Monday, September 8, 2008


Fall weather seems to be making it's presence known here in the Midwest. The clouds are rolling in,rain will soon be falling, the temperature is in the 60's and I'm in heaven.

I know that I am in the minority.. but I just love Fall and cloudy days.

My husband and I are native Midwesterners and when we first lived in California , we would be going to the mountains, going to the ocean, going upstate, going downstate..phew!!!...It was almost impossible to get a neighbor to come over and BBQ on the weekends because they were going to the the ocean...well you know where I'm going!

My oldest son Bobby would just love to curl up with a favorite book and read all day...but when we lived out West, he felt guilty reading when the sun was out. I think because he was afraid that he would miss something fun going on outside ... with his new friends!

To this day...when it rains husband and I call it a "Bobby day"

So maybe my love of cloudy days , cool weather and rain comes from deep inside me. With these days come memories of long ago when we were all together.

Robert lives in Washington,DC now... and only gets home twice a year!
He was just here last week and I must admit that I'm going through a little empty nest pain.
Cloudy days seem to help!


  1. What fun to see Bobby again! Ah well, Peg... You get to see Bob twice a year which is one more time than me to see Jon. And Tif and KC leave tomorrow. Sigh...
    I'm definitely feeling that empty nest feeling right now.

  2. I loved fall, too, even though it seemed to last only a couple of weeks in Chicago.


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