Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wednesday Wickedness # 3

Hi and welcome to our brand new Wednesday Wickedness,
brought to you by Janera

We are like other memes in that we will ask you ten questions each and every Wednesday. But our little "twist" is that each week we will pick a famous person and pick ten of their quotes. Each of our questions will be based on the quotes. Got it? Great! Let's begin this week's meme!

Today we picked Aretha Franklin. Here's Wednesday Wickedness!

1. "Trying to grow up is hurting, you know. You make mistakes. You try to learn from them, and when you don't, it hurts even more.” Do you think you always learn from your mistakes?

Gosh, I hope so. I think we can learn the best lessons from our mistakes.

2. “I might be just twenty-six, but I'm an old woman in disguise... twenty-six going on sixty-five.” Have you ever felt that you were either older or younger, for your age at that time?

Oh yes, both. Like today I feel ancient!

3. “I think the hardest thing is losing weight. That's the hardest thing more than anything else.” Have you had trouble losing weight?


4. "Being a singer is a natural gift." Do you have any natural gifts?

Yes, but I'm not telling.

5. "I always felt rock and roll was very, very wholesome music." What the most "wholesome" rock artist that you like?

I think Carrie Underwood is pretty wholesome, but she's country.
Nope, can't think of one.

6. "I sing to the realists; people who accept it like it is." Are you a realist?

I'm not sure, sometimes anyway.

7. "No one loves a party more than I. I am a people person." Do you like to party or are you more of a homebody?

I love people, most of the time anyway!
So I need to be where people are.

8. "I'm gonna make a gospel record and tell Jesus I cannot bear these burdens alone." Do you feel the need to share your burdens?

Yes, I do at times, but I don't usually feel alone.

9. "I'm the lady next door when I'm not on stage." Do you know the lady next door? (yes, you can pick either side.)

Sure do, single ladies on both sides.

10. "I never felt inferior or less than. I was blessed to grow up in a environment where self-worth was underscored." Do you ever feel inferior?

I'm sure I have, but usually I think I'm pretty OK .

Thanks for checking out our Wednesday craziness. We hope you join us again. Please visit our other player's posts and make a comment. Join us next week for our next meme!


  1. The lady on both sides Huh? That leaves it wide open. LOL. Good answers. I really like Carrie Underwood. Have a great day. :)

  2. So you like how the lady lives on both sides of me....oh well
    I couldn't think of a rocker that was wholesome. hmmm
    Thanks Thom

  3. Grany Sue;

    It was fun, thanks for coming bye.

  4. I couldn't come up with a wholesome rocker, either...now country, I could have come up with a whole list.

    Enjoyed reading your answers. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. Ace;

    I know, country there were many but no rockers made my list.
    Thanks so much for your comment Ace.
    Have a happy Wednesday.

  6. You're not telling- too funny.
    Have a great day!

  7. Harriet;

    Certain talents are just for myself to know! :)
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  8. I agree, so far it seems Carrie Underwood is untainted. Here's hoping it stays that way.

  9. Not telling? Not fair! Not fair! :)

  10. Terra;
    I was blank for an answer on that question.
    Thanks for stopping by today.

  11. Sorry Bud;

    A lady never tells, course I'm not saying, well my answers stand as they are written.
    You always bring a smile to my face Bud!

  12. Ever since I was a kid, I was 12 going on 35. :) I just found people 10+ years older than me fascinating. Still do. Kids my own age seemed whiny, self centered and dopey.

    Hmmm...some still do. ;)

    I love this Wednesday playground. Thanks!

  13. I am with you 100 percent for the number 1 question. I guess its the best way to be taught so well. Thank you for dropping by at my page Peggy.

  14. Hope;

    You and I are old souls, I think we've been here before....(OK stop the weird music, I'm not a kook, well?)
    Thanks for stopping by my frined.

  15. Anne;

    I tink you're right, Probably the best way not to forget a wrong move.
    You're welcome, I enjoyed your blog very much. Thanks you for returning the Favor.

  16. You are definitely OK, Peggy! You are more than OK!


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