Wednesday, January 14, 2009

......could I have cabin fever...?'s snowing again and the wind chill is minus 8 degrees!
I have been hoping for an early spring!
Fat chance... it's only the middle of January
and tomorrow it's going to be very cold again, below zero with strong winds!

I don't mean to complain...the snow falling sure is pretty and I don't have to go out and move it anywhere!
I did get a new camera for Christmas, so I thought that I could practice today and take some pictures of the snow.....I would rather be taking pictures of white sand and sunshine, palm tree, maybe two...
but snow is the only thing on my menu it seems!

I can see that I better keep practicing because there seems to be a wayward
lawn chair that jumped in front of my lens.

Tomorrow I'll clean my closet instead .

....I really do have cabin fever
if I'm thinking of cleaning my closet!


  1. That is a great picture. Gosh its so hot here its hard to relate to although I have lived in Scotland where its cold all year.

    Enjoy your new camera. They are so much fun really. And at least we can crop our mitstakes out. I just want to learn how to erase the wrinkles away, LOL!!

  2. It is even getting cold here in Alabama. It is supposed to be 17 degrees tonight. We aren't used to that. But of course, no snow. Never any snow.

  3. It's not that cold here but it sure isn't warm and it's gray and ugly and even though I get out a little, it isn't much fun, so I can empathize. Soon --- at least that's what I keep telling myself.

  4. Yeah, this cold is getting on my nerves too. Just keep thinking palm trees.

  5. I'm definitely seeing and feeling what you're feeling now. Darn, but it's cold. Sheesh! Since you're at least 3 hours south of us... maybe you're a little warmer? :-) Could it be? Nah.

  6. By the way, your blog is looking more and more gorgeous and polished every time I look! Wow!


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