Sunday, April 11, 2010

Microfiction Monday # 18

Welcome to Microfiction Monday,
where a picture paints 140 characters.
Susan over at Stonyriver hosts Microfiction Monday.

Here's this week's picture, and my story to go with it:

"Mirror Mirror on the pond...,
KERMIT is that you!
It's Moi, Miss Piggy, rehearsing for the staring role in Swan lake."

The rules are simple,to use Susan's picture she posts then compose a story up to 140 characters including spaces and punctuation.
Then hop on over to Susan's and leave your name. She even has a brilliant character counter to help us count.
As Susan promises, it's fast, it's fiction, it's fun!


  1. I love it!! You can't beat Kermit and Miss Piggy! So good to have you back, Peggy! Have a great week!


  2. Fun! That's a hoot, this week I have dug into mythology for my story

  3. Sylvia;

    Good to be here! I'm still having computer issues, but h-ll or high water, I was poating today!
    have a great week yourself pal!

  4. John;

    I was just over to visit you and I loved it!
    When you dug in to mythology you came up with gold!

  5. That's fantastic! I never EVER expected the muppets to show up this week but you made it a natural! LOL

  6. Wow, the Muppets, I'd never of thought of Miss Piggy or Kermit. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Nice one Peggy.

  7. "Mirror, mirror on the pond..." What a great opening line! And then to have the Muppets too!! That's just gravy, says moi.

    Thanks, Peggy, and have a great week.

    (Oh my, the word verification is 'dorki'!?)

  8. Susan;

    The Muppets show up at my house all the time!
    Thanks so much for your great comment, I read it to my husband and you made hime smile!
    Have a great week, spring has sprung here. Hope for you too!

  9. Bill;

    Gosh, thanks Bill. Such a nice comment, I feel like I never left!
    Have agood evening!

    Thank you and that word verification is hilarius!
    I promise I didn't pick it for you! :)
    Have a great week!

  10. The Muppets never fail to cheer me up :). Great take on the photo. Hopefully all computer problems will be solved soon. Have a wonderful week.

  11. Very clever take on that reflection.

  12. Rosidah;

    They cheer me up too. Thank you for stopping by!
    Have a great week.


    So mnay different reflections this week too!
    Thanks so much for your comment.

  13. Peggy, glad I tried again. Last night the link wasn't any good.

    Very funny! The image of Miss Piggy as the center of the entire pond's attention is great. How dare Kermit get into her reflection!

    And, is Kermit's role starring or staring? It's funny either way!

  14. Oh dear is it monday again and my feathers are such a mess. I just hope I don't see anyone I want to impress.

  15. I love Miss Piggy too.
    Very cute, Peggy.
    Welcome back to MM!
    Hope you will solve your computer problem soonest.

    Happy MM!
    Have you an awesome week!
    Mine is here


  16. Miss Piggy in Swan Lake; now there's an image.

  17. Anthony;

    This exercise is ust fun. Thank you for coming by and reading my MFM.
    Have a good week.


    I've missed you, again another great MFM. I loved it.
    Have a great spring day.

  18. Southlakes:

    What another great comment from you. Thanks for trying again to link up. I have been having techy problems that's for sure. I went on my blog last night and my MFM was missing...HUH?
    Miss Piggy and Swan lake in the same scene. I am a little off center. Have a great week and see you next MFM.

  19. Shakira;

    Who doesn't love Miss Piggy, she is ust so out there!
    Unfortunitly my computer problems are on going. I think it's me!
    Have a great Monday and se you again next time.


    Miss Piggy is my muse! Thank you for enjoying it.
    Have a great week.

  20. what a mental image this creates! :)
    thanks for a laugh!

  21. juliana;

    i know, thanks for thinking that way too!

  22. One of my favorite couples. I could just see Miss Piggy dancing.

    My Microfiction

  23. I love Kermit and Miss Piggy! You got her voice right in this piece. :)

  24. That is the funniest one yet! And I could just hear Miss Piggy's snobby little voice, lilting over her role.

    Have a good week, my friend!

  25. Love the Muppets! And love your story for this week's MM!

  26. Oh this was great Peggy! Have a nice week!

  27. Grandma;

    They have great chemistry.
    Thanks for coming by!


    Thank you so much. These are fun for me to do, glad you liked it!

  28. Sylvia M

    They always make me smile. Thanks for your great comment! Have a great week.

  29. Janel;

    Thank you s much,glad you came by!
    Have a great week.

  30. You have Miss Piggy down girl.
    She is a snobby little wench, but Kermie loves her!
    Her role is probably the 3 understudy for the last swan in the row!
    So nice to be back and read your comments. You always make me smile.
    Thanks Hope

  31. I have it on good authority that Animal has been given the part of Prince Siegfried.

  32. Thanks peggy for stopping by and leaving your post I look forward to hearing from you. But I thought Kermit and Miss piggy were dead. But then again thats what happens when I think .. hahahahsomething to read below just follow the link.

    Big In Texas

    Thanks for reading Larry

  33. haha. Kermit for the lead on Swan Lake! I wonder if Kermit would be as graceful as a swan?
    happy MM!

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. quilly;

    Perfect casting, Animal would be a great Prince Siegfried.
    Poor Piggy, she only want a little respect.
    Thanks Quilly, made me laugh at the thought!

  36. DEAD....what do you know that I don't know???
    Ha ha Larry, thanks's for stopping by and leaving your gems!

  37. Christine;

    Kermit graceful...more than Piggy for sure. Funny thought running through my brain!
    Have a great week!

  38. Hilarious! How ever did you come up with that idea? Wonderful!

    Just dropping by for a quick look because my life is crazy right now.


  39. Thanks Kay;

    Hope all is well with you. Hope Mom is on the mend too!


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