Sunday, October 10, 2010

MIcrofiction Monday # 38

Welcome to Microfiction Monday,
where a picture paints 140 characters.

Susan over at Stonyriver hosts Microfiction Monday The rules are simple,to use Susan's picture she posts then compose a story up to 140 characters including spaces and punctuation.

So here is this weeks picture and my story to go with.


Aunt Gert soon realized that either the government dropped
the travel alerts and everyone decided to fly
This wasn't Grand Central!

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Microfiction Monday!
A little birdie told me so!

Now leap on over to Susan's and leave your name
She even has a brilliant character counter to help us count
As Susan promises, it's fast, it's fiction, it's fun!


  1. At my age I do so relate to Aunt Gert!! Fun one for the day! Hope you have a great week, Peggy!


  2. Sylvia;

    I also relate.
    Another fun picture.
    Hope you have great weather in the Great North West! Take care my friend.

  3. She's either lost or New York's had a hurricane :-)
    Enjoyed that.

  4. Hey Peggy! :)
    Those travelers will return when they get another dose of the airport time eating hassles.
    My word verification word was phyphy

  5. Oh Peggy, LOL, it's Huntington West Virginia -- definitely NOT Grand Central station! My daughter got on this train and it took 11 hours to get her back to Washington DC (we could drive in 7 - does that make any sense at all, that the train is slower?)

    Happy Monday!

  6. Well by looking at the absent crowd waiting, Aunt Gert should have pick of any seat available.

  7. Bill;

    Poor Aunt Gert, never been off the farm.
    Hope she makes it back home ...or not!
    Thanks Bill, love your comments!

  8. Jim;

    You are so right. She better enjoy her trip and pick her seat while she can.
    Love the word verification.

  9. Anthony;

    Your comment made me LOL. Thanks you as always for your comments!

  10. Susan;

    I used to take the train home from college all the time. Took forever. I took the bus once and we just flew. Time spent at each stop must be part of it. Just doesn't make a lot f sense to me either.

  11. Oh dear! Dontcha hate it when you're lost?

  12. EG;

    I sure do ahte it when I'm lost. Thanks for coming by today. Have a great week.

  13. Terrific! I still haven't taken a train to another state on the mainland. Maybe I'll add it to the Bucket List.

  14. A comic twist. I like that, Peggy.
    As for speed, I don't think that's the reason people take trains. Trains are relaxing. I sleep like a baby when I have a lower berth, with the rumble of the rails to lull me to sleep. The whistle never wakes me up but, if I'm awake, I find it soothing. I love the dining car, with its fabulous service, and the opportunity to share a table with friendly people. It's like taking a cruise ship across the ocean instead of flying. Sure, it takes a lot longer, but the passengers arrive refreshed and happy.

  15. Kay;

    I used to take the train from college everytime I came home. It was slow and it ran only once a day. Jimmy always picked me up so it ended very well!
    Have a wonderful Monday. I take it one day at a time.

  16. Kay;

    The train that I took, also had a dining car. Not so good.
    My brother rode a train accross country and really liked it too. One night he woke up and had to use the bathroom. The shower was above the toilet and he managed to also take a bath at the same time. I still laugh at that vision.
    The Orient Express sounds like a lovely train to take someday.
    Thank you so much for putting a wonderful impression in my head. Now I want to ride one again.

  17. Oh, poor Aunt Gert...I think she needs a traveling companion at this stage of life. Good one.

  18. A funny one, pure and simple. Gotta feel for Aunt Gert!

    Have a great week, Peggy.

  19. I've never taken a train and it sounds more fun that flying. :)

    Nice one...glad to see you here.

  20. Pat;

    I had aunt Aunt Gert and she loved to catch a ride on almost anything. Sweet, a freebird.
    Have a good evening!


    It is fun , much nicer these days I hear!
    Thanks for missing me. I missed you too!
    Back soon, I hope!

  21. Michael;

    Thank you, just very simple.
    Have a nice Week. Thanks for playing.

  22. Good for Aunt Gert...she can go first class now :) WOOT!! Love the story. Very well done :)

  23. I too had an Aunt Gertie...
    Crusty ole broad lived to be 98
    Loved you story...Thanks

  24. Very, very cute Micro-Fiction Monday.


  25. G-Man;

    My Aunt Gert was a stem winder for sure, crusty in her own way She lived to be 92, diabetes and all.
    Thanks for coming by!

    Stunned Woods;

    They sure can be, not sure it was for Aunt Gert.

  26. Thanks Prayer Girl;

    These are fun for sure!

  27. Thom;

    I love your word woot.
    Explains alot and makes me feel good.

  28. Loved Aunt Gert! Sometimes I feel like Aunt Gert when I take the train to see either of my daughters and their families. I do arrive much more refreshed then if I drove through all that traffic! (grinning!)


  29. Ms Daisey;

    I'm so glad that you liked Aunt Gert. She was a pistle in real life and I loved her.
    We have a train down here and I should take it more often.
    Glad you like the train too, it seems others feel the same way.
    Have a great week ahead Jean.

  30. I did think that train station looked way to quiet! Loved your take on the picture.

    Have a great week x

  31. Aunt Gert needs an update. It's not easy to be left behind :)

  32. Looks like Aunt Gert's lost! LOL

  33. Akela;

    I know that feeling.
    Thanks for coming by today!


    It sure isn't easy. Poor Gert doesn't know where she was going to go on the train. HELP!@

  34. Thanks Ellie,
    Poor Gert!
    Have a great week.


    I'm glad you did! Always makes me smile when I read this!
    Have a wonderful week!

  35. Nice one. I home Aunt Gert had a fun adventure :O)

  36. Aunt Gert is probably thrilled the crowds are elsewhere! She seems a bit confused, though! LOL

  37. I fear you are correct.
    Aunt Gert needs a keeper!
    Thanks for stopping by today.!

  38. Madeleine;

    She came home with so many stories!
    Thanks for your comment!
    ...and nice to meet you!

  39. That is a fun microfiction. I loved it :)

  40. Gee, I've heard crime is bad in NYC, but I can't believe somebody actually stole Grand Central Station! what's next? The Statue of Liberty?

  41. Oh how I love your comments on Mondays!!

  42. poor old lady. I don't know what to do if I get lost or miss my ride.


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