Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Missing The Better Half Right Now!

 I missed my Monday fun with  the Microfictions Monday Clan and Music Monday Enthusiasts.
Missed reading all my favorite blogs for their updates.
But  most of all I miss my husband,  my best friend..
I had to take my guy to the hospital on Saturday and leave him there.

 He had been home for a couple of days from work last week with what we thought was the flu .
 Then he became dizzy and  fell and ended up hitting his head on the basement floor.
 So off to the emergency room on Saturday Morning we go.

 The Dr on duty at the hospital came in our cubicle and  knew right away that my guy was anemic.
 Blood work followed and 3 pints of blood was ordered.  His red blood level was down to five pints, where 12 is normal for a man.  Oh my gosh, no wonder he passed out.

After numerous tests, it appears that  my guy has an ulcer about the size of Rhode Island,.
Biggest they have ever seen at this hospital,  .Because of it's size, the Dr took a biopsy of the ulcer and then ordered a cat scan of his abdomen..

The results from the xray of the head, the abdomen and the biopsy of the ulcer and stomach wall, just trickled in.  My guy was not a happy camper, he wanted to go home.
But since he came in on the weekend, things moved very slowly and as many of us know in these types of situatios, waiting is the hardest part..
The glances that the staff gave us were not encouraging and that made us worry more.

Finally yesterday afternoon, his hospitalist (head Dr) came in smiling. "No Cancer!"
Big heavy sigh of relief for sure.  He was released an hour later and I have him home with me resting nicely.

He does need to rest for a week or so and also will have to give up his over ten year addition to popping aspirin.without the aspirin, the stomach will heal the ulcer and he should be fine.  He doesn't even have to watch his diet..

After seeing a couple of his new Dr's next week for follow up, we should know more about how long it will take to get his blood levels back to normal and his ulcer healed..

Have got to go, my main guy is cleaning out the pantry.
Oh dear, maybe this is the hard part.
I think this sitting around is starting to drive him nuts!

Thanks everyone for listening. 


  1. How worrying for you both! I'm glad it was not as sinister as you feared and hope your man will soon be fighting fit again (and if he wants to do some housework - why not??)

  2. jabblog;

    You have the right idea.
    I'll let him clean away!
    Thanks so much for the kind wishes.

  3. Oh, Peggy, this is the pits!! No one wants these things to happen and it seems the older we get, the better the chance is that they will. I was just diagnosed with Shingles and that's the pits, too!! Seems it's directly connected to having had Chicken Pox at sometime during ones life time and I did when all my kids did!! I'll be thinking of you and holding good thoughts for your both! Much love to you,


  4. glad the news was good. teach him how to!

  5. Wow, that's really scary. I am glad it all worked out though to be nothing catastrophic. Not that an ulcer is nothing.

  6. Yikes! Illness is always scary but when it's the rock we lean on, that terror goes off the scale!

    Glad to hear he's okay. And hey, if cleaning is um..healing for him..let him. Don't let him overdo it but we both know guys have about a 48 hour window of "sick" before they're bored and itching to do something.

    Best to BOTH of you. :)

  7. Geesh, an ulcer the size of Rhode Island! I hear ulcers really are awful. I hope he fairs well and gets better faster than the doctors predict. He's got you, that will help him that much more. Poor guy, but still lucky I guess. I'm always thinking of you Peggy, now I will say a little prayer for him too!

    p.s. sorry, it looks like I copied your background. You're right though good taste and good minds sometimes think alike!

  8. So sorry,I know how scary that can be!
    unfortunately I am surrounded by poor people going through unexpected surgeries and tests for loved ones right now. It is hard but "This too shall pass." I promise-Let him putter, he will accomplish more, healing physically mentally and emotionally.

  9. Glad to hear your man is back home and the problem will heal. I know how scary it is when the man you love is sick. We should have been going on holiday to Goa next Tuesday but have had to cancel because MWM's BP has shot up alarmingly and his doctor has advised him not to fly. :0

  10. Wow. What a time you have had but I sure am glad things will be fine; mostly good news all around. Doing nothing and waiting around are very hard. Prayers for you both.

  11. As I scrolled down reading the events, I was scared. Hitting his head on the basement floor, and a huge ulcer...and all is okay! Whew! Take good care of him, and I'm glad it worked out well!

  12. Sorry to read this Peggy, but glad that everything is on the mend and things are not as serious as they could be.

    Stop by later when the Microfiction posts, I think you need a good chuckle.

  13. Oh my gosh, Peggy, what a terrible adventure for a weekend! I'm so, so glad he's okay -- and hope the ulcer heals up as quickly as possible. I keep forgetting to make an appointment to give blood -- I'm going to do it right NOW.


  14. Good gosh, Peg! I just got back from California a couple of hours ago. I couldn't touch the computer in Kent's office because I had my cold. I was in quarantine while I was there. Kent was too. Poor Jim! It was pretty much the same thing with Kent. I can't believe they both went through this almost together. And yes, Kent's ulcer was also humungous! He needed several transfusions also. Wow! However, Kent is on a very strict diet. Jim doesn't have to be? Lucky guy!


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