Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July 4TH and Music Monday # 4

Welcome to Music Monday, brought to you today on Sunday, and hosted by Lady Java's Lounge every week.

Since today is America's Birthday, I decided to post a Japanese fireworks display and a Canadian, singing God Bless America.
For me that's what it's all about, it's perfect!

So hope you are all enjoying your hot dogs and firework's displays.
God Bless us all, and God Bless America.

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  1. The fireworks were awesome Peggy! And one of my favorite songs about America! Happy 4th of July!

  2. These are awesome videos my friend. Happy 4th to you and your family :)

  3. Thanks LT;

    Love this holiday when we all come together.
    Hope your fireworks and hot dogs is wonderful!

  4. Thom;

    Thanks for coming by. Happy Fourth of July to you to my friend! :)

  5. wishing you a wonderful 4th of July Peggy.

  6. Thanks Bill;
    You're a peach!

  7. Fantastic choices --

    Happy Fourth, Peggy!

  8. Thanks Susan;
    A know brainer Huh?

  9. Love the fireworks. Happy 4th of July.

  10. What a beautiful entry for MM.

    Happy 4th of July!

  11. Hope you're having a wonderful celebration. :)

  12. Great pick! Have a fantastic 4th of July.

  13. Thanks, Peggy! I was just feeling a little blue about not having truly celebrated today. I miss going to the Taste of Chicago around now and seeing the fireworks at Northwestern. Your post made me smile.

  14. Cafe au Lait;

    Thanks for coming by.
    I picked a no brainer!
    have a good week.

  15. Kay;

    I'm happy to give you a smile.
    I think on holidays we always go back in the past and remember. I know I do.
    We used to go to Northwestern too. Loved their fireworks.
    Pretty soon , you'll have memories from your new place for every holiday.
    Love to you and Art and your Mom!

  16. Thank you Elizabeth M;
    It was a good day, hope yours was too!
    Have a very nice week!

  17. Thank Lisa;

    Kind of a no brainer but I still like to hear it ! Have a good week.

  18. Maria;

    Thanks Maria, It was a good day.
    Hope you week goes very well for you.

  19. Modern Mom;

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.
    We had a good day and I hope you did too!

  20. Peggy, Celine is one of my all time favorites what a great pic!!! I appreciate your visit more than you know!

  21. Amanda;

    Thank you for telling me that. I always love to meet new bloggers and visit them when I can.
    Thank you for coming over and leaving your comment!
    Have a great week.


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