Friday, February 20, 2009

A husband knows best sometimes!

I wanted to show you what my computer looks looks like these days...
I know ....yawn!

My husband and I bought a new computer last year to use for our business venture with our daughter. I'm not sure why we bought another desktop, but it seemed at the time, a good business computer. So that was fine with me, I didn't really care... I was happy !

Then sometime in June of last year...I was looking at the ads for a cheap wireless notebook. I thought that the notebook would be so convenient for me to use, when I visited my Mom in Dayton. I could do all my work in the evenings when I wasn't with her. Reasonable!

(The fact that I started blogging back in June didn't have anything to do with my desire for a laptop...nope not a bit!)
I kept searching the ads,but I never found a cheap laptop!
( define cheap? )

I didn't mention my desire for a laptop to my husband Jim... he wouldn't have cared, but I wasn't sure that I wanted to spend the money.
You see, Jim is a doer, not a long thinker. He makes up his mind pretty quickly. I am just the opposite,.I tend to think about things for a long time especially when it comes to spending money. (Good thing that opposites attract!)

So I kind of put that idea of buying a laptop out of my head....(that part about putting the idea of a new laptop out of my head is not entirely true.... ) no harm in sill looking at the ads every week, with the economy slowing down, maybe I'll get a good deal!

After Christmas I was still looking at the sale ads, and I spotted a mini laptop in a bunch of nice decorator colors ...and most of the mini 's were under $500.00...anddddddd, I got a gift card for Christmas that would cover a good part of yae...

I'm almost there, now I had a's a gift ... The person that gave me the gift card would be proud that I bought something that I really wanted. I felt better!

I decided that I would buy the mini, would be enough computer for what I wanted it for.
Now I was ready to ask Jim what he thought about me getting a mini laptop.
He was skeptical of the mini laptop ...he thought that if I wanted a laptop, then I needed to get one with bells and whistles!

He also recommended that I get a wireless, since we already had a router for our two other desktops. The mini wasn't a wireless, Oh shoot! I had forgotten why I wanted the laptop in the first place, so that I could use it at my mothers house because she didn't have a computer access....
but what about the five fashion colors?
( I think that I was bordering on being obnoxious)

I really did want a good computer, he was right, and I wanted a wireless. Right again, darn it!

A couple of weeks before my birthday, Jim brought the dell ads to me...he pointed out a couple of laptops that he thought would be good. We discussed it a little and I said OK ..I still wanted to think about it.

After a day or two...Jim came home from work and asked me if I had ordered the computer yet....I HAD NOT,..... I was still researching all possibilities. Maybe I could find a wireless computer in fashion colors and cheap...

Jim didn't say much.... and then he left the room to change his clothes.
A few minutes later he came back in the room with the dell ads and the phone. He handed the phone to me and said that the dell rep was ready to help me. Hint Hint

Yes, the picture above is my new beautiful Dell Red

and I do love it.......and when you purchase a Dell Red, a portion of the profits go to charities in Africa! That made me smile!

After all the procrastination on my part ...

It seems my husband knows what will make me happy, better then I do sometimes!


  1. Oh good ol' Jim! Give him a giant hug for me. Dell is an excellent brand.

  2. How lucky you are! Congratulations on a lovely new present, but even more congratulations on being married to such a wonderful, thoughtful husband.

  3. You kept me entertained with this post!! I am so glad you broke down and got yourself something that you are going to absolutely love and won't believe how you lived without it! The red is gorgeous!!! Have fun!

  4. Kay;

    Thanks Kay; I really do love it! We have had other brand of computers but always come back to dell. Give yourself and Art a hug from me!


    I do feel very my new laptop and now I can stop looking at the ads every week!
    Jim and I have been married for 38 years, we have ups and downs but I'm glad that we're resilant.


    You're right about wondering how I got along without the laptop. I love it and use it cinstantly. Hope it wears off a little so that I can get some other stuff done around the house. My closet is still throwing up into my bedroom. But that can wait..!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. That is fantastic. Happy Birthday to you! I love the colour and your husband did good, lol!!! My closet is throwing up into the bedroom, love that line!!

  6. Thank you Lilly for the birthday wish. getting older is good these days!
    I like the color too,
    ... even sweeter with part of the proceeds going to fight AIDs in Africa.

  7. A Dell is the greatest, that's what my new one is! And good for Jim! I'm so glad you got it! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I think its great too. I love using it.

    Jim's a good motivator for me! He get's behind me and pushes a bit!

    Enjoy your weekend too Sylvia

  9. You know you have gone from being very uncertain about this whole blogging thing to being one of the very best blogs that I read. I just love your blog and your writing. Thanks for brightening my days! Enjoy your new laptop. I love mine, even if it is boring old silver.

  10. Julie;
    What a compliment...thank you!
    I have learned so much from reading all of my favorites, like you! Still have much to learn but with my new wireless I'm loving blogging even more!
    Have a great Sunday!

  11. Peggy you will wonder how you ever managed without it I love mine, Just bought my Granddaughter one this afternoon SORRY I'm like Jim


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