Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wednesday Wicketdness # 10

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Wickedness. We are like other memes in that we will ask you ten questions each and every Wednesday. But our little "twist" is that each week we will pick a famous person and pick ten of their quotes. Each of our questions will be based on the quotes. Got it? Great! Let's begin this week's meme!

Today we picked Robert Pattinson, currently staring in the Twilight movies.
Here's Wednesday Wickedness.

1. "I don't really see the point in washing your hair. If you don't care if your hair's clean or not then why would you wash it?" How often do you wash your hair?

More then you do Rob.
How bout,washing it so you don't smell bad.
No wonder you're alone.

2. "I take way too long to get dressed, like way too long. But only for things like shows or if I have to do public appearances. Like, I’m ridiculous, I’ll keep getting changed and getting changed and then I’ll just put on the same thing I wore the day before." Do you take longer to dress for a special event?

Of course but I'm a women. It's expected.
Robert,a little advice,wash the hair,I'm begging you!

3. "My dad's a car dealer, but I grew up in London, so I always say I don't drive…I get driven. I got a driving lesson in Oregon, and then I bought a car in L.A. and I basically learned how to drive by people honking at me. I'm terrible at driving." Are you a good driver?

I'm staying away from you on the road. Of course the likelihood of us ever meeting on the road is less then zero.

4. "I don't spend any money. The only thing I've really bought is my car, which cost $1,500 and keeps exploding. It would be nice to buy a house for my parents, but at the same time my parents are so comfortable where they live; they would probably just feel like it was a burden. I wear the same clothes every day and the only thing I used to splurge on was DVDs." If you had his money, what would be the first thing you spent it on?

I'd give my kids a down payment on a house or condo.
A gift of a little security would be great for them and so unexpected.
After that,..I have always wanted to live on a beautiful big Lake.
Ok ,I said it.

5. "I aspire to be Jack Nicholson. I love every single mannerism. I used to try and be him in virtually everything I did, I don't know why. I watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest when I was about 13, and I dressed like him. I tried to do his accent. I did everything like him. I think it's kind of stuck with me." Who is your favorite actor?

I like Johnny Depp. He can play any character and I believe him!

6. "Someone stole my shoelaces once from my shoes. I still wear them and never put laces in them - they're like my trademark shoes now!" Have you ever changed your appearance because of a random happenstance?

No, get over yourself Robbie!

7. "I never really considered myself attractive. I was always kind of gangly in school." Do you consider yourself attractive?

Sometimes but not today!

8. "I definitely want to record an album, direct a film and start my own religion. I definitely wouldn’t have to pay taxes anymore.” If you started your own religion, what would it be like?

Oh please, who does he think he is, Gandhi?

9. "I do bear some similarities in the sense that I’m not good at romance. I also think I lack basic finesse when it comes to women. I give up too easily even if I’m very attracted to someone." Have you ever given up too easily in the game of love?

OK, you're asking me to go way back.
If the other person is not interested in you, why bother.
Relationships are hard anyway, why throw that into the mix.

10. " I don’t want to disappoint girls who might think I’m very cool and smooth, which I’m not, I’m afraid. I’m still quite shy, although that seems to be something of an attraction for women." Are you, or have you ever been attracted to shy people?

Always, I like the mystery, the story behind the silence.

Thanks for checking out our Wednesday craziness. We hope you join us again. Please visit our other player's posts and make a comment. Join us next week for our next meme.


  1. I love your answer to number 1. Perfect :) Johnny Depp is one of my favorites as well :) Great answers. Have a wonderful week ahead :)

  2. I still haven't seen any of the Twilight series. I'm going to have to break down and find the book to see what it's all about.

  3. Thom;

    I'm so glad that you think he's great also.
    Thanks Thom!

  4. Kay;

    I've read almost all of the Twilight books and they were just so easy to read. It's a love story really. I'm saving the last 100 pages of the last book, only becuase I don't have another.

  5. Okay, thanks for giving me an out. I thought I didn't like little Mr. Heartthrob because my age had finally caught up with me, making me invisible to Hollywood. Clearly, you have shown me that I'm not interested in him or his Twilight friends because his hair is dirty and he doesn't care. :)

    You are much more interesting, friend! As for favorite actor, I still love David Strathairn, mainly because he's a character actor and not leading man type. That said, he did play Edward R. Murrow in "Good Night & Good Luck".

  6. Hope;

    I liked david Strathhaim. I forgot all about him! I still like johnny Depp as my favorite today. But I change like the wind sometimes so who knows.
    I ALWAYS love your commnts.
    I so agree with your thoughts about Robert (twilight). This overnight success stuff really seems to go to their heads!

  7. Johnny Depp is good....he does creepy weirdos like no one else! Oh, and he's a dang sexy pirate!

  8. I think we are all kinda grossed out by this guy's lack of proper hygiene.
    Have a great day!

  9. Harriet;

    You're right. That statement he made about his hygiene grossed me out. I hear Brad Pitt also doen't shower often. That fact does make me say YUCK!
    Have a nice week harriet!

  10. I agree on all counts Ace.
    he might look like he doesn't shower often but I think he does. Who knows, he is sexy.

  11. Liked your answers Peggy and now more than ever I have no desire to go see any of "Mr Into Himself's" Twilight films or any other.

    My Favorite is Sandra Bullock. I even got her to sign my "While You Were Sleeping" Poster. A Story I must share someday.

  12. You couldn't get past the dirty hair, neither good I. He also says he doesn't bathe much. YUK.

  13. Bill;

    I love Snady too, how neat that you saw her in person. The only celeb that I ever met was the guy that played the father in Eight is Enough.
    ?-- Van Patton(can't eve remember his first name.
    Have a good week Bill.

  14. Bud;

    Oh YUck is right. I like earhty but not dirty.
    Have a good week and see you next time.

  15. thank you for giving me lovely comments and words of friendship!
    I appreciate it.

  16. Jingle..

    My pleasure, my friend.
    You really are a beaitiful writer, an from what I can tell a beautiful person too.

  17. Haha, I love your answers:P Especially the first one:P

  18. http://itistimetothinkformyself.blogspot.com/2010/07/jingles-july-follower-awards-happy-4th.html

    Happy Friday!
    pick 2 to 5 to enjoy or share with your friends.

  19. I really enjoyed reading your witty answers, Peggy. Very good advices for Robbie. LOL

    I am so with you on Johnny Depp. Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend.

  20. http://itistimetothinkformyself.blogspot.com/2010/07/pinks-in-6-words-i-wish-u-award-winning.html

    6 awards,
    please feel free to take any of them

    I did not make all of them, at times, yes, I do make some.
    thank you for stopping by.

  21. Cant go past Johnny Depp. And you are hilarious, love your sense of fun and humour.

  22. Lily;

    I've missed you but glad that you're out hopefully having a great life!

    Thanks Lily, I don't think many can over take Johnny in y mind either

  23. Thanks again Jingle, you are so talented.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  24. Rosidah;

    Thank you so much fr your comment.
    I'm glad that I'm not alone in liking Johnny!

  25. entotrece...

    Gosh, thank you for coming by.
    I enjoy doing this meme because you don't have to be too serious with the answers!
    Have a good week ahead!


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