Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am learning so much

I am learning so much about this cancer thing that my brain is on over drive I think!
Not everything is being retained, but enough, I think each time.

I have had cancer now three times in my life. At six months I had a glioblastoma removed my my chest and spine! (I just found out from my research that the cancer that I had back in 1950 had a 5% survival rate in 2004... my case was over 50 years ago. That new fact took my breath away for a minute or two!

The surgery to remove the tumor on my spine, left me paralized from the waist down...but when I was about two years old ... I was up on my feet with braces and crutches. At around five years old, I got rid of the braces and at ten, the crutches!...

Now I still walked with a noticable sway, but I was up on my two legs getting around just fine. Then in 2002 I was diagnosed with squamish cell skin cancer and had it removed far so good on that front!

When I broke my ankle in 2004...getting around was so hard....the ankle didn't heal very fast and my Dr said that it would probably rebrake and then they would have to put a pin in it...

EEEEEEEEEEE gads...No...rebraking was not in my play book! was horrible dragging that heavy cast around and with my legs still weak from my being paralyzed as a child...I was having a heck of a time being able to go to the bathroom by myself!

So my husband ( I love him) bought me a scooter to do just that ....and so much more...what a gift that was!

With this newly diagnosed cancer I need to be as fit as I can I am starting to get my legs moving again and I am finally going to get a referral to see a top rehab Dr formally from the Mayo clinic, now at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago!

So there are gifts to be had, in even the scariest of times!


  1. Wow, Peggy, what a story of survival! You could write a book.

    Your baby-surgery story reminds me of when our son was born, and the doctor let me hold him to say good-bye, because they'd worked on him and given up. When the baby went right on living, the doctors took him away to ICU! I was upset then, but grateful now: he's nine next month. He's always been my little hero.

    Good luck at Northwestern, and in getting fit (something I should do too, frankly...) Ok, you've inspired me. I start tomorrow (it's bedtime here).

  2. Peggy, you are one of the bravest women I know and I admire your courage! I'm one of those very fortunate women whose only real problem has been allergies and as I get older, asthma. I've defied a few medical diagnosis in my life by having four children when I was told I'd never be able to carry even one full term. I just want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you each and every day. Thank you for showing me what real courage is and thanks for your lovely email.

  3. Well, since things come in threes, I'm thinking that this will be the third cancer that you will beat!! And the post certainly is a testament to what a trooper you are! About your son who still lives at home and says'don't sing' just say to him 'don't listen.' It's part of my therapy.
    Singing is a great thing. I had my school kids singing, "High Hopes" [sung by Frank Sinatra.] It's a great song. Google it and listen to the words. TTFN

  4. You have really come through some rough patches. This latest rough patch is just another thing to get through. Just keep on keepin' on!
    I get the feeling that your husband is a really great guy from what you say.

  5. Aunty Peggy, We're thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts and well wishes. Northwestern is a wonderful hospital...KC was born there and I still take her to the doctor there.

  6. Meggie -- Kay sent me over. I am keeping you in my prayers. I understand catastrophic illness very well. I also understand survival well. You appear to have a good attitude and when dealing with the both of the aforementioned, attitude is everything.

    Keep that fabulous smile!!!!!

  7. You're so strong, your battles have been won before, I just know that nothing is going to stop you from winning this one!


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