Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Update...not leaving on a jet plane after all?

Congress is still stammering about should they or shouldn't they, but I think the Corporate jet purchase for the use of Congress just might be scrapped, or at the very least modified.

I found this explanation on Politico this morning

"After an uproar over a proposed purchase of new executive jets for use by senior government officials, including members of Congress, the top Defense appropriator in the House has offered to eliminate funding for the planes – but only if the Pentagon, which operates the jets, agrees.

Hmmmm, I smell a little blame game here.

“If the Department of Defense does not want these aircraft, they will be eliminated from the bill,” Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), the chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee said Monday evening.

Sure let the Pentagon take the heat, they're not running for re-election.

And in his statement, Murtha basically put the blame on the Pentagon, whose spokesman has been quoted saying that the House Appropriations Committee added four executive jets beyond the Pentagon’s original request. The Defense Department originally requested $220 million for four jets – a total bumped to $550 million and eight jets by the committee.

Pentagon wanted 4 jets ....but the Congress wanted 8.
That's sounds like a 100% addition, an early Christmas gift maybe?

Murtha also needled the Pentagon a bit, saying that “85 percent” of the use of these aircraft comes from the executive branch, and not Congress.

Maybe instead, we should pay down our debt a little!

Murtha’s move may end what has been an embarrassing uproar for House appropriators, who approved the Defense spending bill with no objection about the congressional jets. There is already a movement in the Senate to kill the funding for the aircraft.

What do you think, is Congress listening to us after all.
Do the 2010 elections have anything to do with their new found listening skills.
Who cares what it was, it's good!


  1. Peggy you sure say it very well! Hmmm....maybe 2010 is starting to worry Congress? Good I say!

  2. Cheryl;

    I think they should, I'm just surprised that I think they are!

  3. Excellent post, Peg and very well put. No doubt the elections do sway the politicos as it should. This is all so aggravating.

  4. where has our common sense gone with politicians and lawmakers?

  5. Laoch;

    Amazing is a great response. Can't think of any other word better!


    I think our politicians start out with common sense but once they are in DC for a second term and after it seems to vanish. Maybe there is something in the water.

  6. Kay;

    This kind of stuff just makes people mad.
    American people are not quick to forget this stuff either.
    Thanks for your comment Kay!

  7. I have lost all faith in our government. There is so much stupidity and corruption. Glad to read that, at least, this small change has happened.

  8. Wow, who knew that Pentagon Generals doubled as Flight Attendants for Congressman? Do you have to be a 5 Star General to serve cocktails? :0

    I think the air in D.C. is different than ours...kills brain cells and common sense.

    Nice work keeping us up-to-date Peggy! I think most of us can only stomach so much of their shenanigans.

  9. I heard that the jets are now done for. Nice to know Congress does listen to voters. I just wish the voters were better informed and not so easily swayed by fear mongering when it comes to issues like health care.

  10. Mare;

    I too, can only stomach so much arrogance. Now it's back to the real world of blog.
    Have a great day Mare!

  11. Linda R;

    I so agree with you, these town Halls have gotten way out of hand in some instances.
    Sometime Freedom is messy and I believe that most of us
    want to be better informed, I know I do, but even many of our Reps have not read the bills.

    I think they need to explain it to us....like we were 6 year olds.
    My son is unable to get affordable Ins and now that he's laid off he can't even afford his own Dr visits. Thankfully he is in good health and lives with my hsband and myself.

  12. Hope;

    I was very surprised that the jets got cancelled so fast. Congress must really be sweating!

    Thanks for your comment, I love that we think alot alike!

    Have a good week!

  13. darsden;

    Where did you get a copy of the health reform bill...interesting !

    Have a good week girlfriend!


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