Monday, January 5, 2009

Painfully Honest Scrap "Award"

Sylvia and Lisa both tagged me for this award. Thank you both so much for thinking of me. Since this is my first award...I didn't know how to respond and have everything in the right place. So with the help of a friend I think that I'm ready....

I'm supposed to come up with 10 things about me that you might not know already, so here goes.

1.I had a problem with peeing in my pants..yes it's true. One time forever etched in my memory, I peed during reading circle at school ...I went back to my desk with all my fingers crossed (even my toes,) that I would not be discovered. Unfortunately the teacher saw the wet chair and asked the class who had done it...nobody raised their hands(what a surprise) so she went around the room checking our underwear. I was led out of the first grade humiliated !
Luckily for me I transferred to a different school soon after.

2.I met my husband when I was 16 years old. We went together for 4 years before we got engaged. It's hard to type when you have sweaty palms.... We never had sex before we were married ...four years...poor Jimmy...poor me too. I was part of the peace and love embarrassing.

3. I used to say "shit" when really mad ...sometimes the F word.. I said it in front of my mother once and she shamed me, so I stopped saying it in front of my mother. Duh!
Now she says shit a lot, she is 91 years old, I think she's allowed!

4. My brother and I are from different planets. He is a very successful businessman and has earned every bit of his success . I admire him for that. I, on the other hand am not a successful business person...and he just doesn't know how to talk to me on any other level but business. I once asked him why that was...he just shrugged his shoulders and said because that's what he does with everyone.

5. I had another brother, Bobby, that was a year older then I . Gosh I adored him. He taught me to dance and ride a two wheeler and we laughed so much. My Grandma favored him over the other grandchildren, she didn't mean to show it...but that was fine with me, because everyone loved Bobby.
He was hit by an train when he was 11, and that's all I can say on that.

6.I was the only person in my elementary , middle school ,that had divorced parents. As a kid you really hate being the only one.By the time I got to high school, I was not alone in this.

7. Snakes are one of gods creatures that makes me squirm...I remember the movie "Witches of Eastwick" and Cher's character woke up in her bed and found that she was sleeping with a zillion snakes...Oh gosh, I still shudder at the thought!
I think that you can tell that I'm not the Out-Dorsey type of girl . Love the idea of camping but would rather stay at a hotel. Thank heavens my husband agrees with me totally. Two of our three children love to camp.

8.I love to find out their stories. I usually seek out the quiet ones. at any party, gathering, parade...anywhere where people are They seem to fascinate me.
My husband is one of those quiet ones !
I miss that connection with people since being more confined to the house these days. Now I have all of you, and for that I am very grateful!

9.I really love animals...(well not snakes)
I would have as many cats and dogs as I could afford, and take care of properly. Only have Gracie the cat right her, but really miss having a dog !

10.I wish that I was a better communicator with the written word. I am a pretty good verbal communicator ..but I find it difficult at times writing down what I want to say. I think that's strange...should be the opposite in my opinion. I always wanted to be the quiet mysterious type...but as much as I try I never seem to achieve the goal!

So there's the truth...not everything, but I think enough!

I am still trying to be mysterious. HA!

I am not going to tag anyone since I have been slow in responding and a lot of my blogging friends have already been tagged.
Feel free if you have not been tagged to pick up the award from me, I know that I would so enjoy learning more about you too.
The rules still apply and the honorees are to
1. List 10 honest things about themselves and try to make it interesting, even if it's painful!

2.Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers that you feel are open to sharing a little bit of their soul.

3. Have's not that bad!


  1. Wow, Peggy, you should write a book, the stories you have in your life!

    Congratulations too on the award: I hope 2009 brings many more!

  2. Hi there, I was just reading Kay's post about you and thught I would drop by for a visit. I will be back.

  3. You are an excellent communicator, Peggy, in every medium. I loved reading your post. Good for you in figuring out how to do the photo insert. I'm learning all the time.

    I'm so sorry you lost your brother, Bobby. I know it was hard enough for you but your poor mom and grandmother.

    Good ol' Jimmy! He's the best!

  4. Hi, Peggy, I saw your blog title at Kay's and thought I'd click on it.

    I was sorry to read about your brother's death. I, too, have lost a brother. He died of hepatitis at the age of 55, just a month shy of his 56th birthday. We buried him next to my dad.

    And your New Year's Eve was dull? haha. So was mine!

  5. Very fun to read. Okay, I guess I it really is my turn to do the list of 10...I'm working on it.


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