Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blogging is making me cranky...

I love blogging with all of you, but I am finding it very frustrating lately. I realize that I am addicted to my blog and I'm thinking of going on the 12 step program for computer addicts.... but I can't quite commit.
Guess that's the problem!

Lately, I am having a real problems reading and commenting on others blogs. I have been trying everything I know to solve this problem .

Truth be told, I have not yet reached the computer geek level with my computer skills , so I need a little HELP ! I have been consulting with my helper in the picture above but as you can see she is still knocked out from her BIG breakfast the other day. Tisk!

After reading a couple of other blogger's comments this week,I found hints that maybe I'm not the only one having these issues.

Here's my problem,... when I click on one of one of my favorite blogs to read, I click my mouse on the title of the blog and I get this clicking sound and a little yellow star on my cursor. An error message says that I have to press the CTRL. key as I click the mouse on the blog title. HUH? I do this but am not always successful... then I get cranky and go onto something else.
Then when I try and comment , I can't seem to do so without turning off my pop-up blocker and half the time I loose my comment and have to start all over again.

I reset my security level to medium, I checked the web sites that are allowed, I read the help topics .... nothing has worked so far!

So if there is anyone out there with similar issues...HELP..

...if not,.... then I'll just join Gracie up there in the picture and wait out the Gremlins that are obviously playing with my sanity.


  1. Hmmmmmmmm I've never seen anything like that. Have you run your anti-virus? Sometimes just re-starting your computer can cure gremlins and bugs.

  2. sounds like a solution above. I don't have any problems with blogging at the moment...

  3. I have never heard of that but definitely can relate to times where blogs just do not work as well for me-- mine included. I think people should do what makes them feel good and come and go with it

  4. GOOOD luck! I know how frusturating it can be to have a problem that you can't identify, let alone fix! :)

  5. You can set comments to pop out on your individual blog. I set mine to pop out on people. It seemed handy. Sounds like maybe it is upsetting you. I do not know about the yellow cursor :-( so sorry

  6. Kay D;

    Good ides, I have not restatrted my computer in a while. I usually just put it on sleep!
    Thanks Kay.


    It might be my security settiings, I returned to my default settings, maybe that will help.
    Thanks for your comment.

  7. Rain;

    Maybe it's just my turn for a few computer glitches. Maybe it will just go away!

  8. Rachel;

    I guess it must be something simple and I did something somehow that started this . You'are right the worst part is trying to fix it when you have no idea how it happened!

  9. Hit 40;

    I was very frustrated by this, but it seems a little better today.
    Thank you for your idea about having my comments pop out on my blog!

  10. I'm so glad you posted this; I thought it was just having trouble with blogs! I've had a horrible time the last few days getting anything posted or any comments to go through. It's just this evening started to get better, and now I have 230 posts waiting in my Google Reader, and intermittent problems still. GACK! I'm glad you're getting better--maybe there's hope for me then?

  11. Susan;

    I'm sorry that you're having trouble too, I was beginning to believe that I had somebody at blogger mad at me. It's better sometimes but then I have not commented on too many blogs today. Very frustrating! I liked your word,...GACK, perfectly expresses how I feel!

  12. I'm sorry you're having problems, that is so frustrating. I've had some problems, but when it starts acting weird, I just shut it down, reboot and that usually takes care of it. You might try that. Hope you have a good weekend!

  13. I thought I left a comment before but it's not here so I must have goofed up. I sure wish I could help, Peg, but this sounds really odd. I've never encountered this problem before.

  14. Peggy, first that picture is adorable!!! I havent had that problem before but sometimes Blogger acts up and make sit difficult to access and comment on blogs. I am like Sylvia I just shut the computer down for a while and restart it again. I hope you find a solution from someone who is a bit more technically savvy than I am.

  15. Kay was the first one to leave a comment on my blog, and since then we both have bloggers in common. So I usually start off by going to Kay's site, and then I click on her list of 'Blogs I Follow' one at a time[just the ones that I follow]. After I read one and leave a comment, by clicking on the X in the very top right corner of the screen, it closes that blog and brings me back to Kay's blog. Then I click on the next one that I want to read[off of Kay's 'Blogs I Follow'] and repeat the process. Works for me every time. Give it a try!! I love your Gracie picture. Is there a dog looming on the sidelines??

  16. Huh?? I am NO help with computer issues. Gracie and I seem to have the same solution. I just sleep through the difficulty and wake up pretending that bad stuff never happened...

    I can relate to some of your frustrations. Odd little things happen now and then that cause screams to rise from my throat. Right now I polish my nails while waiting for my computer to boot. It's SOOOOO SLOOOOOOOW.

    Hope your bug finds another place to hide out and leaves you and your computer system alone soon.

  17. As one of the Computer Challenged, I was really proud to finally successfully link an item so it showed up in person, rather than as a written link. I know Blogger has "help" but if you don't phrase the question correctly... :)

    I think sometimes our gremlins have to do with Blogger itself. It went temporarily offline yesterday [?] but usually it lets you know ahead of time. You just have to remember their West Coast time.

    Otherwise, I wish I was wise enough to be helpful. When in doubt, I turn the danged computer off, let it take a nap, then turn it back on. :)

  18. They Are, not their.


    Maybe I have a computer chip in my head that's malfunctioning in the pollen.

  19. Hope, Mare, Kay, Sylvia, Lilly, Mare, Mom/ Caryn

    thanks for all the support. i turned the dang thing off for a few days...shut it down and went to visit my Mom. Now I'm back and the gremlins seem to have moved on to another place to do their tricks.

    I'm working again, I can comment, I can open up other blogs, and I can write without losing it.

    Gracie is not so happy cause she has to find another place to sleep!

    Thank you again for understanding my frustration and giving me many great ideas.

  20. Yes I would check my antivirus program. Make sure it is active and up to date. I had something strange happen the other day too and that was at my office computer.

  21. Hi there, guess what I started to get those same grmlines and mine turned out to be because of Trend internet security. Hope you are well.

  22. Gosh my spelling is bad, I meant gremlins.

  23. Yae! That's a relief that your computer is behaving again. A lot of times, if you just shut down everything and restart, you get back to where you started.


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