Saturday, December 6, 2008

so embarased...

Well as you know I was craving human interaction while Christmas shopping. ...a little more Ho Ho Ho... so to speak!
So my son Kevin and I went out yesterday, looking for just the right exercise bicycle.
I think I told everyone here in blog land that I'm trying to get my legs going again...poor circulation is not good for cancer patients, and really not good for anyone!
So my son had yesterday off...(he milks cows on a farm, 6 days a week ) I was so impressed that he wanted to spend his off day going out shopping with his Mom ... I was touched beyond words!
So our first stop was Walmart..they had two that were already assembled ! Yahoodle!!!
I needed to try each one to make sure that I could reach the pedals...short legs..short person syndrome...Unfortunately all the exercise equipment was up on a shelf,about as high as my shoulders.
Now I do realize that stores always need space especially around hoilday time but.... can customers try them out ? So my son went and got a couple of employees (they were so nice) and they were able to lower two bicycles to floor level.(my level)
Well as it turned out, neither of them were right for me....but as I said, the two employees were so very nice( good interaction for me!)

Our next stop was Meijers....nothing on display...we found one bicycle in a box. Not good !
Now we were getting to Dicks sporting a bonanza of bikes all on my level...non of them worked...tisk!
I was pooped by this time..on and off so many bikes...... but one more stop...Sears!
Unfortunately, Kev nor I knew the layout of the Sears store...and we were roaming around...couldn't find an employee to ask...and seemed to be going around in a circle...did I tell you that I was tired...yeah I did! I saw this man in the shoe department..he was putting away two boxes of shoes and I thought that he was an employee! Not the case...I asked him where the sports and exercise equipment was......?
Well to say the very least..he was not pleased....he was noticeably insulted...and he paused and look down to the floor and said "I am only here to buy shoes" He had a noticeable accent and continued to look down at the floor!

What an idiot ,,..I am!
After apologising profusely saying how truly sorry that I was... several times.
Kevin and I sheepishly went on our feeling like I had shamed this man!
After thinking about the events of yesterdays shopping trip some more ....I really think that was the case, that I had shamed this man and that made me feel so ignorant!!

Not a good people interaction for sure!
After finally finding the exercise equipment department...on our own... we tried their three exercise luck!

So today, I think I'll do some on-line shopping ....and play Christmas music from the Ipod...
...but next permitting..
I'll be out again, looking for my holiday people fix and carols on the radio.
This time... hopefully a little smarter and much more thoughtful of how others might interpret what I might say to them!

In other words Peggy....for gosh sakes...think before you speak!


  1. Oh ferpetesake Peggy...this guy thinks he is above looking like or being a store clerk? His issue. Not yours.

    I hope you find that bike my fellow shorty. :)

  2. Aw, sorry to hear you didn't find a good bike. But, it's good to hear you had a day out shopping with your son--that sounds nice!

    Maybe the shoe-buying man was just shy, who knows? Whenever I'm shoppingl at least one person asks me for help, and I always feel flattered--I tell myself it means I look as if I know what I'm doing! LOL For years I worked in a library helping people find things, and maybe that experience gave me a certain look...who knows?

    Anyhow, good luck shopping online and enjoy your carols!

  3. Hi Peggy, I agree with Susan and the Butterfly. THAT was totally nothing for that fellow to be ashamed of. I've done it several times and I've chuckled and told them, "I'm sorry but you just looked like you knew your way around." You just bumped up against somebody who was not having a good day. It's part of your kind nature to be so concerned even now. Love you for it.
    About that exercise bike. I'm kind of worried about doing it on line because it's good to try those things out before you buy it. You have to find the one that is most comforatble for you to use. Good ol' Kevin! He is such a sweetheart. Chip off the ol' blocks.

  4. I do agree with Kay and Julie. I'm so glad you had a good day out with Kevin! Isn't it fun to have a day with one of your kids these days? I'm so excited that my oldest son will be here on the 22nd for Christmas. I haven't seen him in nearly four years and I'm counting the days! Hope you find a great bike and soon!

  5. I always found it funny when mistakened for a clerk or something. Means I'm approachable; that's a good thing. If that guy was insulted then those are his issues. It's okay to be open to people and not afraid to approach them, stay that way, it's probably one of the reasons people like you. Maybe he was taken back by your beauty and didn't know how to react:)

    I feel your frustration, those bikes are not easy to find. Looking on line first may help narrow it down a little, but your determination in finding a place that has the one you might want is a good idea.

    Try Consumer Reports too, they are usually pretty good at sending you in the right direction.

    my word verification is prospa, I think that's a subliminal message telling me to get a message!


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