Monday, February 16, 2009

Where is Elliott Ness..

I'm sorry to repeat this theme again...but this whole ethics in politics issue is really starting to get me crazy. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if the politicians that are under scrutiny would spread out over time their lack of moral character.

Nothing has been proved on Blaggo or Roland Burris yet(new senator from Chicago appointed by Blaggo to take former Sen. Obama's place in the US Senate)but I'm just up to here(pointing to my throat) ...and I've had enough!

I live in the wonderful State of Illinois...home of such great statesmen as Abraham Lincoln and Paul Simon just to mention two.

So please can anyone tell me how are we going to get ethical politics back here in the Land of Lincoln? Do we have to get Elliott Ness to save us again?

Sen. Roland Burris


  1. I thought Irish politicians were the worst in the world--that may only be because I live in Ireland! It's SO frustrating when we elect officials who let us down, or worse, rob and betray us.

  2. I do indeed share your frustration! I still wish we could limit their terms to 2 only! We changed it for presidents so why can't we change for this box of skunks we have now???

  3. How do these people sleep at night? I guess if you don't care what America thinks of you, it doesn't matter.

    I've seen a lot of posts like this recently, where average Americans which make up "We the People" are truly [and rightfully] angry. So if there's power in numbers, we need to point it out to these elected freeloaders between elections!

  4. Oh Peggy I was watching a crime show last night based on the real life happenings of a bunch of drug barons in Australia in the 80s. The whole police force in one of our States, right to the top Commissioner and many politicians were all part of the racket. It made me sick. I cant stop thinking about it. Are they corrupt already when they go into politics or are they weak and succumb to corruption when they get into their jobs. The power must go to their heads. It is horrendous given our lives are in their hands and they are meant to be protecting the community. And so depressing. Sorry for the rant but I think its a worldwide problem. So I am glad you posted this because I got the opportunity to rant about things I have been thinking about for most of the night it seems, lol!!! I have got to the stage I don't trust any of them and isn't that a sad thing.

  5. I have always ascribed to the idea that the term "honest politician" is an oxymoron. They all sold their souls to get where they are.

  6. Siiiighghhhhhhh! We have been reading about this drama as it unfolded here in Hawaii. Arrrghh!

    I guess we should have known something was up if our EX Guv had chosen him. Is being a senator THAT important to Burris that he should stake his honor and reputation on it?

    (Art says: Nothing has been proven yet...) OK.... I'll wait.

  7. By the way, Art says we do have an Elliot Ness. His name is Fitzpatrick.


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