Sunday, March 21, 2010

Musical Monday 2

Musical Monday is brought to you by Diane of Good Morning Glory.
Go and check her out, I think you'll like what you see.

The rules are very simple, post a song that's moved you during the week
and list the words.

This week I choose "Meaning" by Gavin DeGraw.
It's one of my ipod favorires and I always sing along,...very loudly!

This of course drives my family nuts, me singing with the ipod, alone, outloud, with no music to drown me out.
If you listen to the song on your laptop or cd player,and sing along
your family will probably be kinder to you then mine is.

by Gavin DeGraw

Hail to the light that my baby watches me
In the darkness of the window
I can hardly get to sleep
Wish for the hour that
The nighttime soon shall pass
And the morning dew will bring us
To a day our souls can last

Love has a reason
There's a meaning to the world
We're giving love

Situation candlelight
Enough to see the bits around you
But it's never very bright
Stare at a memory
You, through the grapevine, heard the truth
It's good to learn from your mistakes
But that only works in youth

Love has a reason
There's a meaning to the world
We're giving love

Restless minds; curtain calls follow fanfares
Troubled hearts; just a walk down the hall
Restless hearts; you take a punch just to land one
Troubled minds; it's only fair after all

Mounting, the trail, but you've got it in sight
Sometimes the only way is jumping
I hope you're not afraid of heights
Reach in my pocket for a bill that isn't there
And to face all of the undoings
Still isn't more than I can bear

Love has a reason
There's a meaning to the world
We're giving love
Giving love
Love, love
It's always been good to me
It's always been good to me

Love has reason
There's a meaning to the world
We're giving love


  1. Sing Away!!!!!!

    Happy MM.

  2. Excellent. I've never heard this before but really enjoyed this :) Happy MM :)

  3. I like the lyrics and they rhyme...I listen to new age music all day with few lyrics.

  4. hey, i say sing your heart out!!! i'm a horrible singer but i love to sing!!!!! great song!

  5. I got totally lost in that song it is amazing!!!

  6. coopernicus;

    I do,I love to sing!
    Thanks for your wonderful comment!
    Enjoy your evening. :)

    That's what's fun about this meme, you hear all different kinds of music that you've never heard before!
    Happy MFM and MM

  7. Lin;

    Oh gosh thanks Lin, I really liked the lyrics and the beat!
    Have a good week!

  8. I'd never heard that one before!What lovely mellow lyrics!

  9. Yes, sing away!! I love the lyrics, very powerful to me.

  10. Oh beautiful song! My kiddo begs me to stop whenever he hears me sing lol... I so relate with your singing along :)

  11. Kristy;

    It is mellow, perfect for the car ride!
    Thank you for coming by!
    Have a good week.

  12. Cheryl;

    I'm glad that you liked it!
    Very meaaningful to me too!


    Thank you, I'd hoped that I wasn't alone with my families reaction.
    Thanks for coming by.

  13. Beautiful - love this song.. thanks


  14. Very lovel song!I think I will listen to it a few more hundred times and sing to it as well.Thank you for your kind and supportive words today on my blog.I am becoming a follower of your blog.Thanks and lots of hugs!Keep singing!It's good for you!


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