Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Sky Is Still Falling!

It's snowing still," said Eeyore gloomily. "So it is." "And freezing." "Is it?" "Yes," said Eeyore. "However," he said, brightening up a little, "we haven't had an earthquake lately.”
A. A. Milne

Today in Illinois, we had both an earthquake and more snow!

Poor Frosty has been driven to madness by this winter. Maybe I can talk him into some counseling, so he can be strong until he melts!
Tisk, I shouldn't have said that so loud!


  1. I heard about the quake. Things are rockin' and rollin' hope your doing well. Love the cartoon.

  2. I couldn't BELIEVE that when I read about a quake this morning!

    Man, is Mother Nature ticked off or what? ;)

  3. I heard about the earthquake -- 4.something? wow. And so much snow -- but I smiled at Eeyore, and poor Snowy Suicide, oh dear!

  4. An earthquake is one thing we haven't had today. Thunder with the snow, though.

    Don't do it Frosty!


  5. Ugh. It has been a pretty trying week.

  6. The weather has been totally unreal!! So glad you're doing okay! Nearly everyone I've heard from today has had some unbelievable weather. My son is in Ottawa, supposed to come home tomorrow, hope he makes it! Thanks for the cartoon! Definitely needed tonight!!
    Take care and stay warm!


  7. Oh my ! An earthquake and snow !! Wow ! Stay safe and drink a cup of hot chocolate. Great picture !

  8. a cup of hot chocolate-that sounds good even if we have no snow in our desert was 55 degrees today took a lovely walk outside.

  9. Thom;

    Just trying to stay warm now. It's turned cold. So the snow can turn to ice! Oh well we're closer to spring then we were yesterday!


    Maybe Mother Nature is a tea partier. They seem pretty ticked off too! :)

  10. Susan;

    Eeyore always makes thing seem better. I used to read poh to my 3 Kids.
    I think the Snowman suicider was maybe a bit over the top, but we do love fiction, so maybe not!
    I'm just tired of snow, but it will be gone soon enough..right?
    Have a great Chinese Chocolate weekend!


    Funky weather for sure.
    We had Lightening/ thunder snow last year, weirdest thing!
    Thanks for stopping by tonight!

  11. Laoch;

    My daughter has been keeping me informed on the snow. That darn Lake effect stuff that we didn't get!
    At least the city has great raod crews. Main streets anyway.
    Hang in there, i smell spring.

  12. Sylvia;

    Crazy weather, I hope your son gets home safe and sound!
    My son works in DC and they have had 31/2 snow days so far. Starting last Friday. He;s happy though, warm and toasty at home.
    Stay warm and dry my friend.

  13. The weather seems to be very strange all round the globe at the moment. Stay warm and safe:-)

  14. Mssladybug;

    Thanks for the great comment.
    I think Eeyore would have been happier with a hot chocolate too!
    So I'll have one for him!
    Have a wonderful day.


    I'm glad you were able to take a walk outside , we have to wait until frosty melts a little!
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Jabblog;

    I've noticed that too...mother nature must be kicking up her heals a little!
    Today we have sun but very cold!
    Hopefully no earthquakes.
    Have a good weekend!

  16. Wow you really are having a time of it up there! Stay safe and warm.

  17. An earthquake-wow! Winter has been strange all over the country this year. Poor Frosty! I hope you talked him into counseling! Today we had temps in the high 20s and to me it feels great! Spring can't come soon enough for all of us. Have a nice, warm weekend Peggy.

  18. Thanks Cheryl

    Winter has been a little strange this year. I was out today and I think it's in the 20's, sky a bright blue and it felt great!
    BTW Frosty is in a rehab center right now. He's doing great!

  19. . Things are rockin' and rollin' hope your doing well. Love the cartoon.

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  20. Sarah;

    I love Rock and Roll, the music kind!
    It;s just a little weird, but I guess every winter have similar quirksy behavior!
    Have a good weekend!

  21. Nishant;

    Thaks for coming by, hope you he a good weekend!

  22. Did you feel the quake? I missed that last one we had in Chicago but other people said they felt it. Tif has been complaining about the snow. She's really tired of all the shoveling. I feel guilty we're not there to help.

  23. Okay, which one of you people pushed your snow towards me?

    Because I drove home this afternoon in the snow and they're calling for 5 inches. That's not a blizzard, but here in the South, land of those who can't drive in white powder, that's a HUGE amount!

    At least it'll be gone by Sunday. :)

  24. Kay;

    No we didn't feel the quake down here and i quess many in chicago didn't either. Still weird, even though it's happened before!
    Poor Tif, I know how she feels!
    You know, 49 of the 50 states had snow yeaterday.
    Yours my friend was the only state without snow!

  25. Hope;

    I confess, it was me. I sent the snow down to you!

    Sorry! :0

  26. Stay warm and dry! Any hint of that [adult] dog that I've been nudging you to adopt?

  27. that earthquake was sure strange waking us up at 4AM. I just read the answer to my question - you didn't feel it. I heard it and felt it.
    oh nice pic of chicago on the banner.
    first time here - you could probably guess.

  28. lisleman;

    Do you live in or near Chicago?
    Evanston is my home town!
    Thanks for coming by, I will visit you too.
    Have a great week!


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