Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Piano Girl ...

A couple of years ago we had to put our beautiful black lab Wheaton to sleep. She was 12 years old and in a lot of pain, particularly on that last day.
I had to make the final call to take her to the vet that day.
It was a hard decision, yet it wasn't.
Anyone that loves an animal knows what I mean.
I looked into Wheaton's eyes that day and she told me all that I needed to know.
Even though I wasn't ready for her to leave us,
she was ready and I wouldn't fail her!

About six months later Gracie, our cat came into our home.
I've had dogs all my married life, so having a lone cat in the house was a new experience for me.
I can't imagine not ever having another dog... but then again, I can't imagine not having Gracie either.
So we'll see ...

It took me a few paragraphs to get to the point... but I'm here now!

I saw an article in the USA Today newspaper this morning.
It had pictures and a story about a piano playing cat named Nora. (She and Gracie could be sisters!)
After reading the article, I went to YouTube to see if they had a video.
They have a video of everything...
Just click on the word "Favorite" to meet Nora.


So tomorrow I'm off to Walmart to buy Gracie a little piano of her very own.
... I wonder where I put my video camera?


  1. I love that picture of the kitten through the blinds!

  2. Great picture. Cats are just wonderful!

  3. I do know what you are talking about and it's the hardest road to travel! Rudey is really talking to me about these storms she wants a solution.. I am going to find one..if it takes a whole bunch of trips to the vet till we get the meds just right. Or till the end of November..hurricane season and the rainy south season is over!

    I had kitties before dogs.. I can't imagine getting another dog after Rudey...bridge I don't think I can cross

  4. Joanie:

    I just love my Kitty, duh huh?

  5. Laoch

    I couldn't agree more. They are also very entertaining all by themselves. They don't retrive well though!

  6. I love the kitty in the blinds, too! I know about having to put a beloved pet down as well. I had to do it to my last Schnauzer and it was three years before I could even think of getting another. But I did want another Schnauzer so instead of the salt and pepper ones, I got a black one with white beard. He is my love to be sure!

    Can't wait to see how Gracie does with the piano and now I'm going to see the video!

    You and Gracie have fun!


  7. What a fun video, Peg. I can just imagine how hard it was to let Wheaton go. He was such a gentle dog.

  8. we're waiting for the video. you really enjoy your pets. seems like they are company and entertainment

  9. Lin;

    That's exactly how I feel about my pets. I seem to be house bound a lot, more every year and my pets are great company.

  10. darsden;

    I know, I just can't commit yet to another dog. Wheaton was such a gentle giant. In her prime she weighed 95 pounds, much more then her mother did. Even towards the end of her life, she did anything that she could not to potty in the house. It seemed to be a pride thing for her.
    I get very attached to my pets, and I can see that you feel the same way about Rudey. Sweet!

  11. Sylvia;

    I have a lot of time on my hands at home, can't get out a lot because of weakness. So instead of polishing the furniture, I'm looking for a piano for Gracie LOL .
    I love schnauzer's, my anut had one and my cousins had many !
    I had three Westies, and they were wonderful. Maybe I'm just not ready yet to adopt another dog. It's only been two years since Wheaton .
    Thanks Sylvia, your comment made me realize that I might just not be ready yet . So there's still hope!

  12. Kay;

    Wheaton was very gentle, even though she looked and sounded just the opposite. Jimmy loved that she scared away unwanted people up to no good! Thanks Kay!

  13. Like the photo! Hope to hear Gracie playing tunes soon!

  14. Cheryl

    I'll let you know how it goes.

  15. The piano playing cat is a hoot! Maybe yours will end up on America's Got Talent?!?!?


  16. Joanna;

    I admit to thinking the same thing.
    Ha far Gracie is a little cool about the cute lttle piano.. I tried to show her Nora but she was not impressed! Tisk

  17. Fun video! Can't wait ti see yours.

  18. Thanks Linda;

    Right now,Gracie is only smelling it. When I play it she runs.
    Good progress...!

  19. We saw that story about the piano playing cat too! I told "Bubba" our cat he needed a talent....

    We have for the past six years had a combination of dogs and cats! 2 cats, 1 dog, then 2 cats/2dogs, 3 cats/2 dogs, 8 cats/2 dogs (litter of kittens), 4 cats/2 dogs, now just 1 cat/1 dog oh and we won't talk about the guinea pig(s)!

    The house is so much quieter with just too(sometimes lonelier too!)

  20. Martha;

    I hear you on that.
    We have also had many dogs and cats at the same time.
    Before our lone Dog, we had three westies and one cat. Phew that was busy.
    Kind of lonely with Just Gracie the cat so i make over her a lot and to tell the truth she is very entertaining.
    Not near as loving as a dog though.
    I miss that...but do I miss that enough to start with a new dog and go through all that I had to do with Wheaton. Hmmmm
    I always told my kids not to stand on the sidelines if you have the opportunity to play.
    Well, still open to it...won't say never. SSometimes I over think things as you can see.
    Thanks for your wonderful comment, got me tlaking early this morning.

  21. adorable photo!

    I hope little Gracie enjoys her little piano.... :)

  22. Thanks;
    Gracie has not found her grove yet on the piano...Hmmm


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