Thursday, September 11, 2008


Have been watching the 9/11 footage this morning and like most disasters that happen during your lifetime, I remember exactly where I was and how I was feeling.
Like most people I didn't see the first plane go into tower 1, only saw footage after. However I did see the second plane go into tower two ......nothing like reality TV...
...when I remember that day in September 2001...I remember it in slow motion...everything was happening way to fast for me to absorb!
We lived in Dayton Ohio in 2001 and my husband was working from son Kevin was there..... but still asleep. I remember that we didn't wake him up but he was right there with us glued to the TV wondering(hoping maybe ) that what we were watching was not reality, but some sick joke!
After the Pentagon was hit by another plane ....we heard fighter jets above our heads...the house trembled from the jets breaking the sound barrier and the noise was deafening...I honestly thought that we were being attacked right there in Dayton Ohio.
A little while later we heard that a plane had crashed in a Pennsylvania field. Not putting events together. like everyone else , just taking in the physiological terror of all the events of that day was way to much !
A couple of years after 9/11, I was searching for something on the computer and I came across the flight routes of those 4 airplanes that hit us that day.
As I was starring at the computer screen I noticed that the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania had flown into Ohio for a while before turning around and crashing in Pennsylvania. My thoughts went back to that day in 2001 and I slowly realized that those jets flying above our house might have had a mission much more important then what I had thought!


  1. It really was an awful day. You're right. We're all going to remember what we were doing that day. I was standing in the hall greeting my 1st graders as they came to my classroom in the morning. They were all full of stories about a plane crashing into the tall buildings. I reassured them that the building would be safe. I had not yet heard. And then the rest of the day followed. The secretary even came on the intercom to tell me not to worry about Tiffany because she was being sent home since she worked in the Prudential Building. I had to calm my class then.... What a terrible day.

  2. To this day, I still can't grasp the whole thing. The planning stages, flying into the World Trade Center, and THEN the fact that they fell down.
    I knew about it when the kids arrived, but we turned off the TV and did business as usual. The kids didn't need to be focused on that. When the kids went to specials, I went to the library and heard that there were still planes missing. Then the Pentagon was hit[the Supt of schools made that announcement over the PA system-what was he thinking?]
    I know that I was thinking that the whole thing was beyond scary.
    What do you think about the talk about Bldg #7 that fell without being hit? It boggles my mind.

  3. I live an hour out of NYC, it was so frightening. My husband and son were in Italy, I was alone with my 9th grader with no family near by. I still cannot look at the footage. My husbands cousin lost 94 of her coworkers. She left the building to go to a meeting! This just breaks my heart!

    It's good that you write about it, it's good that we remember it, no matter how painful it is for all of us!

  4. Hey Peg, you haven't written in a while, wondering how you're doing?


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