Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Eve....dullsville?

Happy New Year to all my fellow bloggers . Hope that you all had a happy and safe beginning of 2009.

Our New Years Eve was very quiet, but truthfully, just how I like them to be. My husband and I decided long ago that New Years Eve was a night to be home early after maybe a little dinner with friends and then back to our home or to our friends home to watch the big crystal ball fall from above in New York City.

So this year we didn't have any dinner plans and we did everything that we could to stay up until midnight. My husband fell asleep at about ten, but woke up a little before midnight (eastern time)to give me a kiss, We watched the crystal ball fall in New York and then we watched it again when midnight came here to Illinois.

Kind of anti climatic though...all that was on the television was a rerun of the New York celebration ....couldn't we in the Midwest have our own little display or gathering of B actors and entertainers...?
Guess not...even the local channel 9 had a repeat. So after we counted down 10,9, 8,....3,2,1, again., we yelled "Happy New Year" kissed goodnight and were asleep within 10 minutes.
I know, I know...kind of dull. ... I agree... but with all the excitement that we have had in was just what we needed.


  1. Yours sounds about like mine. I had a glass of wine and played solitaire, Adam had a new book he was into. At midnight I went upstairs, we made a toast and returned to what we had been doing. Since we got rid of the Cable company (rates outrageous) we pretty much depend on movies from Netflix or books -- it's really not a bad way to go. But it was quiet, peaceful -- I don't really miss all the hoopla of the past times. Hope you have a great and positive year!

  2. New Year's Eve isn't anything big for me. Just another day at this point in life. Here's hoping that 2009 is good.

  3. We were so busy trying to take photos and videos of the fireworks that it was actually 12:07 AM before we realized we were into the new year! Sheesh! After which we went to bed and went to sleep right away, too. No way we're going to go out on New Years Eve with the smoke making visibility difficult on the crowded roads. Besides, we had to get up early to start our New Years Day food preparation the following morning. Home is best for us for New Years!

  4. that is pretty much what I did too! Except my husband was in New Orleans and my mother came over to celebrate with me. LOL. I know, boring!!! But just fine with me.

  5. sounds perfect to me. i don't get why there are no midwestern cities that don't have the festivities. i think every single town around here drops something... and it's televised.

    ah well, i'm glad it was good for you. maybe it's a prediction for the whole of 2009


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