Sunday, December 7, 2008

hey friends..can you help me please...

I need some help...I think that I am ready to add pictures to my blog.... and I do have a digital camera! Trouble is that I dropped it and bent the outside cover, I thought that it would be OK, but the pictures that I have been taking lately are blurry...not all, which is confusing!

Anyway, I was looking at Sandy's blog the other day and she had a beautiful picture of the night sky. I think she said that she used her Cannon 650.... I know that I want a Cannon this time and was just wondering if all you experts(yes you all are compared to me) would recommend the 650...
I need an easy to use camera and one that I can take with me and stick in my purse. Also think that I want a rechargeble battery.
I also don't want to spend a lot...cause I'm hoping to get it as a Christmas gift!
What you think anyone and everyone?


  1. What a good question; if I had a bit of spending money free I'd love to get a new camera too, something more powerful than the one I've got, though I like it well enough for everyday shots. So I'll be watching your other replies!

    Mine is a Kodak EasyShare Z740: my autistic 8-yr-old son takes photos with it, it's that easy, but it also has fancy settings for when you get more comfortable with it, like one for fireworks or tight closeups or backlighting.

    What I like best about it is that it's survived four years of serious abuse: it's been dropped onto rock (many times), left baking in the sun, been rained on, everything. It's covered in dents and keeps on snapping. So, I'd be happy to go with Kodak again. We had an Olympus but it didn't survive our family!

    My friend Jay was a professional photographer for years (now his son is one!), and might have some good ideas if you leave a question in his comments: (he's super nice) .

  2. Hi, Peggy. I have a Nikon Coolpix but it is an older one. The slow shutter speed on it drives me crazy. I think they have improved on that feature now. My daughter has a Fuji camera and it is great. She isn't here now and has her camera with her or I could tell you what model it is. I wish I had her camera. I will let you know when I find out what it is.

  3. I can't help you with this one. I have to learn how to use the digital camera that I have!!

  4. Hi Aunt Peggy, I have the Canon Power Shot SD970 IS. It's not too expensive, takes great pics and is easy to use...just ask my mom.

  5. I had my moms Nikon camera with me on our cattle drive. My boyfriend dropped it on his leg with the lens out and it bent the lens. It doesn't work anymore and it would have cost about $80.00 to fix it. I won't by another product from them and I to am trying to find a good replacement.
    I did purchase a camera, don't remember the brand, but it went through batteries like crazy and I wasn't thrilled with the pictures at all.
    Be sure to check what kind of batteries the cameras uses and be sure you can return it if you don't like it with out any re-stocking fees, etc.


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