Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happyy Valentine's Day !

My husband Jim went out early this morning and got me a cafe latte and when I woke up it was on a the table waiting for me..sweet! I have not had any Starbucks for a few months...trying to refine my diet and boring!
It sure tasted good and what a surprise...not a peep about getting it before!
I've been drinking green tea of late,which I like.... but I'm still a coffee lover at heart and thanks to an anonymous benefactor that just moved to Hawaii (?) I allow myself occasionally to drink this special kona blend a few times a month when I absolutely have to have a coffee fix.
Along with the coffee, Jim also brought me the Chicago Tribune. We have a local paper that we lovingly call the paragraph (Pantagraph) I guess that explains enough why Jim thought that I might want a little more reading time with my Starbucks! I also received a wonderful card from Gracie with her likeness on the front of it!
Speaking of our Grace, she thought that the flowers that Jim brought in our bedroom this morning was for her and her alone may not be able to see the flowers very well in the picture below because they are up on top of the window!
Funny place for a vase of flowers ....I agree....but Gracie can't walk on the ceiling yet, so there the flowers will stay!

The final picture is of Gracie standing on my Pilates's machine (that also can be used as a catch all for everything that you can't find a place for.)... trying to climb up the window blind to the top to get HER flowers.

I'll let you know if she makes it!

Life is good and a few laughs
each day is the best medicine I know!

Valentine's Day is all about love and expressing that love to the wonderful people in your life.

So I love you guys ....
and have a great day!


  1. What a lovely Valentine's Day: the photo of Gracie trying to reach is wonderful!

  2. Susan;
    Gracie seems to be very entertaining these days!
    Hope you're still having a good time in the US. I like that you are on my sod too!

  3. Of course those flowers were for Gracie!! It is so funny that she is being so persistant in getting to them.
    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  4. Glad you have Gracie! Aren't animals wonderful!
    sounds as though you've had a great Valentine's Day and I'm so glad! Enjoy!

  5. I need to get back on the green tea kick but I just love my coffee too much. I am having a cup now. My wife got flowers too.

  6. Scout[cat] would have been all over them, too. When she gets too persistent, I have put them in the bathroom, and closed that door. Since the bathroom gets several visits, I enjoy them many times and they brighten up the bathroom.
    I start every day with coffee. When my son [29]bought a house,I bought the Mr. Coffee and all of the necessary accessories so that they'd be there. Yesterday, he brought over the grandpup and I dogsat for a couple of hours. My previous recommendation still stands, and I would like to stress the 2 year old status[they come already knowing where the bathroom is, and are way calmer]. Also a smaller kind of non-shedding bundle of hugs!! I love my Gracie, and I can pat my heart and ask for a hug, and she will jump up and lay down with her ear on my heart. She's my valentine. Glad that you're doing well. Keep it going.

  7. Jimmy really is the best! You are so lucky and he is, too! Happy Valentines Day!

  8. That's a cute picture of Gracie. What a funny little cat! Happy belated valentines day to you Peggy. Hope your health is treating you kindly!


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