Monday, May 25, 2009

"A Day of Honor"

In the last few years I have become more interested in learning the history behind our different holidays and celebration. I'm not getting any younger, and so while my memory is still partially intact, I want to learn all that I can of the events that have shaped our world.
We all know history repeats itself, so maybe in some small way, I can find answers on why we are where we are today.

Memorial Day was intended to be a recognition for the military of both living and dead servicemen . The day originated in the post-civil war era, to care for the graves of Union soldiers that died during the conflict. Maj.Gen.John A Logan, of the proud state of Illinois,(take that Blago), founded the movement.
During the Civil War there were 600,000 young men that didn't have their families around at their moment of death, and caring for those graves was on everyone minds!
Then in the early to mid 20Th century, Americans expanded the holiday to recognize the dead in future conflicts also.
The broadening of Memorial Day is due to the fact that now the veterans themselves are organizing the recognition of the dead. They're the ones that put together all the events. They are all part of the same "band Of brothers" that fought along side each other and who better to know the true sacrifice that was paid by the ones that didn't come home to their families.
Today the American Legion emphasises the ultimate sacrifice that was paid by our slain soldiers,... "as they are the true patriots of this country"

The picture above is of my father Lewis, who served in the army during WW11. He fought in Europe and helped in the liberation of Nazi death camps. He passed away almost ten years ago,.... so to my dad and all those that fought and will fight for our freedom. "thank you for your service!"
We will not forget you!


  1. Today on the news at some cemeteries they were reading aloud the names of those soldiers killed in past conflicts. Very touching.

  2. Lin;

    I also saw on TV the reading of the names. Very moving!
    Hope your weather was nice and sunny!

  3. It's hard to believe your dad has been gone so long. We owe a lot to our servicemen.

  4. I did a story last year for my senior citizens in their monthly newsletter about the origins of Memorial Day, figuring most would roll their eyes as if to say,"Yeah kid, we know."

    I was amazed when so many of them came up to me with awe to say,"I didn't know that!"

    No, Memorial Day is not the start of summer or a day created for sales. Too often we forget that "freedom isn't free" line. Thanks for reminding us.

  5. Having a personal connection makes it all the more meaningful.
    Last year we visited the American Cemetary in Normandy, as well as a cemetary in The Netherlands. Those people had war in their towns and villages and farms, they were liberated, and they never forget.

  6. Great post and I like you am more into the history side of things too. Thanks to your father and those like him who did what they did for the world. Bravo. Hope you had a good weekend too.

  7. Kay;

    I got this picture of my Dad from you remember her? She is still living in their old house in Libertyville. I talk to her all the time!
    Take care

  8. Loach;

    Thanks for your comment. First time that I had said anything about my Dad being in the service and being in Germany. Nice to be able to pay homage to your parents even when they are gone.

  9. Hope;

    That's amazing to me, i would have figuered that the older generation would have known all about these holidays. Good thing that you wrote about Memorial they were like wow, that's interesting.
    Thanks Hope,always love your comments. I learn alot with everyone.

  10. Linda R;

    I bet visiting Normandy and the Netherlands was very moving. Just seeing it on TV brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for your comment.

  11. Lilly;
    Wow..thank you for your appreciation of my father and so many more just like him that were willing to die for all of us!
    I love learning about these holidays that I would only love for the BBQ and watermelon! Glad you do too, nice to know!

  12. Great post. Your father looked a lot like my father. He also fought in WW2 and also died about 10 years ago. Hey are you my sister?

  13. Greg C.

    Gosh isn't that funny...many of all of our life stories are so similar.
    I have found my brother, in the body of a friend!

  14. Hope said it so well. In the small community I am fortunate to call home Memorial Day is taken very seriously. From Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, clergy from several churches,the school bands and a community band to the veterans marching in a parade, we all turn out in support. Thank you for sharing with us Peggy!


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