Sunday, May 24, 2009

...just for a second , that's all it takes!

Two weeks ago my son Kevin was stopped at a stop light about five minutes from home. He had worked the early morning shift (2 -11 am) milking cows at a nearby farm and was on the phone with me, asking if I needed anything from the store.

I was just about to thank him for checking, when I heard him say " OHHHHHH !"
"Kevin...Kevin.. what's wrong...Kevin,"... the phone went dead. I tried to call him back but no answer...
I was calm.. a little unnerved,... you know when the little hairs on the back of your neck start to be stand on end...!
I waited and waited... seemed like forever, when it had only been about five minutes when my phone rang again and it was Kevin saying that he had just been rear ended by a car that he thought was going pretty fast.

I asked Kev if he was alright, was he hurt...? He sounded a little stunned( no kidding Mom!) but said nothing hurt him, so he thought that he was fine.
Kevin then asked me to hold on a minute... and I could hear a male voice asking him if he was hurt, then a minute or so later, I could hear a lady's voice telling Kev that she saw the whole accident and that she could be a witness if he needed her to be. Nice people all around !
Finally I heard the police sirens ...and then Kevin got back on his phone and told me he'd call me in few minutes.
I hung up my phone and just sat quiet for a minute. I breathed in a couple of long breaths and looked up and said "thank you!"

I learned later that the other driver was a local mechanic, out test driving a customers car and had taken his eyes off the road ...just for a second!

Kevin was not seriously hurt, thank God. He was very sore and is bothered by some neck and back pain... but it's getting better. He did end up going to a doctor to get checked out and was told that he has whiplash, not a surprise.
It could have been so much worse,...and it wasn't!

Unfortunately Kevin's Camry didn't fare as well, it was totalled by the insurance company. His car had previously belonged to Jim's mother Mary, and after she died a few years ago, we bought the car from her estate and gave it to Kevin.
Always liked the fact that it had belonged to her... kind of like having one of our own Angels on board.

So now,...after much thought, we are having the Camry fixed.
The body shop owner that did the orriginal appraisal wanted to buy it from us, fix it up and sell it.
So we thought why not, with a new muffler, tail pipe and a little rearranging to the trunk, our daughter Julie will be the new proud ownwer.
Kevin in the meantime has his eye on another car to buy, so it just made sense to us to fix this car and give it to Julie...
....after all, this car comes with it's own angel on board!


  1. I've been a bit busy doing a lot of the stuff I couldn't do earlier and suddenly I see this. Yikes! Poor Kev! Thank goodness he's OK... except for that whiplash. Tif was in our Camry also when she crashed into the cornfield and overturned the car. She came out OK, too. So you know what? I like Camrys. I tell you, Mary was looking out for her beautiful grandchild. Please give Kevin a hug for me.

  2. we all need all the guardian angels we can find...or that find us. I like to think of them as unemployed grandmas who still looking out for their little ones. my son's car are rear ended sitting in front of his apt. empty by a passing high school student and it was rear ended. doesn't take much anymore to finish out a car..glad your son is okay.

  3. Laoch;

    It was very scary, things can change in an instant hat's for sure!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Kay;

    I remember when Tif rolled over in an Illinois cornfield! She was hurt pretty bad! So glad that both Tif and Kev came out OK!
    I like Camry's too.particularly now. Seems like a pretty strong car. The other driver was going about 40 milee an hour! Hopefully Mary will be watching over Julie now driving in downtown Chicago! Have a great holiday!

  5. Julie;

    Thankfully he's fine!

  6. Lin;

    Hopefully our guardian angels in heaven stay fully employed watching over us all. I know I need a little watching over. Thanks you for your kind words. Glad your son wasn't in his car!

  7. Glad he's okay. Wonder if his Guardian Angel is like mine? I envision the poor guy [yes, I believe my Guardian Angel is male just so he'd be strong enough to clamp a hand over my mouth when necessary]shaking his head and wondering if he'll ever get a day off. :)

  8. Hope
    You know having a male Guardian Angel has a lot of pluses...I think I have one of those also!
    I don't think Guardian Angels have a day off....well maybe Sundays!

    Hee Hee

  9. Wow. Nothing like first hand information - that you were on the phone with him when it happened! I'm glad it's all working out for everyone!

  10. Thank you Linda;

    I know, I was a bit nervious until I heard back from him! Happy Memorial Day!

  11. I'm so glad Kevin is okay! That surely was first hand information! I can just imagine how you must have been feeling! It is wonderful to know that we have guardian angels! Happy for all of you.

  12. Thank you Sylvia.

    First time for everything, being on the phone at the same time as an accident is happening, I mean. With three children, we have had several mishaps...don't think that's unusual.

  13. Oh I'm so glad he's ok--and hope he keeps getting better. Also glad that he had kind and helpful strangers looking over him at the time; it *does* seem the car has something magical about it!

  14. What a scary, scary experience! Thank God for a good outcome. The car can be replaced. Whew!

  15. Glad your son is o.k. And yes, there surely are guardian angels for all...


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