Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's my party and I'll smile if I want too !

I can't believe that musingofmeggie is a year old!
More astounding to me is that I'm still here blogging one year later.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would enjoy blogging like I do. When my first post appeared on June 23, 2008, I was still so intimidated by the whole process. The very idea of putting my personal thoughts out there for "strangers" to read, was not something that I was comfortable with.

My friend Kay of musings was the person that first introduced me to blogging. She had just started blogging a few months earlier and her enthusiasm did not escape me! I was intrigued by the thought of starting a blog, but I still wasn't convinced that it was right for me. It took me a couple of weeks before I asked Kay to show me how to start. There was so much to remember in the beginning, but step by tiny step musingsofmeggie was born. Like most new mothers, it took me sometime to be comfortable with my newborn and after many hours of late nights, no sleep and cursing my computer, my first post was hatched.
You, "my posse" have seen me through some tough days with encouraging comments, breathtaking pictures of nature, funny cartoons and beautiful poetic words.

As I sit at my computer, one year later, I am so thankful that I have all of your posts and comments to look forward to reading when I get back from my trip to Ohio. I couldn't think of a better homecoming!
You see, you're part of my life now... one of the good parts and I can't imagine what my day would be like without checking my blog and reading your posts.

I will be back here again in another year to celebrate my second birthday and then my third and so on. Please stick with me, I am a work in progress, and hopefully I will only get better with age.

Side note:
My son Kevin's birthday was on Father's Day this year, and I remembered to take the picture of the "cakes" before Kevin's got to them... today all of the cupcakes in the above picture are just a sweet memory!


  1. Glad to see that you're here to stay for awhile.

  2. Happy Blogging Birthday, Peggy! I celebrate mine next month!

    Isn't it a wonderful world!

  3. we all owe Kay a word of thanks for her encouragement. it's amazing the world of blogging. I first blog about 1.5 years ago and LOVE it. I blog everyday-it's a new world of friends and adventure in creative writing. Fun ways of developing new acquaintances in the world of "social networking" on the Internet.

  4. Yae! Congratulations, Peggy! I just love it that you're a blogger because I feel like I can keep up with you even better. Seeing your posts always make my day. Hmmm... those goodies look wonderful!

    Happy Birthday to Kevin! He is such a good guy and a chip off Jimmy's ol' block.

    Can you believe that one year anniversary coming up so soon? It seems like just yesterday when we both got started in cyberspace.

  5. Happy Blog Birthday! I sure would have loved one of those cupcakes!

  6. Happy Blogging Birthday! I have Kay to thank for sharing your blog with me...I too have a one year blogging anniversary coming soon, I never thought I would last! I have found nice blog friends and so enjoy the whole experience of meeting new people, seeing everyone's photos and just plain learning from others.

  7. You're doing a fine job...here's to YEARS more of chatting with you. :)

  8. Lisa, Joannie, Hope... thank you! I don't feel any older..ha ha!

  9. Kay;

    I owe my blogging and new found friends to you my friend! Will always be grateful !
    I now have the pleasure of following your new life in Hawaii. It's like you still live next door to me on Williamsburg Rd.

  10. Sylvia;

    I thought that you started blogging before me ...was sure that I missed your day! Now I have your birthday to look forward to!

  11. We're all little blogging babies :)

  12. Braja
    I am in good company then.


    I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would like blogging but I do! I just love meeting new bloggers..

    Linda R;

    I only wish that I could have shared the cupcakes with you all!

  13. Lin;

    Gosh I wish that I could blog everyday...maybe I'll make it my new goal...maybe in the Fall...summer is too tempting!

  14. Happy blog birthday Peggy. And I am glad Kay started you blogging! those cupcakes sure look delicious! I love the photo in your header too. Incredible!!

  15. Congratulations to you!!! One year goes by fast when you are having a good time and meeting so many good people out there! I have noticed that as well!

    Oh and happy belated birthday to your son, Kevin. =)

  16. Michele;

    Thank you for the blogy B-day wishes and for my son's b-day too.
    I like not having to count this b-day on to my real age! :-)


    Mnnnnnnn ...those cupcakes were pretty good...and each being so small that made them almost 0 calories!

  17. I can't believe it's been a year already. Congratulations, and I'm so glad you are still at it. Our paths would never had crossed if it weren't for Kay!

  18. Sandy;

    You're right, god bless our friend kay!
    I'm so glad to have met you!

  19. Happy blogaversary! I can so relate to the things you've said. I never thought I'd like it as much as I do either. I also look forward to seeing what everyone is up to and always love the comments! I can't imagine not having this creative outlet and though I may take breaks now and then, this is a part of my life also. You put it so well and it's so nice to have blogging buds.

    I remember when I first met Kay through blogging. She has been a wonderful blogging friend and I cannot get over how many other dear people I have met through Kay's blog.

  20. Joyce;

    I am so happy that you feel the same way that I do about our blogging friends.
    You put it so well by saying that you can't imagine not having the creative outlet that blogging allows us to have!
    I never thought that I was very creative, I have tried writing many times but became so frustrated ...blogging really is perfect for me...Small little blips here and there.
    Thanks Joyce, you nailed it for me!
    Guess what..."I'm creative too"

  21. Time flies when you're having fun! Happy Anniversary!!!


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