Monday, December 1, 2008

let me just say this.......

Thank you for all your comments and good feelings that are pouring my way!
Thank you Kay for opening up the gates for me and for all your advice and love!
I promise to get on some lighter subjects very soon.

I am beginning to cope and have great optimism. Thanks in a large part to all of you! I was keeping all the emotions inside of me and I was so fearful and lost. I am finding my way out of the cave and letting the sun shine in my life again!



  1. You don't need to force yourself to be light for us, Peg although I've read somewhere that it's good to pull yourself up to focus on the positive because it will help your health. Still, if you're going through a bad spell, it feels good to just let it out. Once said I feel like I can sit back and look at it and move on. It usually makes me feel better.

  2. Hi Peggy! It's wonderful to hear the sun is shining for you again--I like that description too. But Kay's right, let it out when you need to: no therapy quite like it, sometimes.

    Wishing you well--

  3. Welcome. I started wandering about in cyberspace almost a year ago and found that there are many interesting, friendly people out here.

    I'll send good thoughts your way and check back from time to time. I've had a few health challenges of my own and know that attitude is very important, but sometimes venting can be just as cathartic.

  4. Besides singing in the car, you can also yell, too! It's a great stress buster!

  5. I think we are both doing the same thing but for different reasons. I could have written your last paragraph. Be well and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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