Friday, October 30, 2009

Wackiest vacations spots in America.

Stop laughing Frankie, these are real places!

According to a recent subscriber poll posted by, here are the top ten wackiest vacation sites in America.
  1. The toilet seat museum in Alamo Heights,Texas.
  2. Carhenge (a Stonehenge replica built out of scrapped automobiles)  Western Nebraska near Alliance,Neb.
  3. Cadillac Ranch (graffiti covered junker Cadillacs half buried, sticking up out of the ground) in Amarillo, Texas.
  4. The Pez museum in Burlingame (Iowa?).
  5. Gatorland in Orlando, Florida.
  6. Faux Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas.
  7. House on the Rock (?), in Spring Green, Wisconsin.
  8. Stonehenge II (faux Stonhenge plus Easter Island replica), in Kerrville, Texas.
  9. Extraterrestrial Highway (near so-called Area 51) in Rachel, Nevada.
 10. Giant Minnesota Twine Ball in Darwin, MN.

Does anyone else find it disturbing how many of these places are in Texas?

A special note to Susan at
Just trying to gather some interesting places in America for you to visit next summer!


  1. I have blogger friends who spent a year touring the country in an RV and blogged about it. I just sent him your post to see if he visited any of these places. I know they stopped in some of these states.

    I have never even been to any of those states! Except for Florida, but that was only to go from the airport to the seaport twice on cruises.

  2. Oh, Peggy---some of those are SOOOO tempting! The Cadillac ranch might be my favourite, hmmm... but, the extraterrestrial highway is more on theme. Yes, this list is excellent!

    And here I thought I'd struck gold with the Mystery Hole in West Virginia! ROFLMAO!

  3. A toilet seat musuem-Never knew of such places to visit, can you imagine what the places t-shirts must say?!

  4. Peggy, there's a nut...I mean very creative man, in upstate S.C. that has a UFO WELCOME Center. No. Really.

    I'm afraid to go alone. I'll wait until Susan is on her "space" trip.

    Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

  5. Hi! We're Joanie's blogger buddies who traveled in our motorhome for a year!

    Sadly, we've only been to Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. See:

    We bought a Garmin GPS which we were able to download Point Of Interest files for. One we enjoyed was Offbeat Attractions. It would alert us if we were near strange stuff. Good times!


  6. Joanie;
    I saw the list and thought, gosh look what I have been missing! LOL

    Look at all the places that you have to look forward to seeing if you go on another adventure!
    That "ball of string" sounds so exciting. Actually ,I think the ball of string was in the John travolta movie Michael!
    Nice to meet you, thank you so much for your comment.

  7. Hope;

    A UFO visitor's center...I wonder how business is... and maybe more important.. what the owners of this center knows that we don't!
    The extraterrestrial Highway does go with Susan's theme....see now we're cooking...maybe we should get a Trip Tic from AAA to include these exciting places of interest
    I can just picture what the t-shirts might look like. Funny thought!!! Thanks Cheryl

  8. Susan;

    Life still surprises the heck out of me. Just when I think I've figuered it out, bam... something new comes to light and I scratch my head and laugh!
    I'm working on your next trip...I think I'm off to a good start...Right????? Um Right????
    Thanks Susann for the lOL!

  9. Coming from Texas originally, I'm not in the least surprised at the number of these that are located in Texas!! In fact I'd be surprised if they weren't! It's a kooky place -- even if me and two of my children were born there!!

    Fun post, Peggy!

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Gosh, Peggy... I haven't been to any of those places. I'm feeling deprived over here. Sheesh! You'd think we could have hopped over to at least see that giant ball of twine. :-0

  11. Kay;

    I'm just fixated with that ball of twine too. Maybe Jim and I will have to buy a camper and go and visit!


    We almost moved to San Antonio a few years ago.
    If I lived there now ,I could go and visit these places....and report back!!!!
    OK...I think I might be a little kooky too!

  12. hey I've been to some of these sights in nevada, texas and wisconsin. interesting. And my hubby's from texas. lol

  13. Upsettingly I have been to Gatorland!

  14. It is hard to believe #1! And a twine ball? Kind of crazy!! Fun to read about though. Hope you are feeling good these days and that your new kitty is settling in!

  15. Mare;

    These places are hard to believe but I'm always shocked by stuff. You would think that I would wise up! Must be those rose colored glasses that I wear.
    Hope you and Flo are well. have a great week Mare.
    PS.Gracie and Winston are very entertaining.


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