16. Attitude is everything!! I know they can be difficult words to live by, at times. I also read a quote not too long ago that I love. "To worry are dues paid in advance for a debt you may never owe". I'm a great worryer (is that a word??), so I can understand. I am sending happy thoughts to you today, Peggy!!

  17. Thanks,
    I know you know the drill!
    My prayers to John !

  18. Glad to hear the good results. Waiting for test results is always so hard. I am happy yours are stable.

  19. Good job ... yes, one day at a time, one blood test at a time, once CT scan at a time and so on.

  20. Daria;
    Thank you for your words...I am working on one day at a time!

    We all can relate to waiting on lab tests , that's for sure.
    Thank you so much for your comment!

    Yes, I can say with a complete authority...it's is fabulous news!

  21. Joyce;

    I love that quote, I'm going to remember it everytime I get caught up in the fear of life! !
    It's just so true, amazingly so!
    Thank you :)

  22. That is wonderful news, especially if you were not feeling so well. You have done an amazing job of coping with a major turn in your life. You should be congratulated!
    Is there a dog[ not a puppy] in your future yet?

  23. So very pleased for your good news. You are a trooper for sure and a very positive and inspiring woman.

  24. Mare;

    Thank you, thank you... we all have struggles and we all cope in diff ways. I always figure whatever works and get's you through the day makes you stronger.
    You know how that is, you have had a challenging year for sure.
    No doggie yet....ya never know!


    Thank you Cheryl;

    I'm really not very brave sometimes.
    I've been through this C thing now three diff. times,you would think that I would be an old hand at this. Not!

  25. One day indeed. My sister in law pulled off a stem cell transplant from a donor not too long ago. Technology is truly amazing these days. Your in a good place in the country for treatments. Thinking of you often, very often.

  26. My first visit - I had to read many of the comments to get an idea of what you were stable from.
    Stable but still there is a suffering you can not avoid in worry or at least concern? Just a guess.
    Hmmm...I wish you the best.
    Nothing much to say...Hello stranger maybe we will be friends.
    Hang in there.

  27. We all celebrate your good news! And I remind myself that my little issues could be big ones.

  28. Linda Reeder,

    My cup runnith over too. I have so many blessings, I just have to learn to not hang so much emotion on every test. See the whole picture. I'm learning,.. I have so much support here and I draw great strenght from every single one of my friends here! Like you, thank you for reminding me to count my blessings more!

  29. Sandy;
    Thank you for remeinding me again how much hope there really is.
    I tend to hang on the bad news sometimes too much. Nice to be yanked(gently) back to the facts!
    I wait for your posts to show up on my fav's and race over to find out what you're up too.
    Thanks girlfriend for your encouraging comments! :)

  30. I'm new to your sight. Let me add my congratulations and wishes for a brighter future to those already here.

    I've read back a few posts and have enjoyed getting a feel for the fine woman that you are. I raise my glass in celebration for your good news... and for finding you on Lin's blog.

  31. mom/caryn:

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a great comment.
    Believe me, it will be my pleasure to get to know you better!
    Have a great rest of your day!

  32. We all need good news... so happy for you. God Bless.

  33. You're right, we all do need good news. Thank you for your good wishes, and mine to youmy friend1


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