Monday, November 29, 2010

Musical Monday/ Christmas

What is moving you today?

Let us know, throw a video up on your blog and go over to Musical Monday, hosted by Amanda ,...and please don't forget to leave a comment and your link while there..

While you're in a musical mood, please also visit
Denise at Run DMT,Xmas Dolly and Hair bows and Guitar picks for more Musical Monday fun!

It's Christmas time again and I am so ready to listen to Christmas music.
I decided to start with what's new,... singing what's old!

Hope you enjoy one of my Christmas favorites,
"Do You Hear What I Hear" sung by
Susan Boyle



  1. Susan Boyle is amazing. I love her version of this classic Christmas song. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the MM shout-out. You ROCK, mama! :-)

  2. Thanks Denise
    you rock too mama!

  3. I bought her CD last year and it still amazes me to listen to her. She has such a young, vibrant voice. What a joy to hear this.

    I hope you're feeling better this morning. My brother just called me last night to say he's really sick. When I called Tif, she could barely talk and Ed told me she'd lost her voice. I can't believe that's three of my dearest loved ones being sick. Oh yeah... and me, too. Sheesh!

  4. Beautiful choice I have not heard Susan sing this before just wonderful. BTW your header is Awesome! Thanks for playing again this week!

  5. Thanks Amanda;

    I love your music meme. Thanks for hosting !

  6. Awe Kay;

    This bug just spread so fast. Bob left late Friday and he was sick by late Saturday.
    Now Kev and julie are fine so far.
    Hope Dennis and Tif get over it faster then we did. I'm just now feeling better. A little everyday.
    Can't believe that you are still sick too.
    Better health is coming.
    Loved your header picture this week.

  7. Madeleine;

    I really like the new CD.
    thanks for your comment.

  8. Thanks for keeping me in the Christmas spirit. I want it to last as long as it can. It comes so quickly, and leaves even quicker. Thanks for joining today hope to see you next week too. Thanks. HUGS - following you!

  9. Susan Boyle has such a lovely voice! I love this Christmas song! I think it was my dad's favorite too.

  10. WOW!! I didn't realize just how powerful Susan Boyle's voice really is!!! I got chills all over and the crying just started!!

  11. Joanie;

    I just love her voice and her story! Thanks so much for being sp moved by it like I am!
    My best to you and John!!!!

  12. I love Susan Boyle's voice! This is a lovely christmas song. I love the choir back-up.

  13. Nice!

    And do you know YOU are the person who first introduced me to Susan Boyle...before she hit it big?!

    Have a wonderful the air of Christmas here!

  14. This one also my favorite Christmas song. Thanks for stopping by Peggy, and thanks for sharing it with me...

    be blessed.

  15. Susan has one of the most amazing voices!!
    clear and strong
    and I love her story

  16. What an awesome pick, Peggy! She has such an amazing voice - I loved hearing her sing this one!

    Thanks for being my cohort in jumping the gun for Christmas songs...I love this time of year, I couldn't resist, either! :)

    MMMM: Grown Up Christmas List

  17. Oh she is so talented!

    Very nice pick.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  18. Beautiful....she sure came a long way from quiet ugly duckling. Good for her.


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