Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Security security security...

I don't know if anyone has noticed but I've been playing with my blog a bit .    I have even changed my picture and my name . Then I put my name back on my blog.  (Sorry if I confused anybody!)
 I am concerned  about my personal info that I put out on my blog, like my name, my family pictures,.
I want to continue to be as honest as I can, but without putting everything out there in cyberspace.  I know mnay of my blogging buddies don't use their real name., and they don't have a lot of  personal information.
I am afraid that I can't undo what I have already done and all that I will end of doing is confusing all of you in the process.
I need a little help here, Is it worth it to try and put the genie back in the bottle? 
What are your thoughts on internet security, is there anything that I can ?
Or am I being a little paranoid?



  1. Very interesting post. I am not sure what one should do, guess its up to the individual. However, you made me stop and think about all I blog about as well. I have found I am getting much more open (as I have such nice followers) and maybe I shouldn't be so nice and friendly! Its a great questions, makes me really ponder as if I am being careful enough with my blog. Hmmmm....

  2. I've never really been concerned before as I've never had any unpleasant comments left on my blog and I'm not good at hiding who I am, but I have had a peculiar thing with someone making an outrageous number of visits to my site, never leaving a comment. And as you know I left a message for him/her/it on my blog and they went away, but last night they reappeared, not from WA, this time from VA! Weird! So, guess I'll see what happens now!

    Have a great day!


  3. Good point. On my last blog I was completely paranoid about identity and anonymity, and didn't even have my name on it.

    Then an editor pointed out that if I wanted my writing to go from hobby to career, I should have a 'web presence', and not just reveal my identity but flaunt it. Jeez.

    I still don't name my kids except by "Son" "Baby" etc but lots of my own friends comment on my blog and occasionally mention them by name in the comments, so pffft. LOL

    Anyhow, I finally figured that in this day and age, there are hundreds of people who see us on the street, there's the phone directories to find us in, school records, bills, anything: all of us have our information everywhere, and if we want to share our personal stories online, we're fine as long as we're not slandering someone. I think seeing other people share lots of personal stories and photos has soothed all my fears, and I enjoy 'visiting' friends online like you and Kay so much, that it's encouraged me to poke my head out of the blog-closet a bit LOL.

    Just my thoughts. Bottom line I'd say is do whatever's comfortable for *you* alone, that's the right way to go.

  4. Some people have to hide their real identity because they are teachers and don't want to get in trouble when referring to things at school. I am not a teacher and don't feel I have to "be" protected of myself. I am real :-) others are all real they just don't use their real name. NOT much anybody can do to me I have NO money so...good luck! I only have issues with the stupid chinese spammer but that's why they have that delete button. Don't worry if you changed your name everyday I would still come back to visit. Some people just visit and don't comment happens to me daily...my best friends (real life know for years friends) NEVER comment to me about my blog or let alone on my blog! Go figure!

  5. I agree that people can find you in so many different places that I just don't worry about it. I know where my kids are at all times and at 19 and 15, I've drummed enough cautionary tales into their heads that they are very cautious. Things can happen, but I'm not going to live my life worrying about the what if's. I am what I am and I watch my back. Go with your gut. You will know what feels right.

  6. I am more open with photos of myself than some but I figure that's me. What I don't do is share photos of my kids or grandkids for their protection (and you can't believe how much I wish I did feel free to share them as I have some beautiful photos but I just don't feel safe about it. To add to it, I write things that make people mad and I figure that it's not fair to maybe cause my kids grief (one is in a business where it could be a problem) from that.

    I do have a pseudonym (which I also use with my writing and art) and vary with thinking about putting my real name on my blog but then remembering some unpleasant experiences I had previously with people becoming obsessive, I think I don't want someone I don't know, angry at me for my political opinions, showing up on my doorstep.

    I think you could pretty easily change your name to a pseudonym but there would still be the writings from before. I suspect our real names can be found though anyway by people who really want to do it. It's a hard issue and one with which I also wrestle.

  7. Thank you for your comment Cheryl, I am thinking about a couple safegueards that I might take but have not rulled out not changing anything.
    I am glad that I brought it up to my friends here becuae it's something that has been making me edit my posts. That bothered me because I'm naturally very open .

  8. I have not had any bad experiences either...yet! I guess part of the problem is that I'm not sure what havoc anyone can really do to you.
    I'll just be careful as anyone can be, we all live each day with risks.
    Thanks Sylvia!

  9. I went with "other than the real me" only because at times I do get angry and rant about work because I'm a public servant. I never name THEIR names, but I'm guessing if anyone wanted to, they could figure it out, so why help them?

    It only almost backfired on me once, when the newspaper did a story on how I'd returned my MIA bracelet to the son of the Capt. whose name I wore on my wrist. I'd always been so careful about the blog and the newspaper photo is blurred so all you can see really is my hand [making me look like Jabba the Hut if you want to know the truth and I'm not that big!]

