Monday, March 2, 2009

We all have stuff...

I was thinking last week just how lucky I am. I have a wonderful husband (yes he has faults too do I) three good kids that continue to add to my gray hairs. a ailing mother that struggles every day just to breathe and like so many others, struggling to find a way out of this mess that we find ourselves in as a country.

I have been quite vocal here on my blog about the stuff (challenges) that's been going on in my life right now. Sometimes it feels like I'm alone in this, but I not.....there are zillions of us out there.

With my laptop, (I don't know what I did without it, you guys were right!) I have been able to read so many other blogs that I might not have gotten to . I continually search these blogs and I am struck with the fact that most of us are going through some kind of challenge, whether it's work related, age related, health related, heart related, money related...etc. You name it, there's enough. "stuff" out there to go around!

Bad stuff comes into our lives, like a thief...trying to rob us of our life's rhythm , to purposely shake our bedrock and challenge us to be on our game and rise to the challenge ....or not. We can learn something about ourselves either way.

Sometimes we have to dig deep to find the root of our roots....and allow our strengths to rise to the top , we just sometimes need to give it time to float on up!

So my question to myself today, and maybe some of you want to chime in. Is our "stuff " brought to us so that we might learn an important life lesson or is it just a random hit...kind of like space junk?

I think I'm siding with the space junk scenario!


  1. I'm not not always convinced that stuff happens for a reason, although I do a lot of the time. Still, there those times when I feel the universe is just dumping on me and of course, that's generally when I'm feeling really sorry for myself. I don't have any answers other than trying to deal with each day as it comes, trying not to look back at the old stuff and trying not to look too far in the future, but to live each day, one hour, one minute at a time.

  2. I agree with Sylvia. Sometimes S--- does happen. My mother (daughter of Zen priest) always told me that God gives those he loves best the most challenges so that they can grow strong from it so that when something bad happens later, they will have the knowlege and resources to deal with it.

    My question then was: If God loves me so much, why doesn't he just NOT give me any challenges so I can be happy all the time.

    My mother (remember...daughter of Zen priest?) said, "If you have no bad times, how can you truly appreciate the joys of your life since you have nothing to compare it with?"


  3. I think I'll become a Buddhist, very logical thinking going on.
    Thanks Kay

  4. What an interesting question... I tend to believe that things do happen for a reason, though I admit I almost never know what the reason is! maybe it's just comforting to think that we're not suffering uselessly when 'stuff' does happen to us.

    Meanwhile, I think I'd love to spend an afternoon with Kay's mother.

  5. Susan;

    I'm with you,I would love to visit with both Kay and her Mom. Maybe we can stop by and bring lunch.
    We would both love a trip to Hawaii...right?

  6. I wonder about this question a lot. I think most of us have had to deal with some very heavy issues in our lives, whether they are sent to us for a reason or are random hits, I really don't know. I just have to trust that no matter what we have to deal it is how we deal with it that's important, and we have to believe that things will work out eventually. Polly Anna? Maybe! It may take a while but if we just keep the faith, things will work out. If I didn't believe that I would be walking around feeling anxious all the time and waiting for a two by four to drop on my head. I'd rather not do that as I have been there and don't want to go back to that place ever again.

  7. How awesome! Thanks for sharing!
    may god bless you !

  8. Denise;

    Thanks for visiting me...I loved your post about the snow. All the birds and the sweet dog by the mailbox were so great.
    I think living minute to minute sometimes is the only way to get past any fear of future bad stuff. Or maybe whatever it takes to get one foot in front of the other some days

  9. Yes Peggy you are right. My life has always been fine, no dramas then about seven years ago was the start of some horrific times. I am still dealing with it and it hit me hard. The thing I realised is that when something bad happens to you it makes you more empathetic to other people and their pain too. We all deal with horrific things in our lives, sometimes people just dont talk about them and we never know.

    But I do ask myself why. Why do good people suffer and the mongrels get away with it. I need Kays mother in my life clearly.

    I would share my story but I am in the middle of police investigations (my ex was very violent) two and a half years after he tried to kill me. It never stops. Never. But you just have to deal with the life the best way we all can. One day at a time. I try and laugh as much as I can whihc is why I see humor in the inane.

    Oh before I forget. My older sister has Bi-polar disorder diagnosed in her mid 20s. She dealt with that, took her medication and has been able to teach successfully for years. Two years ago she was then diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. Tragic. But, she sees her life as a big journey. Her time on earth is just part of the overall journey. I like that concept. Great post Peggy and keep putting your views out there. We all do think the same beleive me. And I am voting that we all go to Hawaii and Kay and her Mom can hold a retreat for us!! Glad your new baby laptop is behaving well.

  10. I would say I think it's probably mostly space junk, but I would also say that I've learned something from every bad situation that's come my way. I think all the experiences in your life, good and bad, make you who you are.

  11. I tend to agree with you Peg. It's almost like we're all in a stock car derby. Some of us get through okay, some of us need to stop and make repairs in order to finish.

  12. Sandy;

    I like your analogy with the car derby. That makes it so clear and easily understood! Thanks Sandy, better then space junk!

  13. You know what I believe? The planet has to take care of overpopulation, global warming, lack of food, fossil fuel depletion and greedy people. So what happens? Nature and planet earth, have to take care of people when they screw up. How? Through diseases, famines, recessions, gratitude adjustments. That's what I believe.

  14. Sometimes we create our own stuff, well at least I do. All I know is that all of the stuff I have dealt with has taught me something.


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