Thursday, September 17, 2009

...and now the rest of the story.

My son Kevin wanted to volunteer at our local humane society, so late last week we decided to go over and get more informations on their volunteer program.  While we were there, we decided to visit the kitty room.
 It was a weak moment,and I was not in my right mind
Kevin decided not to volunteer at this shelter, they euthanize the animals that they can't place in a good home and  Kevin knows that he is way to soft hearted to be able to work under those rules.

 But Guess What....we didn't come away empty handed that day.
I would like you all to meet Winston, the newest member of our family.
( He's the cute furry kitty below.)
Winston is 14 weeks old and a favorite of the volunteers at the Humane Society. 
We told ourselves that Gracie needed a companion and a friend.  She gets very nervous when we have to leave her overnite.  Sounded like a good excuse at the time...very logical.
But the truth has to be told, Winston (named after my husbands favorite Brit) was just too cute and my resistence level to cuteness was very low that day.
So far Gracie does not  like her gift.and is not at all amused at the cuteness of her "GIFT"
She has been hissing and making noises that I've never heard from her before.  Today was better though, only a couple of paw slaps, and no deep gutteral sounds.

Looking back on that day at the shelter, I am very thankful that Kevin did not end up volunteering there. If he had, we might have had a whole bunch of new family members.
So I consider myself very fortunite to have gotten away with just one adoption!
(Note to Mare, the shelter didn't have any doggies that were a good fit for us.
We're still looking !)
I want to thank Lin of for introducing "Slides" on her blog.  I was so impressed with her pictures, that I wanted to try and do one of my own.
Mine was not near as professional looking as Lin's, but I so enjoyed leanring something new.
 Thank you so much Lin.


  1. Your slides were fine. I am NOT a professional just ask my son who has tried to teach me about computers and laughs when I tell him I'm teaching computer!

  2. Lin;

    You could have fooled me. I have followed your geneology posts.
    I was thinking about joining the DAR and looking into seeing what info I could get from the Mayflower society. I will get back to that soon, I hope!
    Thanks for your encouraging words.

  3. Bravo! Always pleasing to give a kitty a good home.

  4. You're inspiring me! Since I was a kid I've wanted an orange cat (that looks like Morris the Cat) and I even had the name, Marmalade, picked out for it.

    Maybe it's time to adopt!

  5. When volunteering can become a wallet hazard eh Peggy?
    June in Oz

  6. When I rescued a kitten[Scout] and brought it home, my cat Weasel[best cat ever in the whole wide world!] made sounds that I'd never heard before! When I took the kitten to the vet, she said, "I hope you didn't get this cat to keep the other one company because cats like being single! Oh, great! They learned to tolerate each other! I'm sure Gracie will come around. Her nose is a little bit out of joint. It is always fun when a new family member arrives. Congrats!

  7. My daughter wants to do this too. Our HS has a no-kill policy. We've adopted two wonderful dogs from there and they are a big part of our family.

  8. Welcome Winston!
    Your son sounds like a big-hearted sweetie to volunteer for such a job; Peggy I think if I tried I'd either end up the neighbourhood Dog Lady or needing therapy from all the tears. Good luck, and big hugs to Gracie!

  9. Welcome Winston, indeed! What a cutie! Glad to see you did the slide thing, it looks great! I saw that on Lins's blog, too and I want to try it!

    Hope Gracie "adapts" quickly! Give her a hug from me and Sam Schnauzer!

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Thank you Laoch,

    Adopting makes you sure feel good!


    ...and I should know better but I couldn't resist.


    ..and my two cats are too. Great feeling, right! Always have enough love for one more.

  11. scarlet;

    I love the name Marmalade. Always loved Morris the cat.
    Good luck, it's a nice feeling to adopt.

  12. I have the same problem with my boy, every stray kitty he sees on the street he wants to bring it home Hiaz. What to do? He's got allergies.

  13. I know I started you on doing this blogging thing but you have way surpassed me now. I have no idea how to do the slide show. I'll have to come visit you so you can show me how. :-)

  14. Gaia;

    My three kids always wanted to bring home any stray that they saw.
    We had many pets while they were growing up.
    I have allergies too, and the new kitty is causing me some problems.
    Hopefully this will pass and we can all co-exist.
    Thanks Gaia for coming by!

  15. Kay;

    You're so sweet, I do not find traveling in cyberspace easy that's for sure. My desire to figure it out level is stronger then my frustration level at this time. But as we all know that changes daily! Love you.

  16. Welcome to Winston! I hope Gracie adjusts to her new "gift" and they both settle in and keep each other company.

  17. Thank you,Cheryl, I think they're getting better. The hissing has stopped!


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