Friday, January 30, 2009

Premio Dardos Award

My second award came to me today.

The Premio Dardos Award was given to me by


Thank you so much for such a wonderful surprise, so sweet of you to recognise me in this way!

I was so thrilled that I left two comments of heartfelt thanks on LegalMist blog this afternoon...

Here is the official text that accompanies this award.

"This award acknowledges the values that every Blogger displays in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values with each message they write Awards like this have been created with the intention of promoting community among Bloggers. It's away to show appreciation and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web"

I am supposed to pass this award along to 15 other bloggers (and contact them to let them know they've been selected) There are so many bloggers that I admire and respect for their wonderful writing and content of their blogs. These bloggers make me smile and cry and they continue to make me glad that I joined this community of Bloggers just seven months ago!

It's so hard to pick just a few out of so many that inspire me everyday, but here they are, 15 that embody the values the award is designed to recognise!

Lisa The Butterfly Farmer would have been on my list of fifteen, but she was already honored today by LegalMist for this award.

1. Kay:
3: Sandy:
6 Scarlet:
7 Brit Gal :
8 Kay D.
9 Susan:
10. Julie's;
11. Sandy's:
14. Sonia:
15. Lin;


  1. Dearest Peggy, thank you so much for the lovely award! Like you, I haven't been in the blogging community very long, but what a difference it has made in my life! I am so grateful to you and all of the wonderful friends I have made over the past six months! I am very honored by the award and will pass it on. Have a great weekend!

  2. Peggy, thank you so very much. I appreciate it greatly and blogging is wonderful and I am so glad I found your blog through Kays. A great network it is too. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Well thank you Peggy, I am touched you'd think of me, having only just found me! I love the piccie of you and Kay btw.

  4. Nice looking blog. And thanks for stopping at mine.

  5. Thank you, Peggy! I am truly honored. You are a sweetie to think of me!!!!

  6. Thank you so much! I'm almost as new at this as you are.[I began last Feb.] You have pretty much named the places I visit so your 15 is my 15!!! Great minds think alike!!

  7. Well thank you so very much, Peggy! I am flattered, to say the least.

  8. Sylvia; Julie, Kay D. Mare, Bri'tGal,and Lilly

    You are all truly welcome. I have enjoyed your blogs and learned so much these past few months from each and everyone of you. Many of you are semi neebies like me and I think we support each other and learn from each other with every post.
    You have made a difference and
    I thank you!

  9. All excellent choices. And you deserve it too!

  10. Peggy, thanks for the award, what a nice one. I'll be sure to pass it on to others that I know are worthy.

  11. Thank you so much for the award, Peggy!

  12. Peggy,

    What a nice surprise to find an award as I sit here with a delicious cup of Peet's coffee.
    I have just started an on-line advanced memoir workshop and was getting ready to work on my first assignment when I saw the kind message you left on my blog.
    Thanks, and keep visiting, as I will follow you too. YEAH, to all of us wonderful bloggers.

  13. You are so sweet. A big THANK YOU to you! I love your blog as well and you know I'll be back. ;)

  14. Hi Peg, Thank you so much for this lovely award. You are too wonderful! It's actually after midnight right now. I've been up to my ears with things. How lovely to see your kind award and just be able to smile. Thank you again!

  15. Kay;Sandy,Cathy,and,Gutsey Writer:

    When I got the award from LegalMist, I just immediatly thought that all of my fifteen embodied what this award stood for.
    So A no brainer for me!
    Lisa you're also a no brainer for me on everything!


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