    Anyway, the Editor is a friend and was moved by the original story but they ran out of space, so they printed, "You can read more about XXX's story on her online blog" and listed the link. Sigh.

    Thankfully it didn't blow up in my face.

    Like most, I'm careful about photos because I guess there's a fine line about bragging and putting someone's face out there against their will. I may use old photos to illustrate a point, but Hubby is still faceless, even if you know the dogs well. :)

    I say do what feels comfortable for you. Unfortunately if someone wants to cause trouble, they'll try. I'd like to think most of the world is like us...friends who share. Idealistic? Sure, but I prefer that to the alternative.

    I like the new look...nice job!

  10. Hope;

    You are the one that got me to thinking(you always do) about being more careful. I really take to heart the things that my friends here blog.
    I guess I feel that if people want to do harm that they will figure out a way to do so.
    We all don't want to live in fear but being careful(and I try to be already) is not stupid either.

  11. Susan;

    You made me feel better. I'm sure that my personal info has been out in cyberspace for a long time now.
    I don't say anything slanderous and I am going to stop talking about my kids by name. Remove their pictures from my blog.
    I am honest on my blog and I was feeling funny about writing personal posts. That's just not me, and I don't want it to be me.

    I love it here with all of you!
    Thanks Susan :)

  12. darsden;

    You are just the best. Loved your comment and your attitude. You're comments make me always feel better. Money can't buy that!
    I am glad that I posted about what I was feeling because I feel better now. I think that I'll just be careful and continue.
    Thanks Dar

  13. Joyce;

    I was actually going against my gut and it didn't feel right. My gut tells me to, like you said, watch my back... but don't give into the fear. I will be careful with my families and friends, and just continue on. Thanks Joyce


    I just might change my name, don't know yet, like you said I have used my real name up until now. So maybe it's silly to change now. Would it mae me feel better anyway. Maybe! So if you start to see another name on my blog, please leave a comment !
    Thanks Rain!

  14. Interesting I was thinking about this as I reworked by blog layout today. I only have my first name and general location but then I show books I've published and there's my full name and friends-yes Caryn is one-give my full name now and then. My local weather lists my city so I wouldn't be that hard to find and I think if I lived alone I'd worry more but hubby is here.

    There are limitations you can put on your blog as far as who can see it and comment etc. I do worry when leaving on vacation-making that known online but we have a close community and everyone looks out for each other's home. Better safe than sorry I guess. Just go with your instinct or gut feelings.

  15. Well lyn, I agree. I will just have to follow my gut.
    I think I'm going to leave my picture off for a time.
    Since I tinker with my layout all the time, I could easily change my mind later! I might change the name, not sure yet about that since it'a in all my prior posts.. as is my picture. Tisk!
    I have to listen to my gut.
    BTW,,,, I love your slides on your blog!

  16. This is all a dilemma, isn't it? I don't know what to do. I do try to be careful about what I show of KC and I don't put her full name but it does make me nervous at times. I'm glad you posted this. It was very interesting and gave me pause to rethink what I've been thinking. And do I know what to do now....... ummmmmmmm?

    I can't change my name because I'll forget who I am. Sigh...

    And by the way, I had that crazy Chinese spammer, too! Arggghhh!

  17. Just don't put anything out there you don't want others to know. As far as putting the genie back in the bottle, unless you're being stalked in cyberspace, which I doubt, it's an instant gratification media. What you have up today will be forgotten tomorrow - or as soon as it's off your page. You can probably rest easy.

  18. When I started my blog I decided to share more about myself and my feeling than I had ever before. I needed to ... for therapeutic reasons.

    However, I am very aware of what I post ... I try and be careful.

    There is no harm in being a bit careful.

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  20. It is hard to respond to this without knowing your specific concerns but I do think it is reasonable to be careful which can be accomplished without being paranoid.

  21. Kay;

    I have not had the crazy spammer yet. How do you know, does he leave a comment!
    Sylvia says that she has someone that keeps visiting her multiply times a day! I wonder what that's all about.
    Just have to be careful which I am trying to figure out how far to tae it.

    Thank you, I will research my protection ...I also think being careful not to download stuff without checking it out. I did that not too long ago and spent a few hours getting rid of it.

  22. Kay;

    I have not had the crazy spammer yet. How do you know, does he leave a comment!
    Sylvia says that she has someone that keeps visiting her multiply times a day! I wonder what that's all about.
    Just have to be careful which I am trying to figure out how far to tae it.

    Thank you, I will research my protection ...I also think being careful not to download stuff without checking it out. I did that not too long ago and spent a few hours getting rid of it.

  23. Dogwalk;

    I agree, what you put on your blog today is out of everyones mind by tomorrow. I'm not being stalked, I don't think. I will just take a few steps an just be aware of any changes that I see. Thanks for commenting, these comments have really helped.

  24. Daria'

    I tend to be an open book, but being a little more careful is good too!


    I think you're right, I can be cautious and still be able to blog like before! Thanks Laoch!


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