Monday, August 30, 2010

Thank You !

I can't tell you how much your comments on my last post meant to me.
I just cried after reading them all and felt the love coming from your words .
Thank you all !

I saw my Oncologists in Chicago this past week, and then drove back to Ohio for my Mom's Memorial Service on Wednesday.
It was a beautiful service and one that I think Mom would have approved of.

I'm doing pretty good, I miss her so much, but I know that she is at peace, so that's how I will be.

I also will be changing my header picture, the dark clouds are disappearing .
My friend, OUR friend Kay nailed my mood and it's time for it to lift.

Have a great week everyone,
I will be over shortly to check out what's been going on with all of you!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing well. There's always a hiatus before the funeral or memorial service and a sense of completion and almost relief tinged with sorrow when it's over. I felt my mother's presence strongly until after her funeral and then I had the feeling that she truly had travelled on. Let the tears come when they will - it's the only way to heal.
    Janice x x

  2. Dang!!!! Blogger neglected to send your post to me so I missed it! Still my condolences are still heartfelt and sincere. Know that her pain has ended and she is in God's arms and at peace and pain free. I am glad that you are holding up well and wish you and your family the best.


  3. So good to see your post for the day! And I'm so glad that you are doing better! Janice is right, let the tears come when they will, they are the healing we all need. I know you will miss your mother, but she's in a beautiful place now and will always be with you in spirit. Much love and hugs to you, Peggy!


  4. It's so good to know that you are doing better. Life can be so short that we have to hold our heads high hold on to all the memories and just move forward. Most important. Be positive. :)

  5. Good to know you are doing better Peggy. Take your time, there are no time constraints on grieving everyone is different. x

  6. My mom died 3 years ago of a brain tumor and just today I found a negative and her with me when I was about 16 years old-many years ago. It was fun to scan it and see us together in 1956. She still lives and I know I will see her again. Peace to you and healing wings....

  7. Hi Peg! I'm so happy to see you again! I'm glad the funeral went off well and that you were able to find comfort in it. Just seeing your post today set my Monday off uplifted. Be good to yourself, Peg. Let Jim and the kids do their magic. Love you, Kay

  8. I'm glad you're back! I know, it's hard at first and even if time helps, time doesn't always seem to move fast enough in a forward direction!

    Hang in there friend! We're all just glad to have you back.

  9. I was pleased to see you are back! I hope each day gets a little easier...and sending a hug as well.

  10. I was very encouraged to see a new post from you. I have thought of you a hundred times. God bless you and all of the family.

  11. Hi Peggy, I just read your comment on Sylvia's blog and had to pop over and give you a hug from Yorkshire, here in UK. September begins tomorrow and that in turn brings memories of losing my own mum on 7th. Take care and I hope the happy memories of your mum will be a source of hope and comfort in the weeks and months to come. Lots of love, Denise xxx


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  13. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind words peggy may you endure through this time of loss .
    Thanks Larry

  14. I was tagged to answer 8 simple questions, which are on my blog. Then I was suppose to pick 8 people. I did…but only with the understanding that you only need to play if you WANT to or have the time. Have a great weekend!


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