Monday, February 23, 2009

Octo Mom...?

I have been following the story about the mother. in California that just gave birth to Octuplets
Can't seem to figure out how I feel about this one except that I find myself mad as heck!

This woman (Nadia) already has children at home, I think six other children to be accurate She is not married now, yet she went to a fertility clinic and had embryos inserted in her uterus so that she could have multiples?
She has no money of her own. I think she receives food stamps for the other children and she lives with her mother . Oh, by the way, .the family is being evicted from their home because they are $23,000 dollars behind in mortgage payments .

Maybe what she wants is a reality show like "John and Kate plus Eight" and what she thinks will come with that, I just don't know how in the world something like this just slipped through the proverbial cracks. What kind of quack and clinic, wood do this procedure without checking the mother's mental health.The parents of the mother are upset too about the mother's motives, but why couldn't they step in?

I know I'm just ranting here,but please forgive me. I just don't what's going to happen to these poor little eight babies....some may have physical or developmental problems and that takes a lot of care and love?
..I'm just befuddled with this one!

How do you all feel ...can anybody defend the mother...... and have I missed the fact that she really is Mother of the year?

PS I guess the Octomom's ex boyfriend wants a DNA test. He gave Nadia the sperm donation for all fourteen children. Nadia says that he did donate sperm but that his didn't take!


  1. I hate to judge anyone, but Peggy I get angry about this story too. Those poor kids. Every time new information comes out about her, it only makes the whole story MORE outrageous or confusing, which at this stage just doesn't seem possible.

    I have no idea what will happen to the whole family but I do hope the kids all have the best possible care and grow up with lots of love somehow.

  2. Susan;

    I don't like to judge other people's motives or decisions like you. I figure I don't walk in their shoes, but this just made me question her motives..
    Maybe there are more items to come out that will explain more her motives.
    Thank you Susan, you have a huge heart!

  3. Peggy, this lady is obviously - as we say around here - "messed up." Meaning - she has tried her best to look like Angelina Jolie (through plastic surgery), and now is having all these children when she reportedly doesn't even take care of the ones she has. She has problems.

  4. Julie;

    You nailed it! "Messed up"

    I agree!

  5. I'm just plain pissed off! because it's the children that will suffer in the long run! She is one messed up broad! And my heart aches for the children that she has brought into the world!!!

  6. I understand her "agent" has quit because of death threats. Apparently, this story has struck a chord with the country. In a time of recession, people are even angrier.

    Yes, messed up. She is! Without a doubt! But worse. Worse! The worst thing about all this is the ethics of the doctors who did the implant. They need to be held accountable, too.

  7. I think she has major psychological issues. I think her parents tried to do the best thing. She is their only child and probably rules the roost. I know her mother has reported her before. Now the REAL culprit in this is the greedy doctor. Apparently this doctor wanted stats, the more live births, the better marketing of his clinic and the more buisness he gets. I think he has taken advantage of a very sick woman. She is trying to fill up the gaping emotional wounds she has with more children. Just like we do if we overeat or drink. Only problem now is there are eight little babies who are going to need a lot of love and care and this woman clearly is not best qualified to give them this. Anyway I can only judge what I see but its horrific. I hope they strike the doctor off. Same as the plastic surgeons that keep operating on Michael Jackson.

    I have had problems with my Blogger follower Peggy so not sure if I left and came back again but you might want to check yours too. I found this on someone elses blog as lots of people were affected.
    To fix the Follower issue, go to Dashboard. On the left you will see "Manage". Click on that. To the right of each blog if you see "Anonymously" against any blogs you are following, you needs to change it to "Publicly." It often reverts to Anonymous for some strange reason. Now you will appear on that person's blog. I imagine they have to do the same to reappear on your blog. So spread the word!

  8. I don't get it either. I think this was going to bring her fame and wealth but the baby companies are staying clear for good reason. I think a mental test is in order.

  9. Sylvia;

    Bottom line is the children...they are the ones that need an advocate that speaks just for them!


    You're right the ethics of the Dr and the clinic where the procedure was done. Where are the safeguards that protect the children.
    Also the fact that it happened in the US makes me even madder at the medical esablishment they allowed and maybe even promoted this!


    You are absolutly right on all counts. The mother needed counseling at the very least. Other forces took over and now we have eight little ones that are gonna need a lot of love and care.. I just pray that they get it!
    Thanks Lilly on the heads-up about my follower list and mine were all checked right. I will check that site regularly now and pass the message around whenever I can!

    I so agree with you..mental counseling is in order.

    I did hear that offers are coming in, I think that people, companies feel like the babies need the help!
    This morning the hospital involved are saying that they won't release the babies until the mother can prove that she can care for them!

  10. I've always been one to "live and let live," but yeah, this makes you think about the future of those kids and what kind of role model they have for a mom.

  11. I think in this case, she should lose custody of her children. I know it's not a good thing to do to separate a mother from her babies, but we have had too many nutty mothers who kill their children for me to trust this woman to raise all those babies. They deserve a chance and they can't have it with that kind of mother.

  12. Scarlet:
    I think that we are all have the babies welfare in our minds...let the mother get counseling and maybe down the road she can take care of them. I donno though,..I had three children and they're weren't cheap to raise


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