Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let's blame it on Rio

So the Windy City lost out to Rio to host the 2016 Olympics, despite full court press by the Obamas. What's the local spin? Crocodile tears or genuine devastation? Was this a "be careful what you wish for because it might come true" situation? Was Dyche Stadium in Evanston, Il (  (or whatever it's called these days) going to be one of the venues?

Let me put this in some sort of  perspective and  compare;
1. Lakeshore. vs.The Copacabana
2. Soldier Field vs. that 100,000 seat stadium with a moat to keep soccer hooligans off the field.
3.Girls wearing Bears jerseys vs. girls wearing string bikinis.
4. Big Willie vs. the huge Jesus statue on top of Sugarloaf Mountain
5.Venetian Nights vs. Carnival.
6.Chugging a Hamms in the bleachers vs. sipping a caipirinha(national cocktail of Brazil) in the cabana.
7.Polka vs. samba.
8,Lincoln Park vs. Tijuca Forest
9.Sammy vs. Ronaldo
10.Chicagoans vs.Cariocas (natives of Rio)

I must tell you that buried among the numerious newsspapers's handwringing about why the Olympic committee passed over Chicago (payback for American hubris, anti-Obama slapdown, etc.) is the fact that Brazil pledged $14 billion (that's billion with a "B") to put on the Games, which was more than double the amount pledged by anyone else.
So it all probably came down to money,
 Big surprise!!


  1. Chicago's bid - about 3 billion, Rio's bid about 14 billion, no more really needs to be said.

  2. It certainly would've been wonderful to have the Olympics here, but money talks. It was exciting while it lasted . . . Chicago, Chicago . . . that wonderful town!!

  3. Laoch;

    Holy cow,I wasn't sure how much Chicago pledged exactly!
    We didn't have a chance.


    I was excited about having the Olympics in my home town, but then again, I don't have to live in the city.

  4. Not being near the city, I had really thought it wasn't a good idea in our economic times but maybe the jobs would have made it worthwhile. Some areas spend years paying off the cost rather than profiting. I do think there is a lot of corruption and that sounds like the money alone was a huge difference. That and maybe the fear of another terrorist attack in the US. They said our customs and airports were a problem also. Although Brazil has its crime problems. It seems so much is politics anymore. The Obamas sure did try but that kind of money difference is huge and from what I hear the Olympics are not above being bribed.

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  6. Wow, those numbers.

    I have to agree that 14 Billion would turn my head faster than 3; I also admit that a holiday in Rio sounds pretty irresistible.

    But Rain has a very good point too. Just yesterday we were listening to the radio in the car, about the Irish handball champion who couldn't go to the world championship because of some glitch with US immigration; a government minister was on air calling it "a disgrace". Recently I posted about the Bollywood star who was stuck in US immigration for 6 hours until the Indian embassy stepped in for him. And a friend of ours is barred from visiting the US because of an arrest years ago from marching in a protest *over here* ... it's the saddest thing already, and can you imagine if Olympic Athletes who'd worked so hard all their lives to compete, were kept from the games on a technicality? I'm sure the money was the main thing, but the US border is surely a bigger issue than it ever was before.

    Anyhow, Peggy, thanks for sharing those interesting facts! We'd only heard that Rio had won it, but not the details or anything.

  7. Yes, money talks. But an article I read today pointed out that our President and his bride didn't really help. Why? Because out of the 89 sentences in their 2 [separate] speeches, they used "I" or "me" in 70 of those sentences.

    Um, maybe the Memo wasn't clear on what they were campaigning for. :)

    Sadly I agree that our airport system of "who gets in the country" may not have had the kinks worked out even by 2016.

    Isn't ironic that a country who has Jesus on the mountain has a moat on their soccer field as crowd control? :)

  8. Ditto to all the comments! It boils down to money speaks...

  9. To be honest, Peg, Tif says she's not exactly crying over the fact it won't be in Chicago. She was sort of dreading the congestion and taxes that would have to be instituted to pay for this huge deal. On the other hand, now that we've moved out of town, it would have been fun to "visit" and have a place to stay.

  10. Joanie;

    I think a lot of things contributed to the loss for Chicago. But money speaks!
    Thanks Joanie.


    For sure! Money is often the deciding factor and also a little
    politics thrown in . I guess South America never has hosted the Olympics... so not so good for them!
    Thanks Lyn!

  11. Rain;

    I agree that maybe not such a bad thing that Chicago lost out. I know that the Olympics would have meant jobs but the added costs for the city of already huge taxes would have probably been astronomical.
    Our country has hosted the Olympics before,South America hasn't. Tisk I was so close yet so far away!
    Thanks Rain, Love your comments!

  12. Susan;

    Our Countries tighter security seems to punish innocent people by trying to keep out the not so innocent. A lot of things changed after 9/11, just wish customs and
    immigration could get better at figuring out which is which.
    Thanks for bringing up examples of how unfair our cutoms department has been. Love hearing how other countries see some of the problems that we need to fix!

  13. Yep, it's all about the money! And why am I not surprised????

    Great post Peggy! Sorry I'm late getting around it's been a little hectic the past few days.



  14. Hope;
    I wonder if Jesus had a moat for crowd control. I think not!
    I also heard that both the President and first lady did use the "I" word alot.
    Thanks Hope for adding important info. You always leave a great comment!


    I can so understand "hectic"... around here too!
    Thanks Sylvia !


    It does seem that the "money part" always sneeks in somehow!


    I agree with Tif, seemed like it would make Chicago even crazier.
    Julie thought that it would be good for the service workers that she knows. But on the other hand it would make transpertation in and around Chicago a real mess.


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