Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm still here...

Sorry to have ignored you all again. I have been struggling with my brain,..trying to make it concentrate and stay on a single thought for longer then a minute.
I find myself yearning to be outside to enjoy the summer weather that has finally arrived here in the Midwest.
I have now fully given in to my desires and have put the "Gone Fishing" sign on my desk. I admit to being weak, I give in!

Another pleasant distraction this past week, besides the sunshine, was that my daughter Julie was able to come down and visit with us for a few days. She quit her job at the pet store that she has been working at for the past five years and she starts her new job at Trader Joe's on Monday.

Personally, I love Trader Joe's....the pet shop was good ..but Trader Joe's is great. We don't have any stores down here in the center of the state, but we did when we lived in Dayton. I'm a big fan and I will be visiting my daughter more often it for sure!!

Hopefully there is another good job out there for Kevin , he now has a car payment to deal with. After he was rear ended, but before he was laid off, he went and purchased a car from my brother's car store in Dayton, Ohio.
The week after he returned home with his new car he was laid off. Tisk!

There is a silver lining though, while Julie was down here visiting, Kevin gave her his old Camry. and she was so happy and thrilled and thanked her brother many times over. As it turns out, the car will be a great help to her now that her shifts at work will change with the new job. Being the newby on the team, she will be working the late shift several times a week now, and won't get home until after midnight.
Hopefully her Grandma Mary (who was the original owner of the Camry) is smiling down from heaven and will still be riding shotgun along side Julie as she did with Kevin.

After having a lot of fun this week with Julie, Jim and I are off to Ohio on Monday to visit my Mom. She has been sick with phenomena again and I need to talk to her care specialists at her assisted living home.
In person meetings seem to work so much better then the annoying relative (could that be me....?) that calls and interrupts their day..!
It will be good for me to see for myself what my Mother is dealing with and then be able to separate the facts from the fiction.

After we return home from O-hi-o, the very next day we are driving up to Chicago for my checkup and blood work with my Doctors at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Not exactly a vacation,... but a needed maintenance for sure.
So I'll think of it as a SPA day,..(OK I'm stretching that a bit, I won't be getting a pedi or a mani this time , darn!)

I love these Doctors that care for me and feel so fortunate to have found just the right team to look after my health. I think that's the key, these doctors are just a good fit for me. Again I have to thank my good friend Kay for pointing out that caring doctors do exist and that I needed to get my butt off the coach and find one, which I promptly did!

I will miss you all next week and will be back blogging soon. Please have a great week and I will be looking forward to reading all of your posts when I return.
Happy Birthday to my son Kevin, who makes me smile at least once a day, and
Happy Father's Day to my husband Jim ,who is the love of my life... and to all the many Father's out in Blogville that I read routinly... these cartoons are for you and your wonderful wives ! Hope they make you smile they did me!


  1. You sound so blessed in your family and doctors. A wonderful beginning to summer!

    Poor Kevin; nothing would make a job loss MORE certain than buying a car or house the previous week. Ugh! I hope something wonderful comes through for him soon.

    And, I hope your Mom feels better soon, and good luck at the doctor's when you go--I'll be thinking about you then.

  2. got a great chuckle out of your cartoons-especially the one about the toilet! sounds like you are busy with family and doctors. hang in there.

  3. You DESERVE a take a few moments for yourself! [Yes, I know I said "moments" but we female types think that's all we're entitled to].

    Don't give us another thought for at least a week. Take care!

  4. Hilarious cartoons, Peg! Thanks for the laughs.
    Happy Father's Day to Jimmy too! Please give him a hug for us. By the way, I have your photos up on my new whiteboard display so I can see it everytime I pass by.
    I sure hope your mom is OK and it's a good thing she's got you all as her advocates.
    Trader Joes, hunh? Fuuuun! Which one? I'll tell Tif to look out for her.

  5. Kay;

    I love your new white board...such a great idea and a very modern approach . Maybe a similar gift that I can give to Julie for her b-day!
    Speaking of Julie, she will be working five minutes from her house at the one on Lincoln and Grace! She is very excited!
    Thanks for your good wishes for my Mom,we were just there not that long ago and she was sick then, now less then a month later , same thing. Just want to find out if this is just the progression of her illinois or something that can be helped with faster reaction time from the staff!
    Hope Art has a wonderful Father's Day and please give your Mom and Art a hug from me!

  6. Susan;

    I know your husband has been laid off too and I hope that things are looking up for him. You mentioned that you were looking at this time as a time for the family to spend more time together. You always see the glass half full as I try to do and that makes any situation so much easier because it props the door open with Hope.

  7. Hope;
    You're always so upbeat and supportive of me. Thank you so much! I'll enjoy my moments away but will be looking forward to getting back and catching up with all of my mates!


    I loved the toilet one too. living with two men and a toilet drinking cat can prove dangerous in the middle of the night!
    Thank you so for your words of encouragement I store them all in my heart and drag them out when I have a scary moment!

  8. So glad that you have good doctors and are getting good care. I love the jokes!! I also LOVE Trader Joe's! I was so thrilled when one finally opened close to us here in Ballard! Happy for your daughter's new job and how sweet of her brother! Aren't our kids marvelous!!
    Have a beautiful day and Happy Father's day to Jim from Seattle!

  9. Hope all goes well with your visit with your mother and her doctors, as well as your doctor's visit. Take care and have a good week, will be looking forward to a new post next week.

  10. Cheryl and Ashton;

    Awe, thanks , it will be a good trip and my Mom and i will both feel better! More on the pther end of the week!

  11. I was really impressed with Northwestern's hospital when I was sick. I was there about a week and I thought I got excellent care.

  12. I enjoyed reading this post. It all sounds so familiar O-hi-o and the signs and Traders Joe's. I liked the cartoons too.

    Take care and come back when you feel like it. Always get a kick out of your comments.

  13. Laoch;

    I'm glad that you had great care at Northwestern. It's good to know! Glad you're better and here blogging cause I really enjoy your blog!

  14. I hope you have a good doctor's visit.

  15. Joanie M.

    Thank you, I think I will!
    Have a good week.


    Thanks you, I do tend to go on a bit and I tend to say what I think at that moment. Love yu blog so you inspire my thoughts!

  16. I'll be anxiously awaiting your return!

  17. You have major issues to deal with this week. Be good to yourself. God speed.


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