Tuesday, November 24, 2009

News of the Weird

Self magazine this month ranks 100 U.S. cities according to how healthy they are for women. The editors crunched numbers in 55 categories, including disease rates, air pollution, crime, health care services, etc.

So, ladies, if you're not living in Burlington, VT, you're not Numero Uno. On the other hand, if you're living in Tulsa,then I wouldn't advise making any long term home purchases -- your days are obviously numbered.

Other healthy places topping the list were Bethesda, MD and Portland, ME. Other bottom feeders were Detroit and Oklahoma City.
My beloved Windy City, finished 55th. Tisk!


  1. Well I live an hour away from Portland, ME so I am doing cartwheels! Have a nice Thanksgiving Peggy.

  2. I am jealous! Love Maine!!!! Cold but so beautiful!
    Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

  3. Well, I'm not sure where Seattle is on that list, but this is where I am and likely to stay, I guess! Just happy I don't live in Oklahoma, never cared for it anyway!!

    Happy Thanksgiving -- again, Peggy!


  4. only been to oklahoma once when I was 20 and got in a car crash and fractured my back. I recovered but never wanted to return there...

  5. Sylvia;

    I have been to Oklahoma once also an Never wanted to go back! Detroit was never in the running either! Happy days ahead to you and your family!


    I felt the same. A car crash can leave a bad taste in your mouth .
    I'm sure there are nice places, just not for me!
    Happy Thanksgiving Lin!

  6. Sounds like a great list, but I'm wondering if I'd be afraid to look LOL.

    Congratulations on coming in 55... it's better than 99!!

  7. I'm convinced these lists are made by people who [a] have never visited any of these places or [b] have real estate to sell and are trying a new angle. :)

    I feel safer when my little hometown doesn't make ANY list. Means we're still normal. More or less.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  8. I'm with Sylvia. I don't know where Seattle is on the list, but I don't plan on living anywhere else!

  9. I just looked it up. Seattle is 19th, dropped from 10th last year. Still not bad.

  10. I'll have to tell John this. He has mentioned wanting to move back to Oklahoma. Now I know why the housing market is so cheap there. I need to check out Philadelphia (where we live now), Fayetteville, NC and possibly Arizona (Sedona maybe?) Those are 2 possible relocation cities in the not too distant future.

  11. You know why they call Oklahoma The Sooner State? Because the sooner you get the hell out of there, the better off you are!

  12. Susan;;

    You're right, I really didn't want to know where Chicago came in. I'm not planning on moving !
    I think's that's why I call this stuff "News of the weird"
    Have a good week!

    I actually live in a much smaller town now, and I'm happy here! Maybe not so normal, but happy!
    Happy Thanksgiving !

  13. Linda R

    Seattle (19th) is a great place.
    I'm with you!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving Linda!


    Oklahoma wouldn't be my first choice....too dusty
    Fayetteville SC and Sedona are two great places.
    Exciting times for you both. I'm so happy for you !!!

  14. Well, Honolulu is #3 which surprised me. I thought it would be a city outside of Honolulu since it's got a lot of congestion. I think people here do exercise a lot though... not me but other people.

  15. Kay;

    I've never been to Honolulu but I would vote for it to be a least in the top 5!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving Kay.


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