Monday, January 10, 2011

Help Me... PLEASE!

I recently got a note from a fellow blogger that I love hearing from and don't want to frustrate so much that she won't continue to visit me.  I am not technically inclined enough to instantly figure this out by myself.
So I could use your help if possible..

Here is part of the message that I recently received.
..."Your blog keeps freaking my computer out I get messages telling me to adjust my graphics. I get
messages telling me to adjust my color scheme. Then your page won't scroll, it jerks instead and finally when I type my comment and send, I get told the server can't connect. I don't know what's up because I am not having any trouble with anyone else on blogger tonight"

If anybody out there is having similar problems with my blog or has had similar problems on their blog,
please could you let me know.
If you also know how to fix the problem, then you would make me a very happy girl.!!!

Thank you so much for listening .

(I already tried blogger for help, and they were no help!)


  1. I don't have any problem with your blog however, I've got a huge amount of power behind my computer. It is my understanding that all blogs can't fit everyone's computer settings. Most blogs are set to handle the majority of settings for computer resolutions and screen settings but I don't think you can have a blog that will be perfect for everyone. It's just impossible.

    The big thing I notice and that bogs blogs down a great deal and people have problems doing what your friend said is the running scripts on blogs. I try and keep mine to a minimum big time. By running scripts it's like the snow running on your blog, the picture of the dog, the slide show, the clock...they are continually running and therefore slow down your blog. I'm not by any stretch of the imagination trying to tell you to get rid of them but just keep in mind they are huge drains on one blog. Anytime something needs to go out and make a call to another site it takes time.

    On my blog also Google Friends Connect really slowed it down. I have since gotten rid of that and don't think I will be putting it back in. I don't know how a blogger blog is with it but it was a real drain on mine. As you know I'm going through this right now on my blog with my host. I'm trying to figure out if it is my blog or not. Only time will tell.

    My suggestion...try and remove the snow flakes first. No need for them. Have your friend come back and see what happens. If that doesn't work, remove something else. Repeat the process. It might be slow but it's basically the only way you can find the culprit that slows your blog down. Trial and error one script at a time.

    Hope this helps a little. Just remember running scripts = blog slowdowns


  2. Your blog just loaded very quickly. The comment box came up -- which it wouldn't do last night -- and the jerkiness seems to be gone.

  3. Plus, it just successfully allowed me to comment! Yay! And btw, yesterday was the first time I had the problem to the extent that pop up windows started giving me system warnings.

  4. Sorry, no solution, but some of the Wordpress blogs do the same juddering, I've noticed...

  5. I think Blogger has hissy fits from time to time. :)

    Yours loads a "little" slower than some but that's because you have nice, shiny stuff. I'm guessing someone's computer is having issues. Hope that helps.

  6. Thanks Thom and Quilly,

    I went and deleted some of my ever changing stuff.
    I'll add back one at a time,... new stuff.
    I'm so glad Quilly is not having problems , may the blogger gods continue to play nice!

  7. Thanks Hope;

    I like the shiny stuff .
    I just add different ones!
    Hope you don't get much snow.
    Have a great week.

  8. I haven't had any problems at all.

  9. Thanks Mama Zen and Joanie;
    So far so good!

  10. I have had no problems, but I reckon it's the shiny stuff that slows things down on computers with less power. How frustrating for you!

  11. I'm having no problems accessing your blog, but as Thom said, I do have quite a bit of power on my computer too since Ed worked on it when they were here in December.

    I have had more problems with a few blogs that take longer to load. I end up clicking on it and going to something else until it is fully loaded.

    I think Thom is right there too about running too many scripts on your blog making it more tricky for some computers to download. Then again... what do I know?

    It's the reason I am trying to keep my blog as simple as possible.

  12. your blog always opens right up for me, and that's not the case with all blogs

  13. I had a friend that said he couldn't access my site, but that was when I had all the moving widgets. I took all that out.

  14. I don't have any problems now, but back then when I was on a slower Internet connection it always took ages to get on everyone's blog. Especially the ones with many scripts. They do need more time to load than others.

  15. I haven't had any problems with you blog. :)

  16. I have nothing to add in this vein except to say that I always enjoy visiting your blog.

  17. Have had no similar problems. The only problem is that you always come up with goodies. Keep at it!

  18. I've had no problems with your blog either.

  19. By the way, Peg. You still have snowflakes moving at the bottom end of your blog. :-)

  20. Kay;

    Thank you pal,
    I had three different ones going at the same time.
    Will check that out!

  21. i had no problem,maybe its just a glitch,hope its resolved soon,Blessings, Jane

  22. I had no issues with your page either. I have on others with too much trying to load on their page by being overloaded with graphics. Mine was having issues I heard and let a few of my grapics go and no problems. I love the tree background so pretty.

  23. I have had no problems with your blog. I always look forward to what will surprise me on it! I did love the falling snow! Here is wishing you a wonderful week ahead! Sorry I haven't been around for a while, having some fibro fog days. Then nothing gets done. But have been getting outside in the cold air and starting to feel revived. Take good care.


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