Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy St. Pat's day

Happy St Patty's Day a little early, but then again it's never too early!
One of my favorite Irish poems, maybe one of yours too!

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields.And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.
May God be with you and bless you:
May you see your children's children.
May you be poor in misfortune, Rich in blessings.
May you know nothing but happiness From this day forward.
May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home And may the hand of a friend always be near.
May green be the grass you walk on,
May blue be the skies above you,
May pure be the joys that surround you,
May true be the hearts that love you.

Anybody else out there that's Irish, even if it's only on St. Patty's Day?
Any good yarns to tell?


  1. One of my favorite! And what a beautiful photo, rich green! Love it! Thank you and Happy St. Paddy's Day to you, my friend!

  2. Sylvia;

    Needed a green grass fix, this will have to do til mine turns green!
    Glad you liked the poem too!

  3. My mother-in-law is part Irish and introduced me to St. Patricks Day. Never celebrated it when I lived in Europe though. Only in the U.S.

  4. I was at my wedding shower at the top of the Ilikai in Waikiki many moons ago with a whole bunch of library friends that I worked with while in college.

    During the luncheon an older couple at another table came over to our table. They said they were Irish and asked if they could give a toast for me. It was the sweetest thing! It had a few stanzas (I remember the part about the "wind always be at your back and the sun shine warm upon your face...) and ended with something like:

    "May your glass be ever full.
    May the roof over your head be always strong.
    And may you be in heaven
    half an hour before the devil knows you're dead."

    That got a huge laugh from all of us. It's such a lovely memory and I've loved the Irish ever since. You see, that's why I knew we'd be friends as soon as I met you!

  5. Sonia;

    I never even thought about how the rest of the world celebrate's St Pat's Day, Thank you for your comment , made me go " didn't know that"
    I wonder how or if they celebrate this holiday in Ireland? Is it more religious, or more fun or, no big ?deal?

  6. Kay;

    I love that always tickled me at the end getting to heaven before the devils knows you're available!!!
    What a wonderful memory for you and you remember it to this day. That's a keeper for sure!
    I will "Love you Forever" just like my book says!

  7. It's a goodie!!!! And yeah, in Ireland, it's a religious holiday. We Yanks who are sons and daughters of the Olde Sod are irreverent! LOL

  8. By the way I've nominated you for an award and you can see it on my blog! And deserving you are!

  9. Peggy, I love that poem also. My husbands Irish so St. Paddy's Day is a big thing around here! I will be making corned beef, cabbage, carrots and Irish Soda Bread on the 17th! Enjoy!

  10. Aaw Peggy, thanks for remembering us!

    Beannachtaí na féile Pádraig!

    We have tomorrow and Tuesday off from work and school: we'll all go to Mass in the morning and the kids will all be walking in parades after. This year my son's a Viking and my baby daughter's a fairy; the oldest one is old enough to be embarassed by it all and drink in the pub with her friends instead.

    I hope it's a great day for you and yours!

  11. I will be celebrating at the Irish Bred Pub in West Point, GA! Can't wait!

  12. Happy St Patrick's Day to everyone. Love the Irish - my grandmother was Irish. The only good yarn I have to tell is that my sister took my baby daughter who had just turned 18 to Dublin for a week (my sister lives in London). They spent the week in every pub in Dublin I think. I am not sure they remember the trip at all and just giggle every time a mention of Dublin is made. They blamed the hospitable Irish and said they know how to have a good time. Everyone loves the Irish and rightly so.

  13. That's beautiful, a lovely post. May you and all your loved ones have a Very Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

  14. Kay;
    We are irreverent here too, like you said. We do celebrate it in our own way though. Thank for your comment!
    That's my menu too,...except we already ate it last Saturday and we'll have it again on the 17th. My son loves corned beef!

  15. Susan;

    Wow St Patty's Day is a big deal over on your sod, and rightfully so!
    Our children went to mass on the day of , but never had a day off!
    Always wanted to visit the Emerald Isle anytime but particularly on St Paddys Day!
    Thanks for you lovely comment Susan.


    Have fun at the Irish Bred Pub on St Paddy's day. I'll be there in spirit!


    ...and we love the Austrailians too!
    Sounds like a fun girl trip for your sister and daughter. A little pub crawl is in a lot of our pasts I think ( Well I cam only speak for myself on this one)
    Thanks for your comment Lilly, I always look forward to

    Thank you for the lovely comment. I do love that peom and never seem to pull it out except on St Paddy's Day. Which is a shame!
    May you also have a blessed day!

  16. Happy St. Patrick's Day (still time here in Chicago)
    I was fortunate enough to live a few months in Ireland - great country and nice people.

    I posted about some of my favorite Irish things - they all go together beer - song - scones
    If you get a chance just click on the Ireland tag on my blog.

    Hope you don't mind a suggestion - you should tag your posts. It helps readers find related things quicker.

    take care

  17. Lisleman;

    I saw your comment and I went and added lables to my posts. Thank you so much for pointing labels out to me. I'm always trying to bring my blog up to speed and even though I am not a geek(oh wish that i was) I read all I can and try to solve my issues if I can by myself. Otherwise I wouldn't learn anything in the process.
    I am jealous of your trip to Ireland, we were in England a while ago and we were going to try and get to Ireland but we ran out of time.
    I'll get there someday.
    Thank you thank you for visiting my post and making a wonderful helpful suggestion.
    I will be over to visit your post too!
    PS..If you already got an answer to your comment, and was wondering why I found it necessary to answer you twice. Somehow I lost the first one . That geek thing would come in handy here! Ha Ha


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