Sunday, July 11, 2010

Microfiction Monday # 31

Welcome to Microfiction Monday,
where a picture paints 140 characters.

Susan over at Stonyriver hosts Microfiction Monday The rules are simple,to use Susan's picture she posts then compose a story up to 140 characters including spaces and punctuation.

Then hop on over to Susan's and leave your name. She even has a brilliant
character counter to help us count.
As Susan promises, it's fast, it's fiction, it's fun!

Here is this weeks picture and my story to go with.

I'm beautiful, I'm smart and men adore me, mused Natasha
This red hair dye has to be quick,
because the FBI is hot on my trail again.


  1. Quick thinking. I'm sure she'll evade them :-)
    Nice one.

  2. Ah, those clever women! Love it! I'd never make it, they'd find me before I could get the top off the bottle! Have a great week, Peggy!


  3. And no one ever suspects a red head! :)

    Nicely done friend. Have a good week!

  4. Anthony;

    I'm sure she will.
    Thanks Anthony, and thank you for leaving a comment.

  5. Sylvia;

    I would be a terrible spy. I talk way to much!
    Thanks friend, you also have a great week!

  6. Thanks Hope;
    Hey maybe I should become a redhead!
    Thanks for coming by my good friend!

  7. I bet Boris isn't too far away. Fun take on Susan's Picture.

  8. Bill;

    You called it, Boris is lurking in the background.
    Have a great week bill! See you next time!

  9. I like this one! Very clever. I'm sure if it's a quick dye job, it will look completely natural. ;D

  10. LOL...Love it. She best hurry. Gonna wash that grey right outta my hair. LOL :) Well done. Have a great week ahead :)

  11. Love the punchy drama of the last line after after the huge ego trip!

  12. Pat;

    Thanks, I think she 'll look marvelous!
    Thanks for coming by.
    We do have fun here.

  13. Oh lordie that was funnnny!

  14. Thom;
    I think Boris Badenough is waiting for her.
    You're too young to remember The Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon.
    Have a good week Thom>

  15. ThanksSuz;
    Current events led me down this path.
    This was a fun writing assignment.

  16. I laughed at this one--reminded me of the time I dyed my grey hair red just before going to work one day--didn't know that my hair didn't have any pigment in it so the dye turned my hair orange! Had to teach a class that afternoon with orange hair--then had to pay a hairstylist to color it properly! Lesson learned!

    I hope Natasha's quick dye works out better for her. LOL.

  17. Trying to stay one step ahead of a spy swap must be hard work.

  18. Christopher;

    Very hard work, I think you better have good hair if you're a spy I'm not sure everybody got the reference to what's been going on .
    Thanks for your comment. They are always welcome.

  19. Sylvia M;

    Sounds like something that I would do. I went and got my hair highlighted on my wedding day.
    I'm a bright bulb!
    Yep....and my highlights turned orange.
    Only made that mistake once.
    Thanks for you story.
    We do have fun here.

  20. Thanks Dr Chandana;

    We just swapped spies with Russia and one was a redhead.
    Thanks for leaving your comment.

  21. peggy, your 160 is fantastic!! short and oh-so-sweet, you've done such a great job here :)

  22. Red for under the bed so lets hope she aint dead...soon Ouch. Gone for vive la différence for the weekend today. Click here to read my nano story.

  23. What did Natasha do?! Whatever it was, I hope the hair dye works for her.

    Loved it.

  24. "I've changed my hairstyle so many times now... don't know what I look like."

  25. She's a mistress of disguise! :)

  26. A wig would be even quicker ;-)

  27. Jabblog;

    You're right about that.
    Wigs are so much nicer these days.
    Thanks for your comment :)

  28. Sheri;

    I just love your picture!
    Thank you so much.
    You made my day!

  29. John;

    I think she's back in Russia right now.
    A spy swap saved her!
    You are so clever. I love your comments!
    Have a great day.

  30. Thanks Ellie;
    Let's hope she is nicely tucked back in the ole USSR.
    Have a wonderful Monay.

  31. Erik;

    You are funny.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Have a good week.

  32. Akela;

    That she is.
    Part of the jpb discription.
    Thanks for coming by. :)

  33. Greyscale;

    Thank you for your comment.
    So nice that you broke it down.
    I loved that.

  34. A perfect story for the recent spy swap. Have a great day!

  35. Janal;

    Thank you.
    Have a good week!

  36. Natasha, don't you know all men's eyes naturally go to the redheads?

    Have a great week!

  37. Oh goodness Peggy, I love coming by here on Mondays! Good one!

  38. Cheryl;

    Thank you, I look so forward to your visit.
    You're the best!

  39. I've heard that redheads are both beautiful and smart!
    Love your name.

  40. Most Excellent Micro-Fiction Peggy!
    One of the longer ones with a plot!
    Thanks for visiting today, it was an honor...

  41. Thanks G-man;

    I've heard about you from Thom, Susan and more I'm sure.
    Nice to meet you finally.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Loved your comment.

  42. Narcissistic criminals are the best. Fun stuff.

  43. Oh terrific, Peg. But RED hair dye. That will definitely make her a spy target bull's eye.

  44. I know, just like the real life spy(Anna Chapman) that was just deported back to Mother Russia.
    Seems like the good looking spies have red hair.
    Thanks Kay, love you.

  45. Nessa;

    Yours was so good. Thanks for coming over.


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